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Ray Teal (Actor, The Best Years of Our Lives (1946))
Teal Redmann (Actress, Gilmore Girls (2000))
Teal Roberts (Actress, The Last Boy Scout (1991))
Hal Rayle (Actor, The Transformers: The Movie (1986))
Tamal Ray (Self, The Great British Baking Show (2010))
E. Alrag (Actress, Fun on the Sands at Blackpool (1914))
Neal Radia (Miscellaneous, The Pig People (2009))
Al Ray (II) (Actor, Red, White, and Blood (2018))
Al Ray (I) (Sound Department, Hercules in New York (1970))
Al Raya (Actor, Torchlighters: The Harriet Tubman Story (2018))
Micheal Ray (Actor, You Only Live Twice (2019))
Micheal Raith (Producer, Darren H Christ (2014))
Diala Al Raie (Production Manager, The Martian (2015))
Tanzeal Rahim (Producer, Muirhouse (2012))
Samuel Beal-Rainaldy (Camera Department, Casse-tête chinois (2013))
Babbal Rai (Actor, Mr. & Mrs. 420 (2014))
Neal Rabin (Writer, Bad Drone Show (2015))
Aneal Ram (Actor, Bitter Tea (2010))
Neal Ramer (Producer, The Hottie & the Nottie (2008))
Neal Raval
Leal Raul (Actor, Canicas en el cielo (2015))
Tamal Ray Chowdhury (Actor, Mountains Of The Moon (2013))
Craig Teal (Writer, The Chronicles of Ollundra: Hunters Hunted )
Gopal Ray (II) (Actor, Maja To Ab Aayega (2003))
Iqbal Rais (Director, The Limits (2010))
Alray Baca (Art Department, Beyond the Reach (2014))
Sal Raimi (Animation Department, Light of Olympia (2008))
Adel Al Rai (Actress, Al lawn al mafkoud (2011))
Al Raymond (II) (Actor, Adventures of Limburger and Schweitzer (1914))
Hal Raynor (Soundtrack, Go Chase Yourself (1938))
Hal Raines (Camera Department, Rogue Saints (2011))
Kewal Rai (Actor, Elane: My Ivory Fairy (2014))
Orval Ray (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Al Raymond (I) (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
Bishal Rai (Actor, I See Myself As an Artist (2016))
Gopal Ray (III) (Editorial Department, Dostana (2008))
Al Raymone (Miscellaneous, The BUFF Awards 2016 (2016))
Gopal Ray (I) (Visual Effects, Taare Zameen Par (2007))
Al Raitano (Actor, Hack (1997))
Pascal Ray (Art Department, Choses secrètes (2002))
Al-Raines (Writer, Kaahin Kissii Roz (2001))
Kamal Ray (Transportation Department, The Waiting City (2009))
Faisal Rai (Producer, Roshni: Story of a Dancer (2014))
Raúl Raiza (Actor, Al filo de la muerte (1991))
Jaspal Rai
Kamal Rai (Miscellaneous, Super Star (2001))
Hal Raywin (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Nirmal Ray (Actor, Veep (2012))
Gopal Rai (Actor, Nirahua Hindustani (2014))
Vishal Rai (Writer, Genre (2016))
Micheal Rapp (Actor, Mainspring (2018))
Chantal Raimondo (Actress, Murder Mystery (2019))
Teal Rose (Actress, Bite the Bullet (2015))
Louis Valray (Director, Thirteen Days of Love (1935))
Anal Raihan (Actor, Momer Alo (1968))
Nadine Al Rassi (Actress, Ward Joury (2017))
Micheal Raj (Production Designer, Namma Ooru (2017))
Neal Racioppo (Miscellaneous, Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993))
Pierre Alran (Visual Effects, Enter the Void (2009))
Neal Randell (Actor, American Playhouse (1981))
M.S. Micheal Raj (Stunts, Kamasutra 3D )
Pierre Alrand (Composer, Gwen, le livre de sable (1985))
Neal Raskin (Self, Becoming a Chief (2012))
Racheal Rauch (Miscellaneous, Orange (2010))
Neal Rankins (Actor, Death Magic (1992))
Gaétan Malrait (Actor, Sécurité publique (1987))
Teal Gray (Actress, Kaikahu Road (2011))
Solal Raiman (Actor, The Son of Joseph (2016))
Haralal Ray (Actor, Palanka (1975))
Raúl Raigada (Actor, La ciudad y los perros (1985))
Parimal Ray (Actor, Byang Raja (2005))
Arun Kalraiya (Editorial Department, Dutch Girls (1985))
Majdi Al Rais (Producer, Al Qaryah Al Manseyyah (2007))
Krystal Rain (Actress, Extending the Cut (2012))
Iqbal Rayya (Production Designer, Mama Cake (2012))
Marie Valray (Actress, The Bandolero (1924))
Mychal Rayne (Actor, That's So Raven (2003))
Anne Valray (Writer, Thirteen Days of Love (1935))
Léo Malraison (Actress, His Sweetheart's Child (1914))
Royal Raymond (Actor, The Red Menace (1949))
Alray Nelson (Self, Moroni for President (2018))
Sayed Al Rayes (Production Manager, Stilla natt (2006))
Ahmed Al Rayfi (Camera Department, Dr. Hamood Show (2014))
Nigal Raymond (Art Department, SingStar Pop (2007))
Ziyad Al Rais (Actor, Natasa (1998))
Aqil Alraiesy (Actor, After the End (2016))
Ahmad Alraied (Production Manager, Naji's corpse (2018))
Crystal Rains (Self, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
Bhumipal Rai (Actor, Gulmohar (2018))
Aqil Al-Raisi (Actor, Bibi (2017))
Deval Raiji (Assistant Director, Aa Ab Laut Chalen (1999))
Anna Shalray (Actress, The Dead Center (2018))
Crystal Rain (Camera Department, Drink (2014))
Christal Ray (Actor, Nathans' Story (2010))
Payal Rayamjhi (Actress, Producer (2014))
Coral Raines (Art Director, Of Flesh and Bone (2016))
Sal Raimondi (Self, Celebrity Talent Scouts (1960))
Dante Alridge (Actor, I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009))
Nathneal Ranadive (Camera Department, Srijamyaham (2015))
Micheal Ray Kleinschmidt (Composer, Blackbook: At Dagger's Dawn (2011))
Micheal Ray Richardson (Self, The NBA on CBS (1973))
Rajesh Payal Rai (Music Department, Silsila (2009))
Teal Richardson (Actor, The Case of the Midnight Murderer (2013))
Aneal Ramkissoon (Actor, The Morning Show (2011))
Sandrine Al Rassi (Actress, Rajol Min El-Madi (2004))
Micheal Rabbit (Self, Sunday Mass at Mercy Home (1992))
Omar Leal Ramos (Composer, La tela protectora (2010))
Isreal Ramirez (Actor, Thank You, Come Again (2012))
Micheal Ramirez (Actor, Hero (2018))
Germaine Alrand (Actress, L'arrêt au milieu (1978))
Laeanne Alraji (Actress, Iter (2016))
George Al Rassi (Self, Stars Bel Saff (2012))
Yasmine Alramahey (Actor, A`ynan (2009))
Buthaynah Al-Raisi (Actress, Lo Baqi Lailah (2012))
Teal Jandrain (Actress, Bare Knuckle Broke (2015))
Teal Traina (Costume Department, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (1956))
Kunjal Raichura (Actress, Namaste: Say Hello to... Love (2002))
Bilal Raychouni (Miscellaneous, Just Before I Go (2014))
Alexandre Malrait (Actor, Seth (2017))
Raphaël Rainville (Editorial Department, Goon (2011))
Pascal Raymond (III) (Camera Department, 1st Session (2011))
Pascal Raymond (I) (Producer, Monstres (2011))
Jeneva Alrayes (Actress, Karencitta: No Apology - Wala Akong Paki (2018))
Milana Alrayes (Actress, Blockers (2018))
Oraib Al-Rantawi (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Mohammed Alrais (Animation Department, Kupala Night (2017))
Amal Ray Ghatak (Writer, Nabarupa (1992))
Pascal Raynaud (III) (Self, 60 ans de télé (2014))
Raphaël Raymond (Sound Department, Salle 361 (2007))
Pascal Raynaud (I) (Miscellaneous, Au théâtre ce soir (1966))
Al Rayes Metqal (Actor, Alshak ya habibi (1979))
Chantal Raymond (Self, Miss World 2010 (2010))
Syed Faylal Raiu
Jean-Louis Valray
Pascal Raimbault (Visual Effects, I, Robot (2004))
Crystal Rain Higham (Actress, The Y2K Bug (2017))
Mohammed Al Rayfi (Cinematographer, The Package Vol. 1 (2010))
Meaeel Alraithi
Martial Raysse (Director, Le grand départ (1972))
Khaled Alrayhi
Pascal Raymond (II) (Cinematographer, The Game Changer (2013))
Jeet Balraj Kalirai
Crystal Rainone (Visual Effects, Thor (2011))
Christal Raines (Actress, UseD (2009))
Moubarak Alrayyashi (Actor, American Sharia (2015))
Gopal Rayamajhi (Camera Department, Maun (2013))
Abdulrahman Al-Raian (Production Manager, Aayesh (2010))
Geronimo Alray (Actor, Tragic Theater (2015))
Pascal Raymond (IV) (Cinematographer, Ming... Voice of Deception (2015))
Crystal Rainbow Mort (Actress, Stealing Rich (2007))
Himal Rayamajhi (Producer, Himalaya Roadies (2017))
Min. Katral Rainey (Actor, Funeral Arrangements (2009))
Chantal Rayner-Burt (Writer, BlindSide (2012))
Pascal Raiche-Nogue (Self, Couleurs Locales (2014))
Danal Ray Harvey (Actor, Bad Service (2005))
Pascal Raynaud (II) (Actor, Les bidasses au pensionnat (1978))
Mohamed AlRayes
Brooke Teal Robbins (Producer, Lady of RAGE (2013))
Robert Earl Ray (Producer, Typecast (2013))
Rohinal Ravinesh Narayan (Miscellaneous, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013))
Karnanethe A.L. Ramasamy (Camera Department, Kei fung dik sau (2003))
Tania Villarreal Ramírez (Camera Department, Silencio (2018))
Brigitte Al-Samarrai (Animation Department, Janosch (1986))
Anna Montealvo-Craig (Actress, Iowa City Shorts (2003))
Raymond Montealegre (Art Department, Action Is Not Missing (1987))
Micheal Raucheisen With Icelandair
Angelina Montealvo-Craig (Actress, Iowa City Shorts (2003))
New Zealand National Rugby Union Team
Max Morath and His Original Ray Quartet (Self, The Bell Telephone Hour (1959))
New Zealand National Rugby League Team (Self, Rugby League: Four Nations (2009))

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