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Taylor Rose (IV) (Actress, The Family Fang (2015))
Taylor Rouviere (Actress, Bloodline (2015))
Veronica Taylor (I) (Actress, Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998))
Taylor Roberts (I) (Actress, Mona Lisa Smile (2003))
Veronica Taylor (IV) (Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Taylor Garron (Actress, The Things We Do When We're Alone (2017))
Taylor Rowley (Music Department, The Circle (2017))
Taylor Ronne (Composer, String of Light (2013))
Taylor Roney (Actress, Lacuna (2007))
Taylor Roe (Miscellaneous, Pieces of April (2003))
Taylor Roy (Sound Department, Racing Extinction (2015))
Taylor Rose (II) (Producer, The Book of Jer3miah (2009))
Taylor Robinson (XVIII) (Actor, The Murderous Plans of Skylar Speer (2019))
Taylor Rotunda (Actor, WWE SmackDown Live (1999))
Taylor Root (I) (Actor, Durango Kids (1999))
Taylor Robins (Actor, The Cleanzing of Lake Lanier (2017))
Taylor Royce (Self, Tough Love (2009))
Taylor Rosen (Actor, The Indivisibility of Blood (2017))
Taylor Rodier (III) (Actor, The Sessions (in development))
Taylor Rose (VIII) (Actress, The Pizza Delivery Boy (2018))
Taylor Rooks (Self, BTN Live (2007))
Taylor Rogers (V)
Taylor Rooney (Producer, Zombiestock (2010))
Taylor Ross (III) (Self, UFC Ultimate Insider (2012))
Taylor Sorrow (Actress, Last Night Forever (2011))
Taylor Rodier (II)
Taylor Roig (Sound Department, Yesterday Is Here (2011))
Taylor Roper (II) (Composer, 48 Hours Later (2016))
Taylor Roan (Actress, The Magic Heart (2017))
Taylor Rose (VII) (Self, Fight Like a Girl (2017))
Taylor Ross (II) (Self, Food Network Challenge (2003))
Taylor Rose (VI) (Camera Department, The Golden Rut (2016))
Taylor Rogers (I) (Actor, The Badly Animated Marvel Christmas Carol (2014))
Taylor Rocha
Taylor Rouss (II)
Taylor Rogers (VIII) (Producer, The Spiral (2017))
Taylor Root (II)
Taylor Rogers (VI) (Actress, Pandora's Box (2015))
Taylor Rouss (I) (Director, Born with Catheters (2017))
Taylor Rowland
Taylor Rogers (III) (Actor, Blood Runs Thicker (2014))
Taylor Rowe (II) (Actress, Living in Sin (2012))
Taylor Romer (Writer, A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I (2014))
Taylor Ross (IV) (Actor, Crossing (2013))
Taylor Ross (VI) (Sound Department, Something to Look Forward to (2014))
Taylor Roth (I) (Actor, Dreaming of Society (2007))
Taylor Rose (III) (Set Decorator, The Sidewalk Preacher (2012))
Taylor Rogers (II) (Actor, Galactic Embassy: Earth Division (2014))
Taylor Roth (II) (Editor, Bluish Grey (2017))
Taylor Robida (Producer, Escape (2015))
Taylor Roar (Self, The Show Must Go On (2016))
Taylor Rompe (Actress, Get Educated (2015))
Taylor Rowe (III) (Make Up Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
Taylor Roundy (Actress, Transformation of Gerald Baumgartner (2009))
Taylor Ross (I) (Composer, Lick Bush in '92 (1993))
Taylor Robert (Actor, Moto 4: The Movie (2012))
Taylor Morrow (Actor, This Could Be Love (2011))
Taylor Ross (IX) (Miscellaneous, Graveyard Shift (2017))
Taylor Ross (X) (Cinematographer, The Shattering (2018))
Taylor Rose (V) (Actress, Nostalgia (2010))
Taylor Rogers (VII) (Producer, Bracket Genius (2017))
Taylor Ross (VII) (Sound Department, For Tara (2014))
Taylor Rodier (I)
Taylor Rowe (I) (Actress, Cow Stories Part I (1998))
Taylor Rogers (IV) (Actress, Andy's Rainbow (2016))
Taylor Rohrig (Camera Department, The Shoes )
Taylor Roper (I) (Actress, Grandma's Attic (2007))
Taylor Roesch (Camera Department, White House Down (2013))
Taylor Rosie
Taylor Rossin (Writer, 42/11 (2010))
Taylor Ross (V)
Taylor Roppolo (Actress, God's Not Dead (2014))
Taylor Barron (I) (Visual Effects, Voyage of Time: Life's Journey (2016))
Jerron Taylor (Sound Department, Out of Focus (2012))
Taylor Herron (Actress, Absolution (2013))
Taylor Barron (II) (Make Up Department, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016))
Ronin Taylor (Miscellaneous, Bone China (2013))
Roni Taylor (Actress, Wait Up Harriet (2006))
Aaron Taylor Morrow (Actor, Year of Fear (2016))
Nikki Taylor Roberts (Miscellaneous, Ladder 49 (2004))
L. Taylor Roberts (Make Up Department, The Host (2013))
Taylor Rodgers (I) (Actress, In Plain Sight (2008))
Taylor Robinson (IX) (Actor, The Birthday Party (2014))
Taylor Robbins (Actress, Rancho Mysterio (2014))
Taylor Robinson (I) (Cinematographer, The Deep End (2010))
Taylor Roschman (Actor, XIII (2018))
Vicki Taylor Ross (Actress, Christmas Child (2004))
Taylor Roberts (VII) (Casting Department, 1 vs. 100 (2010))
Taylor Roberts (XVII) (Director, When He Comes For You (2016))
Taylor Robinson (V)
Vicky Taylor Roberts (Composer, Beneath Our Masks (2006))
Lacey Taylor Robbins (Actress, Casper Meets Wendy (1998))
Arlene Taylor Rose
Taylor Robinson (XII)
Taylor Rotenberry (Actress, Lock In (2007))
Taylor Roberts (VIII) (Director, A Road Unpaved (2011))
Taylor Romaguera (Cinematographer, First Time (2015))
Taylor Rodigie (Actress, A Girl from Mogadishu )
Taylor Roberts (III) (Miscellaneous, Smokin' Aces (2006))
Amy Taylor Rosenblum (Director, Go Tell Your Fathers (2018))
Ellie Taylor Roberts (Actress, I Am the Doorway (2015))
Taylor Rodriguez (I) (Sound Department, Hope and a Future (2013))
Lisa Taylor-Roberts (Actress, Girl 23 (2007))
Taylor Roberts (V) (Assistant Director, The Paranormal Disappearance of Ailyn Jesick (2010))
Taylor Roberts (IX)
Taylor Robinson (XX) (Actress, Follow Me (2018))
Taylor Robinson (IV) (Sound Department, The City (2014))
Taylor Rodriguez (II) (Make Up Department, The Aridity in Clover )
Kathryn Taylor Rose (Actress, Divine Gate (2016))
Ellie Taylor-Roberts (II)
Taylor Roberts (XI)
Taylor Roel Pedroza (Actor, Bodybuilding in Sedro-Woolley (2015))
Ellie Taylor-Roberts (I)
Taylor Roszkos (I) (Miscellaneous, Hot (2016))
Megan Taylor-Roth (Actress, World's Worst Director (2012))
Taylor Rollins (III) (Actor, The Big Idea (2010))
Leah Taylor Roy (Producer, Thoroughbreds (2017))
Taylor Rodgers (II) (Producer, VidSF (2009))
Taylor Roberts (X) (Producer, Channel Surfing (2012))
Taylor Robinson (XIV) (Art Director, Unddrcvjrr Lovyyuurs (2016))
Taylor Robirts (Actress, Double Minded (2016))
Taylor Roebuck (Actress, Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility (2018))
Taylor Robinson (XV) (Self, 2016 Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl (2016))
Taylor Rollins (II) (Cinematographer, Mail Order Bride (2010))
Taylor Roberts (XV) (Actor, It's All Okay Now (2015))
Taylor Robinson (XVI)
Taylor Robinson (VI) (Actor, Jacob Stone (2015))
Jonathan Taylor Rose (Self, Front Row (2004))
Taylor Roberts (XIII)
Taylor Rodriguez (III)
Taylor Robinson (II) (Writer, Killzone Intercept (2012))
Taylor Roberts (XVI) (Actor, Orientation (2015))
Taylor Roberts (XIX) (Director, Case #916 (2017))
Taylor Robinson (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Gift (2018))
Taylor Rose Harris (Actress, The Light Home )
Taylor Roberts (VI) (Self, Strikeforce Challengers (2009))
Taylor Robinson (XXI)
Taylor Robison (Thanks, Munchies (2012))
Taylor Roberts (XII) (Actor, Where the Fireflies Die (2014))
Taylor Roberts (IV) (Actress, Shadow Box (2008))
Taylor Robinson (X)
Taylor Robinson (XIX) (Cinematographer, Brotherhood of Brew (2018))
Taylor Robinson (XIII) (Writer, Le Couteau (2016))
Taylor Robinson (XI) (Miscellaneous, By the Grace of Bob (2016))
Taylor Rousseau (II) (Actor, Detect Earth: When Life Gets Stinky (2016))
Taylor Robinson (III) (Camera Department, Abracadabra! (2012))
Taylor Roszkos (II) (Animation Department, Hot (2016))
Taylor Robinson (VIII) (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Taylor Rocheleau (Actress, From Above (2013))
Taylor Rollins (I) (Producer, The Bob & Tom Show (2008))
Owen Taylor-Roberts (Stunts, Jack the Giant Slayer (2013))
Taylor Roszkos (III) (Actor, Girls Can't Take a Hint (2016))
Taylor Roberts (II) (Miscellaneous, In Good Company (2004))
Taylor Robinson (VII)
Taylor Rose Bones
Taylor Rousseau (I) (Actress, Hollywood and Vine )
Emily Taylor Rodgers (Self, Inside the Underground (2017))
Taylor Roberts (XIV) (Producer, Channel Surfing (2012))
Taylor Roberts (XVIII) (Editor, Horace (2016))
Taylor Rosenberger (Producer, Intuition (2018))
Taylor Robertson (Miscellaneous, Masterclass (2012))
Ronita Hill-Taylor (Producer, The Murder of Evelyn Cross (2016))
Veronica Taylor (V) (Actress, Interferencia (2006))
Veronica Taylor (VI) (Costume Department, Jermaine (2015))
Veronica Taylor (VII) (Self, The Native Hue of Resolution (2013))
Veronica Taylor (X) (Writer, Kids Dot World (2012))
Veronica Taylor (III) (Casting Department, Danny Deckchair (2003))
Veronica Taylor (VIII)
Veronica Taylor (XII) (Costume Department, Pastors Plight (2018))
Veronica F. Taylor (Producer, The Bell (2016))
Isobel Taylor-Rodgers (Camera Department, Coral (2014))
Taylor Roper Cheyenne (Actress, The Corner Room (2016))
Alex Taylor-Robertson (Actress, Oh My God (2007))
Victoria Taylor Roberts (Producer, The RAFTAs )
Bruce Taylor Robinson (Actor, My Life's in Turnaround (1993))
Taylor Rose Whitehead (Actress, Ripple Effect (2016))
Phineas Taylor Robbins
Nicole Taylor Roberts (Editor, Botes al Amanacer (2012))
Lauren Taylor Rose Wisehart (Actor, Home (2013))
Ron Taylor (II) (Actor, Trading Places (1983))

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