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Taylor Russell (III) (Actress, Lost in Space (2018))
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Actor, Kick-Ass (2010))
Taylor Rose (IV) (Actress, The Family Fang (2015))
Ron Taylor (II) (Actor, Trading Places (1983))
Sharon Taylor (V) (Actress, Stargate: Atlantis (2004))
Taylor Negron (Actor, The Last Boy Scout (1991))
Taylor Rouviere (Actress, Bloodline (2015))
Taylor Richardson (IV) (Actress, Rise (2018))
Taylor Roy (Sound Department, Racing Extinction (2015))
Forrest Taylor (I) (Actor, Federal Operator 99 (1945))
Taylor Rotunda (Actor, WWE NXT (2010))
Taylor Roney (Actress, Lacuna (2007))
Taylor Ronne (Composer, String of Light (2013))
Veronica Taylor (I) (Actress, Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998))
Taylor Rice (I) (Actress, The Cat in the Hat (2003))
Taylor Roberts (I) (Actress, Mona Lisa Smile (2003))
Taylor Roe (Miscellaneous, Pieces of April (2003))
Taylor Rosen (Actor, The Indivisibility of Blood (2017))
Taylor Roppolo (Actress, God's Not Dead (2014))
Ron Taylor (IV) (Actor, The Truman Show (1998))
Byron Taylor (II) (Actor, Berserker (2004))
Rosie Taylor-Ritson (Actress, Nanny McPhee Returns (2010))
Taylor Armstrong (II) (Self, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010))
Aaron Taylor Morrow (Actor, Year of Fear (2016))
Taylor Garron (Actress, The Things We Do When We're Alone (2017))
Veronica Taylor (IV) (Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Taylor Rose (II) (Producer, The Book of Jer3miah (2009))
Taylor Rae Almonte (Actress, The Dinner (2017))
Taylor Royce (Self, Tough Love (2009))
Taylor Rowley (Music Department, The Circle (2017))
Ronnie Taylor (I) (Cinematographer, Gandhi (1982))
Sharon Taylor (I) (Actress, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978))
Taylor Rusch (Actor, Musical Salvation (2017))
Taylor Roig (Sound Department, Yesterday Is Here (2011))
Taylor Roth (II) (Editor, Bluish Grey (2017))
Taylor Rose (VIII) (Actress, The Pizza Delivery Boy (2018))
Taylor Rouss (II)
Taylor Morrow (Actor, This Could Be Love (2011))
Taylor Roar (Self, The Show Must Go On (2016))
Taylor Rose (VI) (Camera Department, The Golden Rut (2016))
Taylor Rose (VII) (Self, Fight Like a Girl (2017))
Taylor Rossin (Writer, 42/11 (2010))
Taylor Roan (Actress, The Magic Heart (2017))
Taylor Roper (I) (Actress, Grandma's Attic (2007))
Taylor Ross (III) (Self, UFC Ultimate Insider (2012))
Taylor Rogers (VI) (Actress, Pandora's Box (2015))
Taylor Ross (VII) (Sound Department, For Tara (2014))
Taylor Roth (I) (Actor, Dreaming of Society (2007))
Taylor Robida (Producer, Escape (2015))
Taylor Rowland
Taylor Rodier (I)
Taylor Sorrow (Actress, Last Night Forever (2011))
Taylor Roesch (Camera Department, White House Down (2013))
Taylor Rouss (I) (Director, Born with Catheters (2017))
Taylor Rogers (III) (Actor, Blood Runs Thicker (2014))
Taylor Ross (VIII) (Camera Department, 12 to Midnight (2017))
Taylor Ross (IV) (Actor, Crossing (2013))
Taylor Romer (Writer, A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I (2014))
Taylor Rogers (I) (Actor, The Badly Animated Marvel Christmas Carol (2014))
Taylor Rooney (Producer, Zombiestock (2010))
Taylor Root (II)
Taylor Rodier (III) (Actor, The Sessions (in development))
Taylor Ross (V)
Taylor Rodier (II)
Taylor Robins (Actor, The Cleanzing of Lake Lanier (2017))
Taylor Root (I) (Actor, Durango Kids (1999))
Taylor Rogers (II) (Actor, Galactic Embassy: Earth Division (2014))
Taylor Rowe (I) (Actress, Cow Stories Part I (1998))
Taylor Rogers (VII) (Producer, Bracket Genius (2017))
Taylor Rowe (II) (Actress, Living in Sin (2012))
Taylor Rowe (III) (Make Up Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
Taylor Rocha
Taylor Rogers (V)
Taylor Roper (II) (Composer, 48 Hours Later (2016))
Taylor Rogers (IV) (Actress, Andy's Rainbow (2016))
Taylor Rose (V) (Actress, Nostalgia (2010))
Taylor Ross (VI) (Sound Department, Something to Look Forward to (2014))
Taylor Ross (II) (Self, Food Network Challenge (2003))
Taylor Rogers (VIII) (Producer, The Spiral (2017))
Taylor Robert (Actor, Moto 4: The Movie (2012))
Taylor Rose (III) (Set Decorator, The Sidewalk Preacher (2012))
Taylor Rompe (Actress, Get Educated (2015))
Taylor Rohrig (Camera Department, The Shoes (2018))
Taylor Ross (IX) (Miscellaneous, Graveyard Shift (2017))
Taylor Roundy (Actress, Transformation of Gerald Baumgartner (2009))
Taylor Ross (I) (Composer, Lick Bush in '92 (1993))
Taylor Rizzo (I) (Make Up Department, Dust (2010))
Taylor Reese (Actress, Special (2014))
Jerron Taylor (Sound Department, Out of Focus (2012))
Taylor Herron (Actress, Absolution (2013))
Taylor Barron (II) (Make Up Department, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016))
Taylor Barron (I) (Visual Effects, Slow Creep (2015))
Taylor Reign (Actress, Enemies with Benefits (2016))
Taylor Rodgers (I) (Actress, In Plain Sight (2008))
Taylor Ragan (Producer, Middle of the Night (2017))
Ashley Taylor-Rhys (Actor, An Education (2009))
Ronnie Taylor (II) (Writer, A Sharp Intake of Breath (1977))
Ronnel Taylor (Actor, Hardball (2001))
Byron Taylor (I) (Production Designer, Guts (1992))
Aaron Taylor (VII) (Actor, Dormire Bene (2016))
L. Taylor Roberts (Make Up Department, The Host (2013))
Taylor Re Lynn (Producer, Miekkailija (2015))
Phoebe Givron-Taylor (Actress, The Little Vampire 3D (2017))
Taylor Rae (III) (Actress, Garden of Hedon (2011))
Taylor Ray (IV) (Camera Department, Calamity (2010))
Taylor Ray (VI) (Writer, Grace (2016))
Taylor Rae (I) (Director, Steps (2012))
Taylor Ray (V) (Actress, Star Trek: Origins (2013))
Taylor Ray (I) (Actress, Voyeur (2006))
Taylor Rae (IV) (Actress, Landmarks (2013))
Taylor Ray (III) (Camera Department, One Night Stand Up (2008))
Taylor Rey (Actress, Hatching Max (2012))
Taylor Rae (VI) (Make Up Department, La Quinceañera (2017))
Taylor Re (Miscellaneous, War for the Planet of the Apes (2017))
Ron Taylor (III) (Actor, Nobody Waved Good-bye (1964))
Taylor Rizzo (II) (Self, Getting Doug with High (2013))
Taylor Rousseau (I) (Actress, Hollywood and Vine )
Taylor Reed (II) (Actress, Sex Pot (2009))
Ron Taylor (V) (Actor, The Great American Eat Off (2016))
Ron Taylor (VI) (Camera Department, Jaws (1975))
Ron Taylor (XXXII) (Cinematographer, National Geographic Specials (1965))
Ron Taylor (XI) (Art Department, Hearts in Atlantis (2001))
Ron Taylor (X) (Actor, Basic Football (1994))
Ron Taylor (XLI) (Editor, Timewatch (1982))
Ron Taylor (XL) (Self, The Dick Cavett Show (1968))
Ron Taylor (XXXVI) (Miscellaneous, Dot.com (2007))
Ron Taylor (XLIII) (Miscellaneous, Paul's Case (1980))
Ron Taylor (XXIV) (Actor, Atlanta Heat 2 (2014))
Ron Taylor (XVI) (Miscellaneous, The Body (2001))
Ron Taylor (XXI) (Writer, Covington Cross (1992))
Ron Taylor (XXII)
Ron Taylor (VII) (Editorial Department, Son of Rambow (2007))
Ron Taylor (I) (Actor, The Chair (1988))
Ron Taylor (XII) (Actor, Going Back (2001))
Ron Taylor (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, The Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck (1975))
Ron Taylor (XXVII) (Actor, The Vice and the Badge (1953))
Ron Taylor (XXXV) (Actor, Laughs (2014))
Ron Taylor (XXXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Power (2014))
Ron Taylor (XLV) (Writer, Not Easy Grow Up_Director's Cut (2018))
Ron Taylor (XVII) (Actor, The Brave and the Kind (2010))
Ron Taylor (XXXIV)
Ron Taylor (XV) (Actor, Tangled and Twisted (2015))
Ron Taylor (XXIII) (Self, 1969 National League Championship Series (1969))
Ron Taylor (XXX) (Miscellaneous, Free Show Tonite (1984))
Ron Taylor (XXVIII) (Actor, Dead Heat (1988))
Ron Taylor (VIII) (Actor, The Return of Josey Wales (1986))
Ron Taylor (XIX) (Self, Extraordinary People (2003))
Ron Taylor (XXV) (Writer, The Chronicles of Micah (in development))
Ron Taylor (XXIX) (Miscellaneous, Reaper (2014))
Ron Taylor (XXXVII) (Music Department, Madonna: Celebration - The Video Collection (2009))
Ron Taylor (XXXI) (Actor, Farewell (2016))
Ron Taylor (XLII)
Ron Taylor (XXXIX) (Self, Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr (2015))
Ron Taylor (XLIV) (Producer, Savannah (1984))
Ron Taylor (XIII) (Camera Department, Le récif corail (1973))
Ron Taylor (XIV) (Editor, Return Journey (1981))
Ron Taylor (XXXIII) (Editor, The Thomas the Tank Engine Man (1995))
Ron Taylor (XX) (Self, Untamed & Uncut (2008))
Taylor Robinson (I) (Cinematographer, The Deep End (2010))
Taylor Reed (IV) (Actor, Blackmail Boys (2010))
Taylor Randall (Cinematographer, Coward (2015))
DeForrest Taylor (I) (Actor, 13 Cameras (2015))
Taylor Reed (I) (Actor, Easy Money (1983))
Taylor Reed (V) (Actor, Thor (2011))
Taylor Ramos (I) (Animation Department, Overboard (2013))
Taylor Ramsey (Actress, Charity (2012))
Taylor Rampe (Actress, Slang Alert (2017))
Taylor Russ (I) (Cinematographer, Year of the Snake (2015))
Taylor Rocheleau (Actress, From Above (2013))
Gaylor Rowan (Actress, Downhill (1973))
Taylor Rice (III) (Self, Conan (2010))
Taylor Reed (III) (Actor, The Absalom Son (2011))
Nikki Taylor Roberts (Miscellaneous, Flea Market Flip (2012))
Taylor Rudd (Cinematographer, My 600-lb Life (2012))
Taylor Renfro (I) (Producer, The Demaros (2017))
Taylor Terror (Director, Dead Men Walking (2016))
Taylor Renée Tucker (Actress, White Boy Rick (2018))
Taylor Reeves (Costume Department, Struggles (2017))
Taylor Rybar (Make Up Department, Legion (1998))
Elmor R. Taylor (Actor, Slavery and the Making of America (2005))
Taylor Ramos (II) (Actress, My Father Has a Choice (2016))
Taylor Renaud (Actor, Freedom (2014))
Taylor Reid (Actor, Mr. & Mrs. North (1952))
Taylor Riley (II) (Producer, The Violin (2015))
Taylor Ruckel (Actor, Happy New Year (2011))
Taylor Reich (Miscellaneous, Distant Vision )
Taylor Rumsey (Miscellaneous, Taking on Tomorrow (2007))
Taylor Rabow (II)
Morry Taylor (Self, Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey (2014))
Taylor Ryan (V) (Actress, Stolen Heart (1998))
Taylor Torres (Actor, Meet Vanessa (2014))
Taylor Red Fox (Actress, Souls of a Kindred Flame (2018))
Taylor Reick (Camera Department, Werewolf in Compton (2017))
Taylor Rick (I) (Producer, Nostalgia (2012))
Taylor Rivers (III)
Taylor Redman (II) (Cinematographer, E Kumupa'a: Restoring a Firm Foundation (2016))
Taylor Rheker (Camera Department, Motor City Monarchy (2014))
Taylor Renae (II)
Taylor Norris (Miscellaneous, The Smart Woman Survival Guide (2006))
Taylor Rieden (Self, Noey (2017))