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Olivia Taylor Dudley (Actress, The Magicians (2015))
Dub Taylor (I) (Actor, The Wild Bunch (1969))
Taylor Dooley (Actress, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005))
Robin Lord Taylor (Actor, Accepted (2006))
Taylor Dearden (Actress, Breaking Bad (2008))
Taylor David (VI) (Actor, Mary Kills People (2017))
Taylor Dayne (Soundtrack, Fried Green Tomatoes (1991))
Taylor Hackford (Producer, Ray (2004))
Taylor Dye (II) (Actress, Nashville (2012))
Taylor Bedford (Actress, Sweet and Lo (2018))
Taylor Dew (I) (Actress, Drop Dead Diva (2009))
Taylor Duren (Producer, People Icons (2017))
Hannah Taylor Gordon (Actress, Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001))
Taylor Dunne (Director, Corn Mother (2013))
Taylor DuPriest (Self, Kid Nation (2007))
Dub Taylor (II) (Miscellaneous, Going Greek (2001))
Dub Taylor (III)
Taylor Darling (Actress, Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series (2018))
Jordana Taylor (Actress, Supergirl (2015))
Taylor Dumont (Miscellaneous, Loves Me Not (2010))
Taylor DeVoe (Actress, Sapere Aude (2014))
Jordyn Taylor (III) (Actress, Merry Ex-Mas (2014))
Taylor Dior (Actress, The Book of Henry (2017))
Taylor Dombek (Actress, A Rising Tide (2015))
Adam Taylor Gordon (Actor, Cellular (2004))
Taylor Durden (Make Up Department, Savings Missed (2012))
Taylor Dunhan (Actor, Land of Dreams (2015))
Taylor Dunn (V) (Make Up Department, Blind Fire (2015))
Taylor Dunn (III) (Actor, Parallel: Darkness (in development))
Taylor Dunbar (Actress, Fairytale (2018))
Taylor Dunn (IV) (Actress, Life of an Actress: the Musical (2014))
Taylor Duran (Producer, Love Yurts (2016))
Taylor Dunn (VIII) (Camera Department, BattleFrog College Championship (2015))
Taylor Duscha (Producer, Coffee (2010))
Taylor Duffy (Writer, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009))
Taylor Dunlap (Miscellaneous, True Love's Kiss (2011))
Taylor Dunn (VI) (Actress, Light )
Taylor Dupré (Make Up Department, Spooners (2013))
Taylor Dunham (I) (Assistant Director, Black Rose (2013))
Taylor Dungan (Actress, Take Your Child to Work Day for Bank Robbers (2015))
Taylor Dunham (III) (Cinematographer, Scorpio Month (2018))
Taylor Dunn (II) (Actress, Haze (2016))
Taylor Dunson (Actress, The Coconut Syndrome (2011))
Taylor Duda (II) (Cinematographer, Pavement Ends (2014))
Taylor Dupuis (Actress, Detroit 1-8-7 (2010))
Taylor Duda (III) (Director, Viral Kwon Do... Extreme Awesome Version (2015))
Taylor Duncan (Stunts, My Tutor (1983))
Taylor Dunn (IX) (Composer, Western Wrestle (2017))
Taylor Dunfee (Art Director, Down with the Ship (2010))
Taylor Dunn (VII) (Actor, Two Wrongs (2015))
Taylor Durham
Taylor Dunn (X) (Actress, Beauty (2017))
Taylor Dunham (II) (Actor, Erasure (2014))
Taylor Dunn (I) (Soundtrack, Black Dog (1998))
Taylor Duerr (Actor, Bukkake Button (2011))
Taylor Duda (I) (Miscellaneous, The Kids Stay in the Picture (2012))
Taylor Dahl (II) (Actor, Max Reload and the Nether Blasters )
Ashley Taylor Dawson (Actor, Hollyoaks (1995))
Jordan Taylor (II) (Actress, Elephant (2003))
Taylor Dow (Actor, Blue Heelers (1994))
Taylor Drury (I) (Self, Bow Madness (2008))
Taylor Dawn Brauer (Actress, The Cat and the Moon (2019))
Taylor Day (Actress, The Mindy Project (2012))
Anniese Taylor Dendy (Actor, Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007))
Taylor Dempsey (I) (Actor, Tarzan (1999))
Taylor David (VII) (Actor, Christmas Wedding Planner (2017))
Dylan Taylor Davis (Actor, The Trans-Former (2015))
Taylor Dai (Self, Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant (2015))
Taylor Dye (I) (Camera Department, Joe's Diner (2003))
Ford Taylor
Taylor Dew (II) (Editor, The Justin Effect (2015))
Taylor Ford (II) (Writer, Will the Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up (2016))
Taylor Ford (I) (Production Designer, Arg Stairs (2017))
Taylor Ford (III) (Actor, Captain Maya and the Space Explorers (2019))
Taylor Dec (Actress, Listen (2013))
Eden Taylor-Draper (Actress, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Taylor Morden (Director, The Last Blockbuster (2019))
Cynthia Taylor-DuBois
Michael Taylor Dubauskas (Producer, The Dreaming (2008))
Taylor Dianne Robinson (Actress, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012))
Taylor Perdue (Camera Department, Fly Trap (2017))
Taylor Dees (Camera Department, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (2004))
Michael Taylor Donovan (Actor, Damaged Goods (2002))
Taylor Dean (VII) (Actor, The Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash (2018))
Taylor Drake (I) (Camera Department, After.Life (2009))
Taylor Davis (IV) (Composer, Love Puts on Sneakers (2009))
Jordan Taylor Wright (Writer, The Discovery of the Divine Consciousness (2018))
Taylor Duff-Holzbaur (Actress, The Only Thing I Want (2012))
Taylor Duecker (Actress, The New Moon Party (2016))
Catherine Taylor Duke (Actress, Calculations (2018))
Taylor Dumpson (Self, Reality (2017))
Taylor DuFrane
Taylor Dueweke (Producer, Circus Without Borders )
Taylor Dunnavant (Actor, Wood Patrol (in development))
Jordan Taylor (XXIV) (Actor, Taylor Swift: I Knew You Were Trouble Parody (2013))
Taylor DiMarco (Miscellaneous, Logan (2017))
Taylor Drew (I) (Actor, Nativity! (2009))
Taylor Diaz-Mercado (Actress, After (2017))
The June Taylor Dancers (Self, The Jackie Gleason Show (1952))
Jordyn Taylor (VI) (Actress, Nothing Grows Here (2016))
Taylor Delph (II) (Sound Department, Prospect (2018))
Barbara Taylor Bradford (Writer, A Woman of Substance (1984))
Jordyn Taylor (IV) (Actress, I'm Here Too (2017))
Taylor Drury (II) (Miscellaneous, Match (2014))
Taylor Davis (XVIII) (Actor, Lemon Crackers (2016))
Taylor Dekker (I) (Camera Department, Mom and Dad (2017))
Taylor Dean (I) (Actor, Kingdom (2001))
Taylor Dodge (III) (Special Effects, Close Before Midnight (2015))
Taylor Dent (II) (Actress, When I See You (2009))
Taylor Dale (Actress, The Latest Buzz (2007))
Taylor Doty (Actor, Switched at Birth (2011))
Taylor Forbord (Camera Department, American Muscle (2017))
Taylor Dame (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Taylor Dekker (II) (Cinematographer, This Is It (2017))
Taylor Davis (XXVIII) (Assistant Director, Curls (2018))
Taylor Jordan (III)
Gordy Taylor (Camera Department, The Wildest Office Strip Party (1987))
Taylor Dahl (I) (Actress, Life with Fiona (2007))
Jordan Taylor (I) (Miscellaneous, Johnny Skidmarks (1998))
Taylor Darcy (I) (Director, Control (2011))
Taylor Drew (II) (Actor, Early Light (2014))
Taylor Dolan (Actress, MiMi )
Taylor Danton (Miscellaneous, What If (2013))
Taylor Doose (II) (Actor, Chef Special (2018))
Taylor D'Arcey
Taylor Decker (II) (Self, Scarlet & Gray Days (2015))
Taylor Derwin (Art Department, The Man in the Woods )
Taylor Davis (III) (Composer, Chapter 1: The Whiteman Scenario (2008))
Jordan Taylor (XXIX) (Actor, The God Cafe )
Jordan Taylor (X)
Jordan Taylor (XXX) (Actress, 45 Days to Be Rich )
Taylor Dalton (II) (Actor, Jesús with a Mohawk (2011))
Taylor David (VIII)
Jordan Taylor (XIII) (Self, Mike & Mike (2006))
Taylor Dougan (Costume Department, Imphal 1944 (2014))
Taylor Dell (I) (Art Department, Food Party (2009))
Taylor Davis (XV) (Camera Department, Honor Student (2015))
Taylor Dwyer (Self, Behind the Bullet (2018))
Taylor Dodge (I) (Actor, Why Papa? (2013))
Taylor Deas (Actor, Mr. Irrelevant (2012))
Taylor Davis (XVI) (Actress, Paradox of Tales 2: The Royal Wedding (2014))
Taylor Dillon (II) (Actress, Grief )
Jordyn Taylor (II)
Taylor Davis (XXX) (Actress, Disconnected (2019))
Taylor Davis (XIV)
Jordan Taylor (XVII) (Actor, The Cake Bombs: For One Night Only )
Taylor Droege (Actor, Sleepwalker (2015))
Taylor Radford (I) (Actor, The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2013))
Taylor Drury (IV) (Actress, Échappé (2018))
Taylor Dent (I) (Actor, Best of Five (2008))
Taylor Dennis (II) (Production Designer, What Remains (2013))
Taylor Davis (XXIX) (Miscellaneous, The Drinking Gourd (2018))
Taylor Daynes (Art Department, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011))
Taylor Dragoo (Sound Department, The Posthuman Project (2014))
Taylor Dodge (IV) (Miscellaneous, Art of Deception (2018))
Jordan Taylor (III) (Actress, F2: Forensic Factor (2003))
Taylor Dona (Actor, Río de oro (2010))
Taylor Gordon (III) (Soundtrack, Black Nativity (2013))
Taylor David (V)
Taylor Dalton (I) (Actor, Jesús with a Mohawk (2011))
Taylor Efford (Actress, Bloody Romeo )
Taylor Dekker (III) (Camera Department, Smoketown (2018))
Taylor Davies (I) (Actress, Faces in the Crowd (2011))
Taylor Dean (II) (Cinematographer, Billy Was a Deaf Kid (2009))
Jordyn Taylor (I) (Actor, 200 M.P.H. (2011))
Taylor D. Adams (I)
Taylor Davis (XXIV) (Self, WGN Morning News (1994))
Gord Taylor (Visual Effects, O2 (2009))
Taylor D'Anna (Actress, Cloud Nothings: Fall In (2012))
Taylor Dorris (Writer, The Side Quest (2017))
Taylor David (II) (Writer, Blood Money (2012))
Taylor Dean (III) (Music Department, Comedy Apocalypse (2015))
Taylor Davis (XII) (Miscellaneous, Headed South for Christmas (2013))
Taylor DeVito (Actor, Blue's Clues (1996))
Taylor Deese (Miscellaneous, The Case of the Missing Summer (2017))
Gordon Taylor (II) (Visual Effects, Desperate Measures (1998))
Taylor Doucet (I)
Taylor David (III) (Director, Roland Rat: The Series (1986))
Taylor David (I) (Actor, The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992))
Taylor Deen (Producer, Morbid Reality (2017))
Jordan Taylor (XXVIII) (Actor, Roughhouse (2018))
Taylor Devine (Actress, Dating Pierre (2014))
Jordan Taylor (XVIII) (Actor, Sock it to Me (2014))
Taylor DeLuca (Miscellaneous, American Express Unstaged: Ellie Goulding (2015))
Taylor D. Smith (Actress, Shadow of Pain (2014))
Taylor Davis (VII) (Self, The Amandas (2012))
Taylor Dayton (Actress, Baby Signing Time Vol. 4: Let's Be Friends (2008))
Gordon Taylor (XI) (Self, Dream Team (1997))
Taylor Davis (V)
Taylor Denier (Miscellaneous, Bald (2014))
Taylor Delph (I) (Actor, Redemption, Man (2016))
Taylor Davis (XIII) (Self, Katie Chats (2011))
Jordan Taylor (IV) (Actress, Chatterbox (2009))
Taylor Dell (II) (Actress, Desperate Times and Gypsy Robes (2017))
Taylor Dorcas (Miscellaneous, Handcrafted America (2016))
Taylor Drury (III)
Taylor Mefford (Actor, Donovan (2017))
Taylor Denby (Actor, The Parricidal Effect (2014))
Taylor Drain (I) (Self, The Beast Obama (2009))
Gordon Taylor (VI) (Self, London Tonight (1993))

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