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Tabitha Fair (Music Department, The Sum of All Fears (2002))
Tabitha Faith (Actress, I Saw the Light (2015))
Tabitha Fox (Actress, Holly's Story (2004))
Tabitha Frey (Actress, Pointless (2014))
Tabitha Farrar (Self, The Goddess Project (2017))
Tabitha Faria-Softly (Costume Department, Glia )
Tabitha Blair (Actress, The Fortress Experiment (2018))
Tabitha Francis (Actress, Brass Eye (1997))
Tabitha Fredricks
Tabitha Fisher (Director, Missed Connection (2011))
Tabitha Fuller (Actress, Urban Myths (2015))
Tabitha Foster (I) (Actress, The Absence of Light (2006))
Tabitha Foster (II)
Tabitha Fleming (Make Up Department, Ellie & Marianne (2006))
Tabitha Fielding (Actress, Sugar Rush (2005))
Tabitha Fortner (Actress, Cheatin' Hearts (2011))
Tabitha Sclafani (Make Up Department, Crazed (2014))

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