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Blanche Sweet (Actress, The Unpardonable Sin (1919))
Sweet (II) (Soundtrack, Hot Fuzz (2007))
John Sweet (VII) (Camera Department, Black Panther (2018))
Lou Ferrigno Jr. (Actor, S.W.A.T. (2017))
nickname "Sweet Lou"
Ashley Judd (Actress, Double Jeopardy (1999))
nickname "Sweet Pea"
Kaitlin Olson (Actress, Finding Dory (2016))
nickname "Sweet Dee"
Frances Langford (Actress, Every Night at Eight (1935))
nickname "Sweetheart of the Fighting Fronts"
Laraine Day (Actress, Foreign Correspondent (1940))
nickname "Sweet Laraine"
Jodie Sweetin (Actress, Full House (1987))
Sydney Sweeney (Actress, Everything Sucks! (2018))
Madylin Sweeten (Actress, Everybody Loves Raymond (1996))
Lauren Sweetser (Actress, Winter's Bone (2010))
Gary Sweet (I) (Actor, Alexandra's Project (2003))
Tom Sweet (III) (Actor, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018))
Alison Sweeney (Actress, Days of Our Lives (1965))
D.B. Sweeney (Actor, The Cutting Edge (1992))
Ryan Sweeting (Self, Entertainment Tonight (1981))
Sawyer Sweeten (Actor, Everybody Loves Raymond (1996))
Sullivan Sweeten (Actor, Everybody Loves Raymond (1996))
Dolph Sweet (Actor, Heaven Can Wait (1978))
Kaley Cuoco (Actress, The Big Bang Theory (2007))
aka "Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting"
Julia Sweeney (I) (Actress, It's Pat: The Movie (1994))
Jonny Sweet (Actor, Johnny English Strikes Again (2018))
Vonte Sweet (Actor, Traffic (2000))
Shane Sweet (Miscellaneous, The Hunger Games (2012))
Mike Sweet (I) (Actor, The Killjoys (2016))
Emily Sweet (II) (Actress, Fear PHarm (2019))
Phillip Sweet (I) (Soundtrack, Forever My Girl (2018))
Peter Sweet (Actor, Harmful Actions (2018))
Rachel Sweet (Soundtrack, Tank Girl (1995))
Sweet Lea Lea (Actress, Beyond the Pole (2018))
Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola (Actress, The Three Stooges (2012))
Amber Sweet (I) (Actress, The Space Between (2017))
Terry Sweeney (I) (Writer, Hype (2000))
Doug Sweetland (Director, Storks (2016))
Katie Sweet (I) (Actress, Hank (1965))
Jayna Sweet (Actress, Turnt (2018))
John Sweet (II) (Actor, A Canterbury Tale (1944))
Valeria Sweet (I) (Actress, Contenders of the Last Will )
Sweet Brown (Actress, A Madea Christmas (2013))
Robin Sweet (I) (Production Manager, The Equalizer (2014))
Steve Sweeney (I) (Actor, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998))
Ben Sweet (Producer, All the Way Up (2010))
Sweet Pea (V) (Make Up Department, The Disaster Artist (2017))
Sheila Sweet (Actress, The Grove Family (1954))
Melissa Sweet (II) (Actress, Idiocracy (2006))
Mary Sweeney (I) (Producer, Mulholland Dr. (2001))
Jahaan Sweet (Soundtrack, Blindspotting (2018))
Johnny Sweet (I) (Producer, Quiet Storm (Documentary) (2019))
Sally Sweet (Actress, The Old Homestead (1935))
Amber Sweet (IV) (Actress, Dead Silent (2016))
Dan Sweetman (I) (Art Department, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014))
Matthew Sweet (I) (Actor, Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002))
Skye Sweetnam (Actress, Radio Free Roscoe (2003))
Tanya Sweet (Actress, Something's Gotta Give (2003))
Andrew Sweet (Editor, TableTop (2012))
Siobhan McSweeney (Actress, The Fall (2013))
Tom Sweet (IV) (Actor, Hawaiian Eye (1959))
Joseph Sweeney (I) (Actor, 12 Angry Men (1957))
Evan Sweet (Writer, Nightmare Tales (2018))
Haley Sweet (I) (Production Manager, Fantastic Four (2015))
Jamison Sweet (Sound Department, Bad Grandmas (2017))
Jo Sweet (Actress, Daughters of Lesbos (1968))
John C. Sweet (II) (Actor, Living With Strangers (web show) (2019))
Mark Sweet (I) (Actor, Suddenly Susan (1996))
Alex Sweet (Actor, Case Files (2020))
Hugh Sweetman (Actor, The Remains of the Day (1993))
Matthew Sweet (II) (Writer, Truly, Madly, Cheaply!: British B Movies (2008))
Garry Sweeney (Actor, A Lonely Place to Die (2011))
Linda Sweet (II)
Cameron Sweet (II) (Actor, The Resident (2018))
K. Harrison Sweeney (Actor, Red Dead Redemption (2010))
George Sweeney (I) (Actor, Revolver (2005))
Sweety (XII)
Sweet P (Composer, A Star for Rose (2013))
Sweety (IX) (Music Department, Five Rifles (1997))
Sweet (IV)
Sweet (I) (Actor, Malefactor (2003))
Sweeta (Actor, Shali Zindabad (2016))
Sweety (XIII) (Animation Department, Lok Gatha (1992))
Sweety (VIII) (Actress, The Monetisation (2017))
Sweety (VI) (Actor, Byathar Daan (1989))
Sweety (III) (Actress, Baazigar (1993))
Sweety (V) (Actress, Lakeer - Forbidden Lines (2004))
Sweety (IV) (Actress, To Akhire Mun (2010))
Sweet G. (Actor, Krush Groove (1985))
T. Sweet (II)
T. Sweet (I) (Actress, A Different Kinda Luv (2009))
Sweety (X) (Actress, Tumi Hahile (2018))
Candy Sweet (I) (Actress, Wrong Way (1972))
Tess Sweet (I) (Director, Cleaner Daze (2018))
Frank Sweet (I) (Actor, 2:37 (2006))
Jesse Sweet (Producer, City of Joel (2018))
Kayla Sweet (Actress, The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story (2018))
Jonathan Sweet (I) (Actor, Pros and Ex-Cons (2005))
Bob Sweeney (I) (Director, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Jeremy Sweet (I) (Music Department, Tower Heist (2011))
Steve Sweeney (II) (Actor, Back to School (1986))
Ann Sweeny (Actress, The Incredible Melting Man (1977))
Sophie Sweet (Actress, Dust Storm (2005))
Janice Sweetin (Actress, Full House (1987))
Baby Sweety (I) (Actress, Stunttman (1994))
Sarah Sweeney (I) (Actress, The Bastard Executioner (2015))
The Sweet Inspirations (Soundtrack, Something Borrowed (2011))
Sweet Van Loan (Actress, Domestic Hell (2018))
Mike Sweeney (II) (Writer, Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993))
James Sweet (II) (Actor, Z Nation (2014))
Sweetie (VIII) (Self, Cooking in the Raw (2013))
Sweetie (I) (Actress, Red Lipstick (2000))
Sweetie (III) (Actress, Max and Mona (2004))
Sweetie (V) (Actress, Room for Rent (2011))
Aj Sweet
AJ Sweet
The Sweet (Composer, Spacepunk (2017))
Ty Sweet (Actor, The Trespassing (2007))
Sweetie (II) (Self, What's Buggin' You (2003))
Ed Sweet (Director, How to Become Famous (1999))
Sweetie (VI) (Actor, Kenny the Shark (2000))
Sweet Li (Animation Department, Curious George (2006))
Sweetie (IV) (Actress, Essa Maldita Vontade de Ser Pássaro (2012))
T.J. Sweet (Actor, Becoming Bobby Feeno (2018))
D.J. Sweet (Actor, Thanksgiving Wishes (2011))
Sweetie (VII) (Actor, Rock On!! (2008))
Barbara Weetman (Actress, The Notebook (2004))
Craig Sweeny (Producer, Medium (2005))
Andy Sweet (III) (Actor, Chung seung wan siu (2015))
Angela Sweet (I) (Actress, Stronger (2017))
Jim Sweeney (II) (Actor, Outlander (2014))
Tweety (I) (Soundtrack, The Transporter (2002))
Glen-Bob Sweet (Actor, Boy Meets World (1993))
Barnaby Sweet (Camera Department, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009))
Sweety Chhabra (Actress, Hum Se Badhkar Kaun (2015))
Sweet Coco
James Sweet (I) (Camera Department, The One (2001))
Joan Sweeny (Actress, Princess Daisy (1983))
Joni Sweet (Set Decorator, 14 Cameras (2018))
Kyle Sweet (I) (Make Up Department, The Terminator (1984))
Chloe Sweetlove (Actress, My Husband's Double Life (2018))
Jimmy Sweet (Self, The Dolly Rocker Movement: Memory Layne (2011))
Will Sweet (II) (Actor, Human Resources (2006))
Will Sweet (I) (Camera Department, Mrs. Meitlemeihr (2002))
Glynn Sweet (Actor, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies (2014))
Saul McSween (Camera Department, Black Panther (2018))
Prue MacSween (Self, Ten Eyewitness News: Sydney (1973))
Elizabeth Sweet (III) (Actress, Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (2015))
Harry Sweet (Director, Rhythms of a Great City in Minor (1928))
Roger Sweet (Writer, He-Man and Skeletor Feel Epic (2017))
Birdy Sweeney (Actor, The Crying Game (1992))
Cherie Sweetbottom (Stunts, Wonder Woman 1984 (2020))
John Sweet (X)
Paco Sweetman (Editor, Group B (2015))
Sweet Sexy Avi
Sweety Pala (Actor, Onaatah: Of the Earth (2016))
Anabel Sweeney (Actress, Calvary (2014))
David Sweetman (IV) (Sound Department, Going Viral! (2017))
Lisa Sweet (V)
Nick Sweetman (I) (Transportation Department, Johnny Mnemonic (1995))
Tom McSweeney (Casting Director, The Condemned (2007))
Michael Sweet (I) (Soundtrack, Raging Angels (1995))
Sabrina Sweet (I) (Make Up Department, Trouble Is My Business (2018))
Daniel T. 'Sweetie' Boothe (Actor, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995))
Bobby Moynihan (Actor, Saturday Night Live (1975))
aka "Eddie Sweet"
Justin Sweet (Art Department, Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017))
Steven Sweet (I) (Soundtrack, Bring It On (2000))
Karen Sweet (II) (Actress, Til Death Do Us Part )
Amy Sweet (II)
Jim Sweet (II) (Art Department, Lame (2005))
Nick Sweet (V) (Sound Department, You're Cut Off (2010))
Nick Sweet (IV) (Miscellaneous, Big Bad Bugs (2012))
Cat Sweet (Actor, The Pusher (2013))
Ted Sweet (II) (Self, WWE Sunday Night Heat (1998))
Sweet Alps (Music Department, I'm in Love with a Dead Girl (2016))
Sweet Corn (Camera Department, When Wendy Met Will (2016))
Mark Sweet (II) (Writer, The Shift (2015))
Jack Sweet (Actor, Next Stop Wonderland (1998))
John Sweet (IX) (Music Department, Poacher (2018))
Sweet Gee (Self, White Lines and the Fever: The Death of DJ Junebug (2010))
Char Sweet (Actress, Spirits Asunder )
Ken Sweet (Actor, Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars (1989))
Zack Sweet (Actor, My First Time (2016))
Mark Sweet (III) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Jim Sweet (III) (Actor, Genius (2006))
Nick Sweet (III) (Actor, The Beekeepers (2010))
John Sweet (V) (Producer, Max Bygraves: 50 Golden Years (1993))
Milo Sweet (Soundtrack, Here's Lucy (1968))
Matt Sweet (Actor, Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008))
Neil Sweet (II) (Camera Department, Breadwinner (2014))
Lee Sweet (Location Management, Emily or Oscar )
Brad Sweet (II) (Self, NASCAR on ESPN (2007))
Bob Sweet (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Lia Sweet (Music Department, This Must Be the Place (2011))
Bill Sweet (Actor, Kate & Allie (1984))
Jay Sweet (III) (Location Management, Me, Myself & Irene (2000))
Cory Sweet (Music Department, Me or the Porn (2010))
Joe Sweet (I) (Writer, How to Kill a Mockingbird (2002))
Ron Sweet (Transportation Department, Along the Way (2007))
Dave Sweet (IV) (Actor, Daughter (2017))
Tom Sweet (I) (Editor, Hopelessly Rich (2003))
Eric Sweet
Hal Sweet (Camera Department, Thundering Trails (1943))

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