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Susan Newman (VI) (Actress, Milkweed (2016))
Susan Newman (V) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Susan Newman (II) (Costume Designer, Resurrection (1999))
Susan Newman-Baudais (Miscellaneous, The Lobster (2015))
Susan Newman (III) (Miscellaneous, Doggie B (2011))
Susan Newman (VII) (Writer, The Book of NO (2017))
Susan Newman (I) (Miscellaneous, The Farm: Angola, USA (1998))
Susan Newman (IV)
Ryan Newman (III) (Actress, Zoom (2006))
Susanne Wuest (Actress, Goodnight Mommy (2014))
Susan Newmark (Actress, Sanford and Son (1972))
Susan Kendall Newman (Actress, I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978))
Susanne Wolff (I) (Actress, Styx (2018))
Susanne Wasson (Actress, Star Trek (1966))
Sean Newman (VI) (Self, Fox and Friends (1998))
Anne Newman Bacal (Actress, El Dorado (1967))
Ian Newman (I) (Producer, Club Dread (2012))
Dan Newman (XII) (Sound Department, Locating Silver Lake (2018))
Jan Newman (III) (Producer, For the Love of George (2018))
Jan Newman (I) (Make Up Department, Stargate SG-1 (1997))
Dan Newman (III) (Composer, The Gospel of Lou (2003))
Dan Newman (V) (Sound Department, Fun on Earth (2007))
Ian Newman (II) (Producer, Under the Skin (2004))
Dan Newman (II)
Dan Newman (XI) (Director, National Bowl Documentary (2014))
Ann Newman (II) (Miscellaneous, Stanley and Stella in 'Breaking the Ice' (1987))
Dan Newman (X) (Actor, The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg )
Dan Newman (IV)
Ann Newman (III) (Miscellaneous, SFX Retaliator (1987))
Ann Newman (I) (Actress, A Midsummer Night's Dream (1946))
Dan Newman (VII) (Self, Cruel and Unusual (2014))
Jan Newman (II)
Dan Newman (VI) (Composer, The Ad (2009))
Dan Newman (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Robot Wars (1998))
Ryan Newman (I) (Actor, The Prince of Tides (1991))
Susanna Newman (Actress, A Perfect Hero (1991))
Susanne Bormann (Actress, The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008))
Jeanne Newman
Julian Newman (III) (Self, It's Major (2019))
Ryan Newman (II) (Self, Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race (2007))
Bryan Newman (I) (Cinematographer, Brokendown Love Story (1999))
Susan New (III) (Editor, The Shock of the New (1982))
Susan New (II) (Transportation Department, Livin' Large! (1991))
Jonathan Newman (II) (Director, Foster (2011))
Sean Newman (I) (Actor, Half Past the Color Blue (2015))
Susanne Wasmann (Actress, Hämmerle und Leibssle trainieren für Olympia (2004))
Susanne Widl (Actress, Unsichtbare Gegner (1977))
Brian Newman (III) (Producer, Love & Taxes (2015))
Brian Newman (XVI) (Self, Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017))
Fran Newman-Young (Self, Made in Chelsea: NYC (2014))
Adrian Newman (II) (Camera Department, Are You Okay? (2018))
Stan Newman (Actor, The Devil Wears Prada (2006))
Jeanne Newmann (Animation Department, Jurassic Fight Club (2008))
Nathan Newman (II) (Self, Home & Family (2012))
Sian Newman (Actor, Vacillation (2014))
Evan Newman (III) (Sound Department, Commencement (2012))
Evan Newman (V) (Miscellaneous, I See Stars: Calm Snow (2016))
Declan Newman (Art Department, War of the Buttons (1994))
Sharan Newman (Self, Revealed (2002))
Sean Newman (IV) (Self, Our House (1996))
Bryan Newman (III) (Self, Playback Director's Series: The Music Videos of Maureen Egan & Matthew Barry (2009))
Julian Newman (I) (Actor, Garifuna in Peril (2012))
Ethan Newman (Editor, Call Box 2 (in development))
D. Alan Newman (Camera Department, 100 Girls (2000))
Brian Newman (XI) (Self, Corinna (2013))
Bryan Newman (II) (Self, Ridiculous (2011))
Raegan Newman (Actress, 8 Million Ways to Die (1986))
Marian Newman (I) (Actor, Lord of the Sky (1993))
Brian Newman (IX)
Brian Newman (XV) (Actor, The Night to Remember on 21st Street )
Ryan Newman (X)
Alan Newman (I) (Actor, Mannix (1967))
Rozann Newman
Brian Newman (V) (Assistant Director, The Seductress (2000))
Dean Newman (I) (Make Up Department, 4D Man (1959))
Ryan Newman (VI) (Stunts, The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure (2015))
Brian Newman (XVII)
Alan Newman (II) (Producer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour (1990))
Brian Newman (X) (Music Department, Friends with Kids (2011))
Dean Newman (II) (Actor, Monochrome (2016))
Adrian Newman (III)
Ryan Newman (VIII) (Camera Department, The Double Cross (2017))
Keenan Newman (I) (Cinematographer, Kings of the Yukon (2016))
Evan Newman (I) (Actor, The Penny (2010))
Brian Newman (VI)
Brian Newman (XIV) (Actor, Black Petunia (2016))
Jordan Newman (V) (Actor, Framing the Red: Folsom Prison Blues (2014))
Joan Newman (I) (Miscellaneous, Fair City (1989))
Sean Newman (II) (Cinematographer, Why Dubai? (2009))
Megan Newman (I) (Actress, The Recluse (2005))
Brian Newman (I) (Actor, Mixed Signals (1997))
Anne Newman (I) (Miscellaneous, 1 to Remember with Brian Kennedy (2006))
Alan Newman (V) (Actor, Don't Forget Me (2016))
Tégan Newman (Actress, Ravers (2018))
Sean Newman (VIII)
JoAnn Newman
Ryan Newman (IV) (Actor, Phobiatology (2005))
Brian Newman (XIII) (Cinematographer, Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life (2015))
Rohan Newman (Production Designer, Move (2011))
Nathan Newman (I) (Art Department, Wheelman (2009))
Alan Newman (III) (Self, American Beer (2004))
Sean Newman (VII) (Camera Department, Bubby (2017))
Julian Newman (II) (Actor, Alone in the Universe (2015))
Joan Newman (II) (Director, Tre, Pol and Pen (1943))
Joanne Newman (Actress, Let's Kill All the Lawyers (1992))
Ryan Newman (V) (Transportation Department, Return to the Hiding Place (2013))
Jordan Newman (III) (Sound Department, Sherlock (2010))
Dillan Newman (Actor, Forget (2014))
Jordan Newman (IV) (Art Department, The Coroner (2015))
Brian Newman (IV) (Camera Department, The Ghosts of Edendale (2003))
Jordan Newman (II) (Actor, Dognapped (2013))
Marian Newman (II) (Make Up Department, Love (2016))
Brian Newman (VII) (Producer, Shored Up (2013))
Jordan Newman (I) (Producer, Steve's Jobs (2015))
Ivan Newman (Actor, Wheeling Dealing (2004))
Dylan Newman (Director, Sharing Nature: Documentary on David Menne (2018))
Brian Newman (XII) (Actor, The Fence (2011))
Evan Newman (VI) (Miscellaneous, I See Stars: Calm Snow (2016))
Suzan Newman (Actress, Hunter (1984))
Brian Newman (II) (Camera Department, Making Love (2018))
Alan Newman (IV) (Composer, Head Shop Men (2012))
Sean Newman (V) (Actor, Drunko Nart's Fleeting Fit of Inspiration (2011))
Anne Newman (II) (Actress, Doctor Who Fan Film Series (2013))
Morgan Newman (Actor, Test Group (2015))
Ryan Newman (XI) (Animation Department, Farmer Glorp (2016))
Adrian Newman (I) (Camera Department, Late Noon Sun (2008))
Keenan Newman (II) (Cinematographer, Rock Steady (2017))
Brian Newman (XVIII)
Fran Newman (Art Director, Weekend Retreat (2011))
Sean Newman (IX)
Ryan Newman (VII) (Actor, Silver Bells (2013))
Megan Newman (II)
Brian Newman (VIII) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Susanne Allan Hartman (Actress, Bones (2005))
Susanne Wastl (Assistant Director, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004))
Susanne Wilke (Sound Department, Cordelias Kinder (2015))
Susanne Wille (Actress, Private Banking (2017))
Susanne Weck (Director, Gimka und Golka, und Ich (2012))
Susan Newell (I) (Casting Department, Charlie's Angels (1976))
Susan Newall (Actress, The Happy Lands (2012))
Susanne Werth (II) (Visual Effects, House of 9 (2005))
Susanne Will (Actress, So war Herr Brummell (1967))
Susan Newell (II) (Producer, Payday (2013))
Susanne Winge (Actress, Heil (2015))
Susanne Witt (Costume Designer, Hat er Arbeit? (2000))
Susanne Werth (I) (Actress, Frauen in New York (1977))
Susanne Witte (Actress, Polizeiruf 110 (1971))
Susanne Wirtz (Actress, Blauer Mohn (1993))
Susanne Wiest (Self, Bambule - Das Magazin (2012))
Susanne Weber (I) (Actress, Urlaub vom Leben (2005))
Susan Newton (Actress, City of Darkness (2010))
Susanne West (Actress, Die Vergnügungsspalte (1971))
Susan Newhook (I) (Miscellaneous, One Heart Broken Into Song (1999))
Susanne Wawra (II) (Director, Mental Asylum (2014))
Susanne Weihl (Miscellaneous, Dogtown Redemption (2015))
Susanne Weber (II) (Self, Beat-Club (1965))
Susanne Wouk (Miscellaneous, Before Sunrise (1995))
Susanne Weser (Actress, Der tapfere Schulschwänzer (1967))
Susanne Wölfel (Actress, Waldheimat (1983))
Susanne Wolff (II)
Susanne Weiß (Make Up Department, Der Lehrer (2009))
Susanne Wehde (Actress, Jauche und Levkojen (1978))
Susanne Wastin (Make Up Department, Wir sind Kaiser (2007))
Susan Newtown
Susanne Wood (Actress, In Defense of Traditional Marriage (2013))
Susan Newhook (II)
Susanne Wawra (I) (Miscellaneous, Fahrerflucht (2003))
Susanne Wolf (II) (Writer, Mythos Geschichte (2014))
Susanne Wolf (I) (Actress, Schimmi (1984))
Susanne Worch (Actress, Du bist nicht allein (2007))
Susanne Wende (Self, Zwischen Himmel und Erde. Anthroposophie heute (2010))
Susan Anne Wall (Actress, Not Another Teen Movie (2001))
Susan Needleman (Casting Director, Dear Child (2016))
Susanne Mann (Producer, Die Einsiedler (2016))
Susanne Amann (Self, Günther Jauch (2011))
Susan Neiman (Self, Phoenix Runde (1997))
Susanne Ohmann (Actress, Safe Harbour Amsterdam (2018))
Susanne Manke (Animation Department, Jester Till (2003))
Susann Erdmann (Actress, Phonomanie (2019))
Susanne Manz (Producer, Durch die Nacht mit... (2002))
Susanne Nyman
Susanne Wright (Actress, The Brothers Solomon (2007))
Susanne Wagner (I) (Actress, Freunde wie wir (1997))
Susanne Wegmann (Art Department, Real Buddy (2014))
Susanne Wiedemann
Susanne Willmann (Actress, Midnight's Calling (2000))
Susanne Wedemann (Miscellaneous, Sonic Generations (2011))
Susanne Wallimann (Editor, Kriminalfälle, die die Schweiz bewegten (2007))
Susanne Wilhelmina (Actress, Manta - Der Film (1991))
Geordan Newman (Camera Department, Shafted (2002))
Susanne Plassmann (Actress, Verdammt verliebt (2002))
Susanne Chapman (Actress, Blue Heelers (1994))
Suzanne Newman (II) (Director, Hummerland (2006))
Mary Ann Newman (I) (Self, El meu avi (2001))
Joan Newman Price (Actress, The Nation's Health (1983))
Gillian Newman (Actress, Brice Stevens: The Movie (2008))
Shelean Newman (Actress, Closer to God (2014))
Jonathan Newman (I) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Lynn Brannelly-Newman (Costume Designer, Tranced (2010))
Braedan Newman (Actor, Forgive Me (2016))

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