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Shaquille O'Neal (Actor, Steel (1997))
nickname "Superman"
Sam Horrigan (Actor, Accepted (2006))
nickname "Superman"
Joey Fatone (Actor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002))
nickname "Superman"
Ty Murray (Stunts, 8 Seconds (1994))
nickname "Superman in Boots"
Michael Phelps (I) (Actor, Unfiltered (2005))
nickname "Superman"
Pete Candoli (Soundtrack, Touch of Evil (1958))
nickname "Superman with a Horn"
Hiram A. Murray (Actor, Lethal Weapon (2016))
nickname "Superman"
Chris Greene (III) (Actor, Atlanta (2016))
nickname "Superman"
Superman (Actor, Mathrisk 37.7% (2016))
Har Mar Superstar (Actor, Starsky & Hutch (2004))
Piper Kerman (Writer, Orange Is the New Black (2013))
Supermack (Music Department, Ever After (Reloaded) (2011))
Supermax (Soundtrack, Porno Unplugged (2008))
Superman Ares (Actor, Ataktoulis & Borat's Vlogokatastaseis (2016))
Super Maquina
Super Malcolm (Self, Dancing on Ice (2006))
Supermarky (Actor, S (2002))
Supermalcom (Self, Move Like Michael Jackson (2009))
Supermassive (Music Department, The Amazing Cynicalman (2012))
Seth Cooperman (Writer, Sleepless (2015))
John Kuperman (Miscellaneous, The John Kerwin Show (2001))
TheDragonSuperman (Actor, Sonic Prologue (2014))
Changhai-Superman (Visual Effects, Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space (2003))
Superman Jiang (Transportation Department, Life of Pi (2012))
Eric 'Superman' Ruiz (Actor, El relato de Sam Brennan (2009))
Rupert Baderman (Actor, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984))
Supermoon (Cinematographer, Ladell: Saved My Life (2017))
Beáte Opperman (Actress, Buurtwag (2015))
Zach Kuperman (Actor, The Squirt Brothers (2005))
Doug Kuperman
Mário Kuperman (Writer, O Jogo da Vida e da Morte (1972))
Igor Kuperman (Self, ESPN 25: Who's #1? (2004))
Jeff Kuperman (Director, In a Moment (2011))
Zack Kuperman (Actor, Silver Street (2009))
Alan Kuperman (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Eva Kuperman (Production Manager, In the Arms of My Enemy (2007))
Inna Kuperman (Actress, Kharja (2000))
Josh Kuperman (Actor, Where is the Silent Majority (2015))
Rick Kuperman (Director, In a Moment (2011))
Karen Kuperman
Lee Kuperman (Production Manager, Lola Marsh: Wishing Girl (2017))
Tomás Kuperman (Actor, No sos vos, soy yo (2004))
Super Mario Logan (Actor, Jeffy's Cellphone (2016))
Ed Opperman (Casting Director, Hunted (2007))
Per Öman (Music Department, Tommy (2014))
Piper Mandle (Set Decorator, Like We Used To (2018))
Chris Cimperman (II) (Actor, Street Justice: The Bronx (2017))
Lizzy Cooperman (Actress, The 4th (2016))
Cooper Manning (Miscellaneous, The 2017 ESPY Awards (2017))
Robert Perry Bierman (Actor, Grand Theft Auto V (2013))
Super Mama Djombo (Composer, Drogba vs. Malaria (2014))
Publix Supermarkets
'Super' Mario Heroux (Transportation Department, The Way of the West (2011))
Super Mash Bros (Actor, Electronic Spotlight (2011))
The Supermarkets (Composer, Big Massive Protest (2007))
Super Max Kinkel (Actor, A Video History of the American Radio Personality! (2013))
Kike Supermix (Actor, Colegas (2017))
Frank Opperman (II) (Actor, Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (1998))
Miles A. Perman (Assistant Director, The Core (2003))
Alice Perman (Producer, Protecting Our Parents (2014))
Cindy Teperman (Producer, Sólo se vive una vez (2017))
Briana Fesperman (Actress, The Last Ship (2014))
Stephanie Copperman (Actress, Legend (1995))
Kahane Cooperman (Producer, The Daily Show (1996))
Ray Pepperman (Actor, F5 Teraphobia (2018))
Terry Permane (Camera Department, The Haunting of Julia (1977))
John-Henry Opperman (Actor, Musiek vir die Agtergrond (2013))
Super Amanda (Actress, Hot Rod Girls Save the World (2008))
Superhuman (Music Department, The Maze Runner (2014))
Roman Super (Director, How Kirill Serebrenikov has spent 218 mio (2018))
Ana Roza Cimperman (Actress, Nympho's Diary (2016))
Vesperman (Actor, Clowns (2014))
Valentin Oppermann (Actor, Dark (2017))
Per Maning (Self, Selene i Venezia (1995))
Ben Perman (Self, I Am Thor (2015))
Piper Man (Camera Department, The Mark (2012))
Per Manell (Self, Making Medicines Safer (2018))
Don Perman (Writer, Stuck on You! (1982))
Sam Perman
Charlie Wuppermann (Camera Department, End of the Beginning (2013))
Nathalie Kuperman (Writer, Harcelée (2016))
Miriam Cuperman (Miscellaneous, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Emily Kuperman (Miscellaneous, 101 Ways to Get Rejected (2013))
Jennifer Kuperman (Self, Overture (2010))
Howard Kuperman (Editor, Little Murders (1971))
Pedro Kuperman (I) (Producer, Remar é... (2013))
Hallie Kuperman (II) (Actress, The Odd Fellows Out (2010))
Pedro Kuperman (II)
Brian Kuperman
David Kuperman
Pedro Cuperman (Director, Eyes of Perez Celis (2005))
Breno Kuperman (Director, Aben Kôt (1992))
Rizki Pandu Permana
Federico Kuperman (Music Department, El abrigo del viento. Historias de bandoneonistas al sur (2013))
Esther Kuperman (Actress, Find a way (2017))
Marina Kuperman (Miscellaneous, I Think I Do (1997))
Aleen Kuperman (Producer, Betches (in development))
Vicky Kuperman (Producer, Friends of Dorothy (2013))
Svetlana Kuperman
Boris Kuperman (Actor, I Want to Work for Diddy (2008))
Marcel Heuperman (Actor, Als wir träumten (2015))
Hallie Kuperman (I)
Michael Kuperman (Actor, Art Thief Musical! (2004))
Shira Kuperman (Assistant Director, Bekarov Yikre Lekha Mashehu Tov (2006))
Rupert Ostermann (Actor, Schloßhotel Orth (1996))
Keith Kuperman (Producer, A Step Behind (in development))
Rachel Cuperman (Miscellaneous, Arlington Road (1999))
Rebecca Kuperman
Bruno Hakim Cuperman (Stunts, Relatos salvajes (2014))
Nigel Permane (Visual Effects, V for Vendetta (2005))
Alec Opperman (Writer, The Philosophy of (2015))
Perri Kipperman (Producer, Billions (2016))
Alvin Kupperman (Actor, CPO Sharkey (1976))
Ateyabat Supermarket
Harry Buggsi Supermarket (Self, Fire in Grenfell (2017))
Deva Permana (Actor, All About E (2015))
Gerald Perry Finnerman (Cinematographer, Moonlighting (1985))
Julia Cooperman (Miscellaneous, Colony (2016))
Jennifer Pepperman (Director, One Life to Live (1968))
Chloe Teperman (Self, NBC News (1940))
Janna Kemperman (Director, HEN (2019))
Gary Teperman (Producer, Bar Barons (2003))
Norman R. 'Super Frog' LaJoie
Super Múneco 3000 (Actor, Súper héroes galácticos: Al rescate del planeta azul (2007))
SuperMetaWendoh (Thanks, What the Cut (2012))
The Supermen Lovers (Composer, Poltergay (2006))
Zhenya Kiperman (I) (Director, I Will Avenge You, Iago! (2005))
Sam Pepperman
Harald Siepermann (Animation Department, Tarzan (1999))
Kurt Vespermann (Actor, Die Buddenbrooks (1923))
Mark Perman (Actor, The First Wives Club (1996))
Björn Perman (Editorial Department, Allra mest tecknat (2002))
Atta Opperman (II) (Actor, Buurtwag (2015))
Joe Cimperman (Self, PolyCultures: Food Where We Live (2009))
Naomi Perman
Joe Coperman (Producer, They Live to Polka (1999))
Mara Perman (Actress, Your Onesie Has Arrived (2015))
Rae Permann (Producer, Crime Partners (2003))
Kai Hopermann (Art Department, Der Glücksreport (2011))
Deon Opperman (Producer, Fluiters (2016))
Amanda Opperman (Actor, Mail Order Luck (2012))
Alan Permane (Self, Formula 1: BBC Sport (2009))
Perry Herman (Actor, Tell Me a Riddle (1980))
Jan Pepermans (Writer, Bastaard (2018))
Boy Permana (Actor, Sang kiai (2013))
Herman Roeper (Actor, Dutch Treat (1987))
Ermanno Spera (Make Up Department, Cuore sacro (2005))
Ann Hepperman (Producer, Frontline (1983))
Jeff Opperman (Self, A River Runs Through Us (2011))
Bela Permanik (Actress, Bombay Ka Chor (1962))
Guy Cooperman (Sound Department, Shalom Sesame (2010))
Rudi Permana (Editor, Misteri cipularang (2013))
Dan Fesperman (Writer, Ashes (in development))
Liz Timperman (Miscellaneous, Beginners (2010))
Yaar Perman (Composer, White Blossoms (2010))
Shari Perman
Yusep Permana (Editor, Hi5teria (2012))
Don Coperman (Producer, They Live to Polka (1999))
Pepper Herman (Actress, Why We Take Care of Property, or Planet of the Ticklebops (1975))
Karen Loperman
Dede Permana (Sound Department, Blue Frontier )
Perry Moerman (Self, Chasing Legends (2010))
Vip Vipperman (Music Department, The Last Ride (2011))
Jim Timperman (Cinematographer, Brutal (2014))
Herman Kemper (Actor, In the Grip of Evil (1997))
Hegar Permana (Camera Department, Way of Angklung (2017))
Eric Perman (Miscellaneous, 30 Rock (2006))
German Perez (I) (Camera Department, Pseudo (2014))
Agiel Permana (Sound Department, Sandal (2016))
Beth Opperman (Camera Department, Welcome to Gentle Waters (2011))
Shelby Perman (Music Department, Lip Service (2001))
Jan Oppermann (Actor, Wolffs Revier (1992))
Kate Perman (Miscellaneous, If I Dance Will it Keep Me Warm (2011))
Estè Opperman (Art Department, Invictus (2009))
Henk Opperman (Actor, Iris Warriors (2019))
Al Cooperman (Camera Department, American Masters (1985))
Tom Opperman (Miscellaneous, The Amazing Wizard of Paws (2015))
Phil Perman (Actor, The Last Bastion (1984))
Piper Manthei (Music Department, Generator Rex (2010))
Amy Opperman
Sadie Perman (Actress, Lucy's Bedtime )
Joey Opperman (Sound Department, Fynbos (1983))
Herman Spero (Producer, Upbeat (1964))
Don Opperman (Camera Department, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 (2004))
Jörg Oppermann (Director, Mieten, kaufen, wohnen (2008))
Janez Perman (Actor, Inner Voice (2016))
Ripper Manson (Actor, Defiant Wrestling (2016))
Elad Koperman (Producer, Big Brother Israel (2008))
Ann Appermans (Composer, Soft-cell (1992))
Aída Permansú (Animation Department, Artemio (2017))
Martin Perman (Actor, Hotet från yttre rymden (2013))
Koko Permana (Production Manager, Sultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan, Cinta (2018))
Jasper Manalo (Actor, The Howl & the Fussyket (2011))
Janu Opperman (Actor, Die Soldaat (2014))
Atta Opperman (I) (Miscellaneous, Spud (2010))
Jodie Perman (Actor, 40 Love (2014))
Roz Cooperman (Self, Nights with Mary (2003))
Colin Perman (Miscellaneous, Resonance of Fate (2010))
Herman Perera (Writer, Flat Grey Sky (2013))

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