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Sharon Stone (I) (Actress, Basic Instinct (1992))
Sharon Jones (II) (Actress, The Great Debaters (2007))
Sharon Stone (VI) (Miscellaneous, Cool Runnings (1993))
Sharon Stone (V) (Producer, Monitor (2006))
Sharon Sexton (Actress, Storyland (2009))
Sharon Stone (IV) (Soundtrack, Parting Glances (1986))
Sharon Stone (II) (Actress, Replecan (2017))
Agnes Hailstone (Self, Life Below Zero (2013))
Sharon Lee Jones (Actress, Princess Warrior (1989))
Sharon E. Smith (II) (Actress, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016))
Sharon R Stone
Sharon St. Onge (Self, Pauw & Witteman (2006))
Sharon Easton (Miscellaneous, Before I Self Destruct (2009))
Sharron Stone (Actress, E-Z UP Lifestyle Spot: Beach and Soccer (2017))
Sharone Sayegh (Actress, F**k New York (2013))
Sharon Houston (Actress, Janeane from Des Moines (2012))
Sharon Johnston (III) (Self, GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (2012))
Aharon Eshel (Self, A Zionist's Journey from Romania to Eritrea (2010))
Sharon Weston (II) (Writer, Mind Games (2014))
Sharon Alston (Art Department, Hooks and Feelers (1983))
Sharon Weston (I) (Actress, The Potential Inside (2010))
Sharon Gaston (Producer, The Party Line (2007))
Sharon Toston (Actress, Master Race from Mars (2011))
Sharon Estela (Producer, Incienso (2013))
Sharon Stynes (Thanks, Every Heart Beats True: The Jim Stynes Story (2010))
Sharon Jones (I) (Miscellaneous, Card Sharks (1978))
Sharon Jones (XVI) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Sharon Jones (XVII) (Actress, The Same Story (2018))
Sharon Jones (XIII)
Sharon Jones (IV) (Camera Department, Bad People (2007))
Sharon E. Smith (III)
Sharon Jones (X) (Actor, Austin Groove Vol. 1, 30 Years Inside Austin's Music (2003))
Sharon Jones (XIV) (Producer, Second Star (2015))
Sharon Jones (XV) (Self, Great British Ghosts (2011))
Sharon Jones (XI) (Actress, Make-Out with Violence (2008))
Sharon Jones (V) (Self, Berlin (2007))
Sharon Jones (III) (Actress, Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl (2005))
Sharon Jones (XII) (Self, Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi (2007))
Sharon Jones (IX) (Miscellaneous, Motormouth (1988))
Sharon E. Smith (I) (Animation Department, Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001))
Sharon Espy (Actress, Devilman Lady (1998))
Sharon Jones (VI) (Actress, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007))
Sharon Storm (Actor, A World Apart (1970))
Sharon Stokes (Self, The Marilyn Denis Show (2011))
Sharon Stout (Self, BBC Weekend News (1992))
Sharon Estes Henson (Self, Spearhunter (2015))
Sharon Eaton (Make Up Department, Night of the Demons (2009))
Sharon Sutton (IV) (Actor, One Night in Dublin (2017))
Sharon Sutton (III) (Actress, Joined at the Hip (2014))
Sharon Sutton (II) (Actress, Advance Directives (2010))
Sharon Sutton (I) (Actress, Rat Fink (1965))
Sharon Johnston (I) (Actress, The Practice (1997))
Stoney 'The Stone' Sharp (Miscellaneous, Scorched (2003))
Wingston Sharon (Actor, Disrespectful Man: The Series (2015))
Sharon Whetstone (Actress, Hallows Point (2007))
Sharon Cranston (Actor, Road (2017))
Dale DeSharone (Miscellaneous, Link: The Faces of Evil (1993))
Niles Hailstones (I) (Music Department, Rosenberg (2013))
Sharon Kaneshiro
Sharon Nesher Iny (Writer, The Leap List (2013))
Rose of Sharon Stoneall (Actress, Hollywood Off-Ramp (2000))
Sharon Eccleshall (Art Department, Poppy (2009))
Donnie Sharons (Actor, Hell's Nest (2018))
Sharone Weshler (Miscellaneous, ABC in Concert (1991))
The Sharon Shannon Band
Jennifer Stone Shaw (Costume Designer, Unspeakable (2018))
Niles Hailstones (II) (Self, News at Ten (1967))
Sharon Diane Sutton
Sharon Johnston (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Timberwood Tales (1991))
Sharon Kingston (II) (Camera Department, Death Mask (1984))
Sharon Burnston (Actor, Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence (2011))
Sharon Kingston (III) (Actress, Southern Troopers (2011))
Sharon Bankston (Producer, Mysterious Island (2010))
Sharon Johnston (II) (Miscellaneous, The Ruby Ring (1997))
Sharon Livingston (Make Up Department, Master of the Abyss (1999))
Sharon Johnston (V) (Visual Effects, The Philadelphia Experiment (1984))
Sharon Kingston (I) (Actress, Shatter Dead (1994))
Sharon Marston (Actress, Something Barked on Christmas Morning (2020))
Elesha Redstone (Actress, Scrawl (2015))
Aaron John Stones (Actor, Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge (2013))
Alesha Redstone
Sharon Espinosa (I)
Sharon E. Staten (Self, Soldier Girl (1980))
Sharon Lee-Jones (Actress, Stars in Their Eyes (1990))
Sharon Nixon-Escocha (Camera Department, Cruel Game (2002))
Sharon Espinosa (II)
Sharon Esquivel (Miscellaneous, Cat Ivy: Creating My Life (2013))
Sharon Staines
Sharon E. Secord (Costume Department, Barrymore (2011))
Sharon Anthoness (Miscellaneous, Do or Die (2001))
Sharon Shawnessey (Actress, Blue Seed (1994))
Sharon Espeset (Miscellaneous, Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982))
Sharon Escalante (Make Up Department, The Lookout (2018))
Sharon Esteban (Producer, Inspector Bros (2018))
Sharon Stoodley (Actress, Myles West (2007))
Sharon Stolovitch (Miscellaneous, Heart Beat (2007))
Sharon Stookey (Actress, Pizza: The Movie (2004))
Sharon Stockbridge (Actress, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009))
Sharon Stocker (Self, Civilisations (2018))
Sharon Stopple (Producer, Stalking Emo )
Sharone Thornton (Actress, Out of the Wilderness (2001))
Sharon Stratton
Sharon Singleton (Self, Chopped (2007))
Sharon Kae Rotone (Actress, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2003 (2003))
Sharon Sayles Belton (Actress, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Sharon Safianoff-Jones (Writer, Monopoly (1990))
Pauline Sharon Olshefski (Producer, The Birth (2017))
Magdeline Sharon White (Producer, The Monologue (2010))
Sharon Kanhai-Johnston (Self, Menu Match-Up (2017))