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Robert Stephens (I) (Actor, Romeo and Juliet (1968))
Robert R. Stephenson (Actor, Valley of Hunted Men (1942))
Stephen Roberts (II) (Actor, Julius Caesar (1953))
Robert Stephens (II) (Actor, On the Bright Side (2016))
Stephen Robert Morse (Producer, EuroTrump (2017))
Robert Stephenson (V) (Actor, LoVe (2011))
Robert Stephenson (VIII) (Actor, Addicted (2012))
Robert Lewis Stephenson (Actor, The Thomas Crown Affair (1999))
Stephen Roberts (IV) (Producer, The Sky Is Falling (2004))
Stephen Roberts (I) (Director, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936))
Robert W. Stephenson (Producer, Quest Of The HMS Buffalo (1986))
Robert Stephenson (IV) (Music Department, Peter and the Wolf (1995))
Robert Stephens (XI) (Producer, Simple Superstar (2013))
Robert Stephens (VI) (Actor, The House of Americans (2011))
Robert Stephens (X) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Robert Stephenson (I) (Miscellaneous, Lurking Fear (1994))
Robert Stephenson (XII) (Self, The Secrets of Underground Britain (2008))
Robert A. Stephens (Actor, Grads (2017))
Robert Stephens (XIV) (Actor, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
Robert Stephenson (II) (Producer, The Comeback (2011))
Robert N. Stephens (Writer, An Enemy to the King (1916))
Robert L. Stephenson (Actor, No Privacy (1931))
Robert Stephens (V) (Director, House of Fallen (2008))
Robert Stephenson (III) (Art Department, River Street (1996))
Robert Stephens (III) (Visual Effects, Turbulence (1997))
Robert Stephenson (IX) (Producer, Glossy (2011))
Robert Stephenson (XI) (Producer, Little Big Hero (2013))
Robert Stephens (VII) (Production Manager, China Smith (1952))
Robert Stephenson (XIV)
Robert Stephens (IV) (Art Department, For the Boys (1991))
Robert Stephenson (VII) (Producer, The Crocodile's Wife (2010))
Robert Stephens (XII) (Actor, Uncanny X-Men (2012))
Robert Stephenson (X) (Producer, Whale Song (2012))
Robert Stephenson (VI)
Robert Stephens (XV) (Actor, The Last Vendetta (2016))
Robert Stephens (XIII) (Special Effects, Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor (2013))
Robert Stephenson (XIII) (Actor, Gratuitous Violence (2015))
Stephen Roberts (III) (Producer, Moontrap (1989))
Bertie Stephens (Producer, Nuryan (2009))
Stephen Robert (Actor, Mr & Mrs Murder (2013))
Stephen Roberto (Self, Professional Shooto 11/12 (2016))
Robert Stephen Ford (Self, Notre histoire est politique (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XX) (Assistant Director, Knock (2014))
Stephen Roberts (VI) (Camera Department, Blindness (2008))
Robert Stephen (I) (Sound Department, Time Commanders (2003))
Stephen Roberts (XIX) (Actor, Cornwyth (2010))
Stephen Robertson (VI) (Animation Department, The Simpsons (1989))
Stephen Roberts (XI) (Cinematographer, The Cleanists (2013))
Stephen Roberts (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Intruders (2015))
Stephen Roberts (XIII) (Camera Department, Pintauro Road (2010))
Robert L. Stephen (Art Department, The Nutty Professor (1996))
Stephen Robertson (VII) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Stephen Robertson (IV)
Robert Stephen Doan
Stephen Roberts (XXII) (Producer, Table for Three (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XVII) (Soundtrack, Poseidon (2006))
Stephen Roberts (IX) (Actor, Save the Last Dance 2 (2006))
Stephen Roberts (V) (Visual Effects, Dark Harvest (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XVI) (Self, Surely Some Mistake (1997))
Stephen A. Roberts (Editorial Department, Showdown (1993))
Robert Stephen Ryan (Actor, Son of the Beach (2000))
Robert Stephen (II) (Miscellaneous, Helioscape (2008))
Stephen Robert Stein
Stephen Robertson (III) (Visual Effects, Total Recall (2012))
Stephen Roberts (VII) (Special Effects, Firestar: First Contact (1991))
Robert Stephen (III) (Actor, Romeos & Juliets (2012))
Stephen Roberts (X) (Miscellaneous, The Host (2013))
Robert Stephen Brode (Writer, Sing While You Dance (1946))
Stephen Roberts (XXV) (Actor, Overlanders (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XXVI) (Self, 2017 Allstate Sugar Bowl (2017))
Stephen Roberts (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Magic Door (2007))
Stephen Roberts (XXI)
Stephen Roberts (XVIII) (Self, The Much Loved Music Show (1978))
Stephen McRoberts (Actor, Winner Takes All (1998))
Stephen Robertson (VIII) (Actor, Sublimate (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XIV) (Assistant Director, Knock (2014))
Stephen Robert Baker (Sound Department, The Fairytale Syndrome (2015))
Stephen Roberts (XXIII) (Camera Department, Jinxed (2016))
Stephen Roberts (XII) (Self, That's Gotta Hurt (2007))
Robert Stephen (IV) (Actor, Tracy (2017))
Stephen Robertson (V) (Miscellaneous, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006))
Stephen B. Robertson (Editorial Department, Helix (2015))
Stephen Roberts (XV) (Producer, Guitar Center Sessions (2010))
Stephen Robertson (II) (Writer, The Bottle (2013))
Robert D'Onston Stephenson (Self, Biography (1987))
Robert Stephen Earnest
Jason Robert Stephens (Producer, Decay (1998))
Brian Robert Stephenson
Paul Robertson Stephens (Miscellaneous, Iron Maiden: En Vivo! (2012))
Kyle Roberto Stephen-Lett (Art Department, The Death of Stalin (2017))
Stephen Hastie Robertson (Writer, Fantasy Island (1977))
Robert Stephen Hawker (Writer, The Ship (2016))
Stephen Robert Moorhead (Actor, Sweet Hearts Dance (1988))
Stephen Hanna (I) (Actor, Center Stage (2000))
Ty Roberts (I) (Producer, The Iron Orchard (2018))
Rob Mallard (I) (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Aaron Stephens (I) (Actor, Neverwas (2005))
Robert Bizik (I) (Actor, Limitless (2011))
Robert Dunlop (I) (Self, Joey Dunlop 1952-2000 (1997))
Bob Stephens (I) (Stunts, Cape Fear (1991))
Stephen Sharp (I) (Camera Department, Deep Cover (1992))