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Stephen Bishop (II) (Actor, Moneyball (2011))
Stephen Bishop (I) (Actor, Animal House (1978))
Steven Bishop (II) (Actor, Maximum Hipfire 2 (2017))
aka "Stephen Bishop"
Stephen Kovacevitch (Soundtrack, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002))
aka "Stephen Bishop-Kovacevich"
Stephen Bishop Seely (Actor, Bugchaser (2003))
Stephen Bishop (VIII) (Composer, We Are All Explorer Fish (2016))
Steven Erik Bishop (Stunts, Scooby-Doo (2002))
aka "Stephen Bishop"
Stephen Bishop (IV) (Producer, Deadtime (2012))
Stephen Bishop (VI) (Actor, Kampout (2017))
Stephen Bishop (IX) (Music Department, The Powers That Be (1992))
Stephen Bishop (V) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Stephen Bishop (III) (Art Department, The Informers (2008))
Stephen Bise (Cinematographer, Chicken Wire Boundaries (2012))
Stephen Bisland (Actor, Squadron 42 (2020))
Will Bishop-Stephens (Animation Department, Two Films About Loneliness (2014))
Stephen Ladd Bishop (Soundtrack, Saw (2004))
Stephen G. Bishop (Make Up Department, Across the Universe (2007))
aka "Stephen Bishop"
Stephon Bishop (Actor, Memories of a Breakup (2017))
Stephen Biskup (Self, Good Mythical Morning (2012))
Stephen Bisaccia (Director, Acts of Contrition (2019))
Bishop Stephen Robson (Self, Margaret Sinclair: The Untold Story (2014))
Stephen Sykes (Self, Horizon (1964))
Stephen Lowe (III) (Self, The Big Questions (2007))

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