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David St. Louis (I) (Actor, Supergirl (2015))
Louis St. Louis (Music Department, Grease (1978))
Louis Lou (II) (Director, Super M (2015))
Lisette St. Louis (Actress, Cyberchase (2002))
St. Louis (Actor, You've Got to Walk It Like You Talk It or You'll Lose That Beat (1971))
Louis Lombardi (I) (Actor, 24 (2001))
Carrie St. Louis (Actress, Elementary (2012))
Louis St. Denis (Miscellaneous, Dead Rising 2 (2010))
Louis St-Pierre (II) (Writer, Miss. Blue (2015))
Sean St. Louis (II) (Producer, Happy Hour (2017))
David St. Louis (II) (Camera Department, Schitt's Creek (2015))
Brad St. Louis (Self, 2000 NFL Draft (2000))
Johann St-Louis (II) (Writer, Man Lost World )
Stephanie St Louis (I) (Actress, Kidnapped (2012))
Louis St-Pierre (I) (Actor, Le révolutionnaire (1965))
Dave St. Louis (Camera Department, Incorporated (2016))
Brian St. Louis (II) (Actor, Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours (2014))
Johann St-Louis (I) (Actor, I'm Not There (2007))
Norbert St. Louis (Self, Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993))
Brian St. Louis (I) (Actor, The Folklorist (2012))
Sean St. Louis (I)
Sylvia Toy St. Louis (II)
Steve St. Louis (Location Management, The Lookout (2007))
Jesse St. Louis (Actor, Fallaway (2019))
Julie St-Louis (Stunts, Killjoys (2015))
Sylvia Toy St. Louis (I) (Actress, Voice: a performance art movie (2017))
Louis Lou (I) (Visual Effects, Ghosts of Old Shanghai (2011))
Louis Lo (III) (Producer, Shades of Rogue (2014))
Louis Lo (I) (Producer, Where Is My Mind? (2017))
Louis Lo (II) (Actor, Buck Wild (2009))
Anna St. Louis (Actress, Mudjackin' (2013))
Lucy St Louis (Actress, Beauty and the Beast (2017))
Al St. Louis (Actor, Alphas (2011))
Martin St. Louis (Self, Hockey Night in Canada (1952))
Louis Lourens (Actor, Person of Interest (2011))
Louis Lovett (Actor, Showbands (2005))
Alexander St. Louis (Actor, Black Donnellys (2017))
Louis Loon (Actor, None But the Lonely Spy (1964))
Louis Loutz (Actor, Le Chant des Fauves (2016))
Louis Love (I)
Louis Louw (Make Up Department, Koringberg (2013))
Louis Love (II) (Self, Vault Holiday: I Can't Afford to Leave You (2014))
Louis Louc (Make Up Department, La vérité sur Bébé Donge (1952))
Louis Lowy (Director, Cruel and Usual (2008))
Alicia St. Louis (Actress, Shades of Gray (2014))
Dylan St. Louis Montgomery (Actor, One of Them Days: Lanford Black (2016))
Natacha St Louis (Producer, A Woman of His Own (2018))
Art St. Louis
Cardinals Shortstop St. Louis
France St. Louis (Actress, Les Boys III (2001))
Isabelle St-Louis (Costume Department, Summer House (2008))
Louis St-André (Actor, Scoop IV (1995))
Cinema St. Louis
François St-Louis
Nicole St-Louis (Art Department, Le fils de Jean (2016))
Louis-Philippe St-Arnault
Dorothy St. Louis (Actress, The Realtor (2004))
Hubert St-Louis Lalonde (Miscellaneous, He's Out There (2018))
Marc St. Louis (Actor, Hors les murs (2012))
Boswell St. Louis (Self, Mäki Moore maailmanmestaruus (1962))
Angie St. Louis (Costume Department, Gamekillers (2006))
Yves St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Show: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty (2004))
Kenny St Louis (Sound Department, Til' Death (2016))
Helene St. Louis (Actress, The Eyes of the Totem (1927))
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (Music Department, Great Performances (1971))
Karine St. Louis (Actress, Streets of Vengeance (1988))
Soleil St. Louis (Actress, Choices )
Myriam St-Louis (Costume Department, Punisher: War Zone (2008))
Keith St. Louis (Actor, Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire (2002))
Molly St. Louis (Editorial Department, A Case of Blue )
Geneviève St-Louis (Actress, Contre toute espérance (2007))
Philippe St-Louis (Miscellaneous, The Forbidden Room (2015))
Rhyan St. Louis (Actress, Killer Instinct: From the Files of Agent Candice DeLong (2003))
Louis St. Romain (Producer, Free Spirits (2011))
Jean-Olivier St-Louis (Actor, Quand nous nous sommes rencontrés (2007))
Victor St. Louis (Actor, Bazodee (2016))
Justin C. St. Louis (Actor, Ragged Isle (2011))
Anne St-Louis (Visual Effects, Franco-boom en Alberta (2015))
Louis St. Clair (Writer, Wanted (2005))
Dan St. Louis (Actor, The Projectionist (2008))
Chris St. Louis (Actor, How to Be a Startup in 21 Days (2016))
Chuck St. Louis
Josephine St. Louis (Actress, Dreams of Darkness (2018))
Tishan St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Adam Richman's Fandemonium (2013))
Tanya St. Louis (Actress, Privilege Unhinged (2017))
Avatar St. Louis (Director, Hola, Flamenco (2012))
Erikah St. Louis (Actor, Boomerang Kids (2013))
Etienne St-Louis (Composer, Cloverleaf (2012))
Morgan St Louis (Composer, Concours de circonstance (2003))
Fabienne St. Louis (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Dominique St-Louis (Producer, Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie (2010))
Shane St Louis (Actor, Console (2013))
St. Louis Cardinals (Actor, Death on the Diamond (1934))
Robert St. Louis (Actor, Mary's Buttons (2012))
Michael Benjamin St Louis (Cinematographer, The Carib Asian Cookery Show (2015))
James St. Louis (Art Department, Prince of Persia (1989))
Christie St. Louis (Make Up Department, Surprise, Surprise!!! (2014))
Christine St. Louis (Make Up Department, 7th & Love (2017))
Oriella St. Louis (Actress, Ticker (2018))
Louis St. Romain
Nadine St-Louis (Self, Colours From Outer Space (2018))
Ronald St. Louis (Actor, The Realtor (2004))
Marvin St. Louis (Actor, Island Secrets: Caribbean (2010))
Antoine St-Louis
St Louis Armand (Actor, The Consequence )
Mikaël St. Louis-Ratté (Actor, Ent'Cadieux (1993))
Sandy St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Frontline/World (2002))
Dominic St-Louis (Actor, Starbuck (2011))
Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Aaron St. Louis (Editor, Ollie the Boy Who Became What He Ate (2017))
Patrick St-Louis
Ray St. Louis (Camera Department, The Gentleman Grochowski Show (2017))
St. Louis Hoofers Club (Self, Star Search (1983))
Candy St. Louis (Actress, Beyoncé: Partition (2013))
Louis-Julien St-André (Miscellaneous, Le fils de Jean (2016))
Jean St. Louis (Actress, The Chicago Conspiracy Trial (1970))
Ron St. Louis (Actor, Dreams of Darkness (2018))
St. Louis Jimmy (Soundtrack, Eric Clapton: One More Car, One More Rider - Live on Tour 2001 (2002))
Jay St. Louis (Location Management, Inception (2010))
Johann St.-Louis (Actor, The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One (2009))
Jean-Pierre St-Louis (Cinematographer, La vie, la vie (2001))
Rebecca St. Louis (Actress, Secret Agent Man (2000))
Léandra St-Louis (Production Manager, Shift (2012))
Marie St Louis (Make Up Department, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Davis St. Louis
Francis St-Louis (Editor, Like It (2015))
Jay St-Louis (Actor, Les trois petits cochons: La crise porcine (2010))
Huguette St. Louis
Louise Perron St-Louis (Producer, Heavy Metal 2000 (2000))
Louis St. Amadio (Producer, Deathwatch (2012))
Joseph St. Louis (Actor, Dancin': It's On! (2015))
Dean St. Louis (Writer, The Sixth (2011))
Luc St-Louis (Cinematographer, Dérapages (2012))
Vincent Séguin-St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Odysseo by Cavalia (2015))
Rhavere St. Louis (Actor, Justice: By Any Means (2015))
Dallas St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Tukiki and His Search for a Merry Christmas (1979))
Sydney St. Louis (Location Management, Masterminds (1997))
Frank St. Louis (Producer, Roe (2010))
Louis St. Laurent (Self, Royal Journey (1951))
All St. Louis Filmmakers
Anick St-Louis (Miscellaneous, Chiefs (2002))
Richard St. Louis (Actor, The Bondage Master (1998))
William St-Louis (Actor, Les Pays d'en Haut (2016))
Tony St. Louis (Actor, Wonderful (2018))
Leandra St-Louis (Miscellaneous, Inspector Gadget (2015))
James St-Louis (Camera Department, Je t'aime à mort (2014))
Marie St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Eastwood After Hours: Live at Carnegie Hall (1997))
Mario St-Louis (Make Up Department, X-Men: Apocalypse (2016))
Betty Wedman-St. Louis (Self, Swallow This! Navigating the Dietary Supplement Industry (2010))
Anik St-Louis
Adrian St. Louis (Director, Wild Nothing (2013))
Randy St. Louis (Camera Department, Out of Hand (2018))
Harry Louis Lopez (Actor, Comeback Kid (2018))
Chris Louis (Actor, The Single Life (2018))
Louis-Louise Kay (Composer, Trois secondes et demie (2012))
Julie St.Louis
Ernest Louis (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 10 (1913))
Louis Lotorto (Actor, You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Fashion Party (1999))
Denis Louis (Camera Department, Le passé (2013))
Louis Lowell (Actor, Small White House (1990))
Louis Louvel (Actor, Jue di tao wang (2016))
Louis Lopardi (Composer, W.E.B. DU BOIS: A MAN for ALL TIMES )
Louis London (II)
Louis Loutsis (Location Management, Vengeance (2019))
Louis Lopez (II) (Actress, The Wronged One (2010))
Louis Loria (Casting Department, Judy Berlin (1999))
François Louis (Music Department, Not Reconciled (1965))
Louis Lorenzo (I) (Actor, Instant Justice (1986))
Louis Lovas (Sound Department, Heron's Story (2008))
Louis Lozeau (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Louis Lorentz (Director, Black Velvet Starr (2010))
Louis Logic (Composer, Thru 25 (2013))
Louis Lovell (Art Department, Gabriel & Me (2001))
Louis Lorsy (Actor, Chouchou poids plume (1932))
Louis Lozano (Actor, Caged Fury (1990))
Louis Lowry (Self, The Electric Valley (1983))
Louis Lobaton (Camera Department, Ground Control (1998))
Louis Lorenzo (II) (Location Management, Girl (1998))
Louis Lourmais
Louis Lorenzo (III) (Actor, Nani (2016))
Louis Lochte (Producer, Local 2 News (2010))
Louis London (I) (Producer, Womanhood (1934))
Louis Lopez (I) (Actor, I Love You, But (1998))
Louis LoVallo (Actor, All Quiet on the Homefront (2017))
Louis Lomax (Actor, The Danny Thomas Hour (1967))
Louis Lopez (III) (Miscellaneous, The First 48 (2004))
Jean-Louis Loca (Actor, David Nolande (2006))
Louis Lombardi (III)
François-Louis Delfolie (Costume Department, Inception (2010))
Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin (Actress, My King (2015))
Louis Lombardi (II) (Miscellaneous, Redneck Island (2012))
Jean Louis Lods (Miscellaneous, BabyVision (1990))
Pierre Louis Loury (Editorial Department, En mille morceaux (2018))
Jean-Louis Lopez (Actor, Equal Impact (1995))
Louis Lombardo (I) (Special Effects, Bingo (1974))
Pierre-Louis Lourry (Editor, Il neige ici aussi (2013))
Jared Louis Lovett (Sound Department, The Lion )
Jean-Louis Locas (Self, Cirque du Soleil: Kooza (2008))
Louis Lourdain-Torre
Francois Louis (Self, The Devil's Horn (2016))

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