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Simon Templeman (Actor, Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003))
Simon Temple (IV) (Director, The Passing (2012))
Simon Temple (II) (Director, Übermensch (2009))
Simon Temple (III) (Camera Department, Adrift (2018))
Simon Temple (I) (Actor, Number One, Longing. Number Two, Regret (2004))
Simon Temple (V) (Cinematographer, Magic in Our Hands (2014))
Simon Temple (VI) (Camera Department, Yellow is Forbidden (2018))
Jon Templeman (Miscellaneous, Moving Pictures (2009))
Simon J.S. Templeman
Jason Templeman (Writer, Ascendancy (1995))
Jefferson Templeman (Actor, Slender (2016))
Sharon Templeman (Costume Designer, Blackstone (2009))

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