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Howard Shore (I) (Music Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Dre Howard (Actor, Maxwell Street Market/what Ever Happen to Jew-town (2018))
Mare Howard (Self, The 32nd Annual Tony Awards (1978))
Howard Shore (III) (Self, Dream Team (1997))
Andre Howard (Actor, Nothing But a Thang (2007))
Diedre Howard (Make Up Department, Permanent Beauty (2014))
Claire Howard (I) (Actress, Golden Girl (1951))
Claire Howard (III) (Actress, KNFR from 7:00-7:30 (2012))
Claire Howard (II) (Actress, Twisted Souls (1992))
Andrée Howard (Miscellaneous, Woman to Woman (1947))
Clare Howard (II)
Clare Howard (I) (Miscellaneous, Gandhi (1982))
K. Theodore Howard (Actor, Far Out Man (1990))
Elanore Howard (Actress, The Children Who Cheated the Nazis (2000))
Howard Short (Self, House of Carols (1958))
Florence Howard (II) (Actress, Allure (2018))
DeAndre Howard-King (Self, Sundance Directors Lab (2009))
Holly Claire Howard (Actress, The Secret Life of Clowns (2004))
Howard Morehead (Camera Department, Wattstax (1973))
Howard Moorehead (Miscellaneous, Ray (2004))
Meade Howard Horton (Self, This Is Your Life (1952))
Florence Howard (I) (Actress, Mrs. Parkington (1944))
James Howard Horn (Miscellaneous, Scarecrow (1973))
Thordis Howard (Costume Department, Pretty the Series (2010))
The Howard Smith Orchestra (Self, The Garry Moore Show (1950))
Howard Shore and His All Nurse Band (Self, Saturday Night Live (1975))
The Saturday Night Live Band (Music Department, Live from New York! (2015))

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