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Peg Shirley (Actress, The Night Is Young (2015))
Shirley Patterson (I) (Actress, Batman (1943))
Shirley Prestia (Actress, Species (1995))
Shirley Pelle (Actress, Escape from Angola (1976))
Shirley Pepke (Self, BD2K: Big Data to Knowledge (2018))
Shirley Peek (Make Up Department, The Small House at Allington (1960))
Shirley Peart (Actress, Who Mourns for Elfreda Jarrett? (2003))
Shirley Perez (Cinematographer, GIrls Got Game (2014))
Shirley Peel (Production Designer, EastEnders (1985))
Shirley Pugh (Actress, The Butler (2013))
Shirley Puig (Actor, Family Tree (1987))
Shirley Putt (Actress, The Maori Merchant of Venice (2002))
Shirley Polen (Actress, Chasing the Green (2009))
Shirley Price (Producer, RBUK (2019))
Shirley Pike (Make Up Department, The White Stuff (2015))
Shirley Paul (Producer, Bob the Builder: Big Dino Dig (2011))
Shirley Posey (Costume Department, An International Love Story (2011))
Shirley Payne (I) (Actress, Rumors of Wars (2014))
Shirley Polak (Self, Actors Entertainment (2009))
Shirley Pas (Actress, Bat Yam - New York (1995))
Shirley Pope (Director, 999 (1992))
Shirley Press (Self, Cover Story (2018))
Shirley Pun (Producer, Unacceptable (2011))
Shirley Pine (Actor, Bridges (2014))
Shirley Palma (Actress, Taguan (1996))
Shirley Paver (Actress, One of Those Days (2008))
Shirley Payne (II) (Self, Deaners (2016))
Shirley Park
Shirley Page (Costume Department, Miss Tatlock's Millions (1948))
Shirley Panek (Actress, The American Werewolf Project (2014))
Shirley Pass (Self, Animal Cops: Philadelphia (2008))
Shirley Pyle (Make Up Department, Rage Room )
Shirley Petrich (Self, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (2000))
Shirley Petchprapa (Cinematographer, Tuesday (2009))
Shirley Pearlman (III)
Shirley Pence Gamber (Miscellaneous, Sound and Fury (2000))
Shirley Perich (Actress, Small Beautiful Hands (2005))
Shirley Person (Actress, Mary Proud (2006))
Shirley Pearce (II) (Self, Granny's Got Game (2013))
Shirley Pearlman (II)
Shirley Peterson (I) (Writer, Windows (1955))
Shirley Perratto (Actress, The Prince and the Nature Girl (1965))
Shirley Pettigrew (Actor, Williams Body (2012))
Shirley Perello (Self, 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup (2015))
Shirley Pearce (I) (Casting Director, Fatal Bond (1991))
Shirley Perkins (Actress, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1979))
Shirley Pereira (Miscellaneous, Horizon (1964))
Shirley Pedersen (Transportation Department, Return of the Pendragon (2017))
Shirley Peterson (II) (Self, The American Dream (2017))
Shirley Pearlman (I)
Shirley Phelps-Roper (Self, Judgment Day )
Shirley Pfenning (Actress, Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (1999))
Shirley Parker (I) (Actress, Mission Mars (1968))
Shirley Pierce (II) (Writer, Dinosaur (2000))
Shirley Palmer (I) (Actress, Somewhere in Sonora (1933))
Shirley Povich (Thanks, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1998))
Jannett Shirley-Paul
Shirley Pacheco (Producer, Helena (2018))
Shirley Page-Raudet (Actress, Quatre éléments: Terre (1999))
Shirley Patterson (V)
Shirley Pasqual (Visual Effects, Seductive Shadows (2015))
Shirley Pierce (III) (Costume Department, The Evictors (1979))
Shirley Padgett (Make Up Department, Blade Runner (1982))
Shirley Proctor (Miscellaneous, Apocalypto (2006))
Shirley Polykoff (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Shirley Parsonnet (Costume Designer, Swiss Family Robinson: Lost in the Jungle (2000))
Shirley Pierce (I) (Actress, Hero (1992))
Shirley Painter (Actress, The Regulars (2017))
Shirley Powell (III)
Shirley Python (Actress, Foul Play (1978))
Shirley Porter (Self, World in Action (1963))
Shirley Pilkington (Self, Kicking & Screaming (1995))
Shirley Powell (IV) (Actress, Venial (2014))
Shirley Patten (Actress, The Seed (2008))
Shirley Paghiligan (Miscellaneous, Survivor Philippines (2008))
Shirley Parham (Self, Liberty, Friends, and the Pursuit of Education (2008))
Shirley Pinedo (Actress, De erfenis (2004))
Shirley Phillips (I)
Shirley Palacio (Actress, Magtago ka o lumaban (1996))
Shirley Purves (Self, On the Scent of the Baskerville Hound (1989))
Shirley Prongs (Cinematographer, Vayehi Or (2011))
Shirley Pinczewski (Actress, Soulless (2018))
Shirley Pickton (Producer, Famiglia and Friends (2008))
Shirley Poliakoff (Actress, Petrocelli (1974))
Shirley Patterson (III) (Actress, The Forsyte Saga (1967))
Shirley Powell (I) (Miscellaneous, Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (2000))
Shirley Povilaites (Actress, Doutora é Muito Viva (1956))
Shirley Purdie (Actress, The Warriors (2017))
Shirley Palmieri (Producer, Taste (2016))
Shirley Poterman (Actress, Yaldei Ha-Yam Ha'adom (2005))
Shirley Pfennig (Casting Department, Ojos que no ven (2003))
Shirley Pizarro (Miscellaneous, I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nApo sila! (2012))
Shirley Phillips (II) (Self, ITV Weekend News (1955))
Shirley Parker (II) (Miscellaneous, Number 96 (1972))
Shirley Patterson (IV) (Actress, The Sound of Midnight (2011))
Shirley Powell (II) (Actress, Nancy Goes to Rio (1950))
Shirley Patterson (VI)
Shirley Poulter (Editorial Department, Seeing Things (1981))
Shirley Pritchard
Shirley Palmer (II) (Music Department, The Benny Hill Show (1958))
Shirley Patterson (II) (Camera Department, Fast Money (1996))
Shirley Palileo-Evidente (Miscellaneous, Sa isang sulok ng mga pangarap (1994))
Nicola Shirley-Philipps (Self, A Taste of Marley (2018))
Shirley Prairie Chicken (Actor, Spirit of the Bluebird (2011))
Shirley Puiyan Cheung (Miscellaneous, Murder Music: Black Metal (2007))

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