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Sarah Delgado (Actress, Jane the Virgin (2014))
Sarah De La Isla (Actress, Mono (2016))
Sarah Deline (I) (Miscellaneous, House at the End of the Street (2012))
Sarah De Lao (Director, The Bachelorette (2003))
Sarah Delpizzo (Actress, The Pet Peeve Police (2017))
Sarah Delima (Actress, Patrimony (2011))
Sarah Deluca (Costume Department, Lionel's Got Some Trouble Coming His Way (2013))
Sarah Deline (II) (Editorial Department, The Monster (2016))
Sarah Delaney (I) (Camera Department, Small Time Obsession (2000))
Sarah DeLane (Self, Journey to the Sky (2004))
Sarah Delaney (II) (Actress, Purge (2010))
Sarah Delforge (Actress, Fagus (2016))
Sarah DeLuna (Animation Department, How It Should Have Ended (2005))
Sarah Delooz (Miscellaneous, Munich (2005))
Sarah Delver (Actress, Section de recherches (2006))
Sarah Delano (Animation Department, My Big Brother (2014))
Sarah DeLaet (Make Up Department, My Twin from Dimension 22 (2015))
Sarah del Rio (Actor, Yorktown (2017))
Sarah de Lauro (Casting Department, Não Se Aceitam Devoluções (2018))
Sarah Delfgou (Actress, The Comic Strip Presents... (1982))
Sarah Delija (Self, Die große Chance (2011))
Sarah Delorme (II) (Production Manager, Die kleine Benimmschule 3 (2008))
Sarah Delorme (I) (Actress, Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants (2004))
Sarah de Lange (Self, Pownews (2010))
Sarah Delucci
Sarah Delevan (Self, TakePart Live (2013))
Sarah Deller (Self, The Outer Edges (2013))
Sarah Delson (Actress, Commander USA's Groovie Movies (1985))
Sarah de Leon (Producer, Chompy & The Girls (2018))
Sarah Delucchi (Visual Effects, Godzilla (2014))
Sarah Delvigne (Costume Designer, The Adventures of Suzy Boon (2014))
Deboarah Delbianco (Miscellaneous, David & Layla (2005))
Sarah Delahanty (Actress, Close to Home (1975))
Sarah del Ricci (I) (Actor, Devil in Jersey (2014))
Sarah De Lisle Wells (Actress, Lead Me to the Dark (2015))
Zarah Del Rosario (Producer, Video Game Catz (2016))
Sarah Delamarter (Actress, Owenstory (2004))
Sarah Deloraya (Producer, Condo (2008))
Sarah Dellinges (Actor, The Good Soldier (2013))
Sarah Del Rosario (Actress, Thelma (2011))
Sarah Delacruz (Actress, Firewater (2016))
Sarah Delauney (Actress, Alive (2004))
Sarah Del Seronde (Producer, Making the River (2008))
Sarah Delfausse (Actress, Me, Myself & Irene (2000))
Sarah Delguste (Visual Effects, What Happened to Monday (2017))
Sarah Dela Cruz (Costume Department, The Fighting Chefs (2013))
Sarah Delaunay
Sarah Delmonte (Actress, Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters (2011))
Sarah Dela Fuente (Actress, Bullets Blades and Blood (2018))
Sarah de la Isla
Sarah Delvecchio
Sarah del Ricci (II) (Actor, The King's Highway (2016))
Sarah Dell'Amico (Actress, Black Magic (2017))
Sarah Del Ricci (Actress, Choices (2013))
Sarah de Lancelle (Art Department, Risk (2000))
Rebecca Sarah Delaney (Actress, Medias Res (2018))
Sar Ahmadiel Ben Yehuda (Self, 3 Days in Dimona (2011))