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Samantha Ward (I) (Make Up Department, Lights Out (2016))
Samantha Winston (Writer, Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries (2019))
Samantha Ward (XII) (Actress, Insomnia (2016))
Samantha Ward (XV)
Samantha Ward (III) (Actress, Windrider (1986))
Samantha Ward (VI)
Samantha Ward (IV) (Producer, Cut (2010))
Samantha Ward (II) (Art Department, The Thin Red Line (1998))
Samantha Ward (VII)
Samantha Ward (XIV) (Actress, The Seven (2019))
Samantha Ward (XVI)
Samantha Ward (X)
Samantha Ward (VIII)
Samantha Ward (V) (Director, Inglorious Mind (2012))
Samantha Ward (IX) (Actress, Home and Away (1988))
Samantha Ward (XIII)
Samantha Winslow (Actress, Medical Center (1969))
Samantha Winter (II) (Producer, Aperture (2018))
Samantha Winter (I) (Production Manager, Curfew (2019))
Samantha Winsor (Actor, Cross My Heart (2016))
Samantha Winter (IV) (Assistant Director, Kill Al (2018))
Samantha Winter (V) (Actress, Pamela (2019))
Samantha Winnicki (Actress, River City Panic (2015))
Samantha Winakor (Miscellaneous, The Deed (2017))
Samantha Winter (VI) (Camera Department, Set Me Free: Retribution (2019))
Samantha Windle (Producer, We Three (1997))
Samantha Wingo
Samantha Winter (III) (Producer, Hearts That Cross Borders (2017))
Samantha Winstanley (Actress, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (2002))
Merete Samantha Wingaard (Actress, Rapsodi i Rødt (2016))
Samantha Warden (I) (Actress, Empire of the Sun (1987))
Samantha Wardell (Art Department, Hotel Babylon (2006))
Samantha Warden (III) (Producer, Wastedland (2009))
Samantha Warden (II) (Animation Department, The Ugly Duckling (1997))
Samantha Woodward (Actor, Audience with the Queens (2009))
Wendy Samantha Winters (Actress, The Man Who Never Had a Girlfriend (2001))
Merete Samantha Wingaard Wingaard
Sammy Winward (Actress, Emmerdale Farm (1972))

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