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Rufus Hound (Actor, Big Fat Gypsy Gangster (2011))
Rufus (I) (Actor, Amélie (2001))
Rufus (III) (Soundtrack, Mission: Impossible III (2006))
Rufus Sewell (Actor, Dark City (1998))
Alan Hale (I) (Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938))
Chaka Khan (Actress, The Blues Brothers (1980))
aka "Rufus and Chaka Khan"
Rufus Jones (I) (Actor, W1A (2014))
Rufus Wainwright (Soundtrack, Meet the Robinsons (2007))
Rufus Beck (Actor, Jimmy the Kid (1999))
Rufus Thomas (Soundtrack, This Is England (2006))
Rufus Taylor (II) (Actor, Queen & Adam Lambert Rock Big Ben Live (2015))
Rufus Norris (Director, Broken (2012))
Rufus Wright (Actor, Quantum of Solace (2008))
Rufus (XXI) (Actor, Dumbo (2019))
Rufus Read (Actor, Happiness (1998))
Rufus (VI) (Actor, Time Teens: The Beginning (2015))
Rufus (XVI) (Actor, Venus vs. Mars (2015))
Rufus (IV) (Actor, Spürnase, Fährtensau & Co. (2014))
Rufus (XVIII) (Self, Numero. Elämää mitta-asteikolla 0-10 (2007))
Rufus (XIII)
Rufus (II) (Actor, Infinity Chamber (2016))
Rufus (VII) (Actor, The Filthy Frank Show (2011))
Rufus (XI) (Actor, Cat Scratch (2012))
Rufus (XIV) (Actor, Doctor Dolittle (1967))
Rufus (XVII) (Actor, Lassie (1954))
Rufus (XII)
Rufus (XX)
Rufus (X) (Self, Sister Wives (2010))
Rufus (IX) (Actor, The Unspeakable Horrors of the Meat/Plant (2011))
Rufus (VIII) (Actor, Hollywood Confidential (2008))
Rufus Collins (I) (Actor, The Professionals (1977))
Rufus Vinall (Actor, Avengers: Endgame (2019))
Rufus Lusk (Producer, The Old Breed (2012))
Rufus Dorsey (Actor, Pearl Harbor (2001))
Rufus Baas (Actor, De 12 van Oldenheim (2017))
Rufus King-Dabbs (Actor, 4 O'Clock Club (2012))
L.A. Rufus (Writer, Hobo (2000))
Rufus Ho (Actor, Bitter Memoirs of Obsession (2004))
Scrufus (Actor, Suisaid - Chi accoppa un amico trova un tesoro (2004))
Rufus Parker (Producer, Under the Silver Lake (2018))
Rufus Swart (Actor, Space Mutiny (1988))
Tôru Furuya (I) (Actor, Paprika (2006))
Rufus Deakin (Actor, An American Werewolf in London (1981))
Rufus King (Writer, Murder at the Vanities (1934))
Rufus Rose (Visual Effects, The Blue Fairy (1958))
Rufus White (I) (Actor, Victor Frankenstein (2015))
Rufus Rosendo (Miscellaneous, Allegiant (2016))
Rufus Bird (Self, The First Georgians: The German Kings Who Made Britain (2014))
Rufus Rusanen (Actor, Salatut elämät (1999))
Rufus Crawford (Actor, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009))
Rufus Collins (II) (Actor, Joshua (2007))
Kiefer Sutherland (I) (Actor, 24 (2001))
Rufus Heikens (Camera Department, The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017))
Rufus Smith (Actor, Annie Get Your Gun (1967))
Rufus Hannah (Actor, Bumfights 3: The Felony Footage (2004))
Rufus Flow (Art Department, Warm Chicken )
Rufus Clay (Actor, Angel Force (1989))
Rufus Blad (Actor, Dra mig baklänges! (2006))
Eze Rufus (Actor, 21 and a Wake-Up (2009))
Rufus Best (Art Department, Idiocracy (2006))
Rufus O'Dea (I) (Miscellaneous, The Gangster (2009))
Rufus Blow (Visual Effects, Man of Steel (2013))
Rufus Forde (Actor, The Stranger (2011))
Rufus Wyer (Location Management, The Girl on the Train (2016))
Rufus Hine (Sound Department, The Xtra Factor (2004))
Lynx Rufus (Actress, White Rod: A Hero for the 21st Century (2004))
Rufus Reid (Music Department, Do the Right Thing (1989))
Rufus Lyle (Animation Department, Maisy (1999))
Rufus Reed (Music Department, Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014))
Rufus O'Dea (II) (Actor, Friends with Benefits (2016))
Rufus Raji (Cinematographer, Greatness 2 (2007))
Rufus May
Rufus Webb (Actor, Soul-Full (2010))
Ian Rufus (Costume Department, Bullets to Buttons (2015))
Rufus Six (Actor, Probable Cause (2020))
Rufus Bess (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Rufus Dean (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
Paco Rufus
Rufus John (Writer, Rufus: Free (2014))
Rufus Keeney (Actor, Appalachian Outlaws (2014))
Masaharu Fukuyama (Actor, Like Father, Like Son (2013))
Rufus Andrews (Location Management, Spies Like Us (1985))
Rufus Jones (II) (Actor, Impure Thoughts (1986))
Rufus Cruickshank (Actor, Kidnapped (1952))
Rufus Burns (Actor, Terrible Love (2014))
Rufus Fennell (Actor, Wings Over Africa (1936))
Rufus Tillman (I) (Writer, (Un)Rehearsed (2018))
Rufus Burnham (Producer, Casual Encounters (2016))
Rufus Jones (VII) (Actor, Robozuna (2018))
Rufus Tureen (Actor, Chaos Theory (2009))
Rufus Harley (Actor, You're a Big Boy Now (1966))
Rufus Taylor (I) (Actor, The Theory of Everything (2014))
Ben Rufus Green (Actor, Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle (2016))
Curtis Rufus (Actor, Super Hustle (2018))
Rufus Gifford (I) (Producer, Daddy Day Care (2003))
Rufus Du Sol (Soundtrack, Keanu (2016))
Rufus Oliver (Music Department, Spin (2003))
Michael Rufus (Actor, The Injured Digit (2019))
Rufus Jhonson (Sound Department, Gazelle: The Love Issue (2014))
Rufus Lewis (I) (Self, Eyes on the Prize (1987))
Rufus Tillman (II) (Writer, Drive (2019))
Rufus Dykes (Actor, Buffalo Soldiers (1997))
Rufus Dewanou (Self, Education: A Higher Calling (2011))
Rufus Rawley (Miscellaneous, The Importance of Being Earnest (2002))
Rufus McCourt (Actor, Moriarty )
Rufus Grosser
Ishmael Rufus (Composer, C-Block (2015))
Rufus Wilson (I) (Sound Department, Tanger - Legende einer Stadt (2000))
Rufus Jarman (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Rufus Cohen (II) (Actor, Mountain Music of Peru (1984))
Rufus Gavin (Music Department, Kyoto: A Journey Inside (2016))
Rufus Melissa
Rufus Diamond (Miscellaneous, Panorama Blue (1974))
Rufus Johnson (Actor, Jerry Springer (1991))
Rufus Green (Miscellaneous, I.C.U. (2009))
Rufus Graham (Actor, Charlie (2014))
Rufus Wakeman (Self, State of Denial (2019))
Rufus Barnes (Actor, Sebastiane (1976))
Rufus McCosh (Writer, Burning Daylight (1928))
Rufus Alponso (Special Effects, The Sleeping Dictionary (2003))
Rufus Lakin (Actor, Eight Point Five (2014))
Rufus Schell (Art Department, Cellphone (2013))
Rufus Collins (V)
Rufus Carson (Art Department, Death Sentence (2007))
Rufus Cameron (Actor, Magnum Opus (2018))
Rufus Wilson (II) (Writer, The Little Swan (2017))
Rufus Collins (III)
Rufus Arroyo (Sound Department, Like a Virgin (2008))
Rufus Beecham (Actor, Wind Across the Everglades (1958))
Rufus Blair (Miscellaneous, The Facts of Life (1960))
Rufus Bohez (Camera Department, Du bout des lèvres (1976))
Richard Rufus (Self, Dream Team (1997))
Rufus Bingham
Rufus Buzzard
Rufus Cleare Jr. (Actor, Lenny (1974))
Rufus Hurt Jr. (Actor, Braingames (1983))
Rufus Chaffee (Writer, The Muse (2014))
Toru Fushimi (Miscellaneous, Gêmu bôi gyararî 2 (1997))
Rufus Mazyck (Actor, Here I Am (2010))
Rufus Gleeson (Art Department, Knight Club (2001))
Rufus Gifford (II) (Self, I am the Ambassador (2014))
Rufus Cohen (I) (Animation Department, Doug (1991))
Rufus Best Jr. (Art Department, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995))
Rufus Exton (Director, Professor Green Unseen (2011))
Rufus Bakker (Art Department, Silk Road (2017))
El Gran Rufus (Self, Mi reino por un caballo (2010))
Claudio Rufus (Actor, Escoriandoli (1996))
Rufus Griscom (II) (Self, Red Star Line (2013))
Rufus Barner (Self, 11/4/08 (2010))
Melissa Rufus (I) (Actress, Anthro (2014))
Rufus Daniels (Self, The Best of: BlacksInActionTV.Com (2010))
Rufus T. Cash (Actor, Holy Rollin': The True Life Story of Poplar Creek Church of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost (2006))
Rufus Miller (Actor, Down to Earth (2000))
Rufus Paisley (II) (Director, Aterue: the singers from elsewhere (2019))
Rufus Jones (V)
Rufus Tanner (Producer, Alan Carr's New Year Specstacular (2015))
Frankie Rufus
Rufus Ireland (Self, The Real Amityville Horror (2005))
Rufus Collins (VI)
Rufus Ambler (Sound Department, AMS Secrets (2019))
Melissa Rufus (II) (Actress, Anthro (2014))
Rufus Allan (II)
Rufus Collis (Visual Effects, Sean Garnier vs. the World (2016))
Rufus Jones (IV) (Cinematographer, Micah's Song (2010))
Rufus Baker (Editorial Department, Glitch (2018))
Rufus Hussey (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Rufus Cooper (II) (Production Designer, MLK JR. Boulevard (2018))
Cherish Rufus (Miscellaneous, True Tales (2013))
George Rufus (Production Manager, Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003))
Rufus Howard (Self, 1980 American Bodybuilding Championship (1980))
Rufus Morris (Producer, Prodigal (2019))
Rufus Martin (Art Department, 'Tis Pity She's Not Yours (2017))
Damien Rufus (Miscellaneous, Parallax (2012))
Rufus Flack (Animation Department, New Art Academy (2012))
Rufus Herrick (Art Department, Dream No Evil (1970))
Rufus Steele (Writer, The Eagle's Wings (1916))
Rufus Allan (I)
Rufus Griscom (I) (Self, SexTV (1998))
Rufus Hinton (Cinematographer, Save the Children (1973))
Jason Rufus (Editor, Psychotic (2016))
Jessica Rufus (Editorial Department, Heaven's a Drag (1994))
Juliana Rufus (Self, Unreported World (2000))
Timothy Rufus (Sound Department, Outsourced (2006))
Rufus Collins (IV) (Actor, After the Wedding (2019))
Rufus Hegeman (Actor, Kinderen geen bezwaar (2004))
Daja Rufusova (Actress, Inochi no biza (1992))
Rufus Yerxa (Actor, Health for Sale (2007))
Rufus Burnam (Camera Department, Monster's Ball (2001))
Rufus Henry (Writer, Kraft Theatre (1947))
Freeman Rufus
J. Rufus Caleb (Writer, Benny's Place (1982))
Rufus Bradley (Actor, It's a Bike (1983))
Rufus Jones (III) (Self, Tavis Smiley (2004))
Rufus de Rham (Actor, A Still Drift (2013))
Rufus Bennett (Self, This Is Automat (2002))
Rufus Dayglo (Animation Department, The Three-Legged Cat (1994))
Rufus Dawson (Actor, Inadmissible Evidence (1968))
Rufus McCain (Self, Escape from Alcatraz: The True Stories! (1997))
Rufus F. Folkks
Rufus White (III)

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