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Roy Clark (II) (Self, Hee Haw (1969))
Roydon Clark (Actor, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992))
aka "Roy Clark"
Roy Clark (III) (Camera Department, Seconds (1966))
Roy Clarke (I) (Writer, Last of the Summer Wine (1973))
Nobby Clark (I) (Camera Department, Gladiator (2000))
aka "Roy Clark"
Roy Clarke (II) (Transportation Department, Batman Begins (2005))
Roy Clark (VII) (Actor, A Bit o' Heaven (1917))
Roy Clark (X) (Cinematographer, Out There (1976))
Candy Clark (Actress, American Graffiti (1973))
Larry Clark (I) (Director, Bully (2001))
Kacey Clarke (Actress, Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010))
Emmy Clarke (Actress, My House in Umbria (2003))
Troy Clark (IV) (Actor, I Love You (2014))
Troy Clark (II) (Transportation Department, The Starter Wife (2007))
Troy Clark (III) (Actor, First Sunday (2008))
Troy Clark (V) (Actor, Sinister Sam: The Menace (2016))
Roy Clark (XII) (Stunts, The Kingsdown Redemption (2018))
Troy Clark (I) (Actor, American Reel (2003))
Roy Clark (V) (Editor, On the Right Side (1949))
Roy Clarke (VII) (Writer, Handel & vandel (1996))
Roy Clark (XI) (Producer, Just for the Fun of It! (1994))
Roy Clark (I) (Sound Department, 4 Little Girls (1997))
Roy Clarke (III)
Roy Clark (IX) (Sound Department, The Job (2013))
Roy Clarke (VI)
Roy Clark (IV) (Actor, The Great Brain (1978))
Roy Clark (VI) (Self, Pitcairn Island Today (1935))
Troy Clare (Actor, Supernatural (2005))
Sophie Kennedy Clark (Actress, Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013))
Gary Clarke (I) (Writer, Greenbriar )
Anthony Clark (I) (Actor, The Rock (1996))
Lenny Clarke (I) (Actor, Fever Pitch (2005))
Kelly Clarkson (I) (Actress, From Justin to Kelly (2003))
Bobby Clark (I) (Actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956))
Jeremy Clarkson (Thanks, Top Gear (2002))
aka "Robert Leroy Clarkson"
Barney Clark (Actor, Oliver Twist (2005))
Leroy Clark (VIII)
Leroy Clark (III) (Sound Department, Standing on Sacred Ground: Islands of Sanctuary (2013))
Leroy Clark Jr. (Actor, 'Sheba, Baby' (1975))
Troy Clarke (II) (Actor, Red White and Bluey (2017))
Leroy Clark (VII) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Troy Clarke (I) (Production Manager, House of Wax (2005))
Leroy Clark (II) (Producer, Shark (1996))
Leroy Clark (I) (Stunts, Little Ninjas (1990))
Leroy Clark (IV) (Sound Department, Call of Life (2010))
Coroy Clark
Leroy Clark (V) (Sound Department, My Night with Andrew Cunanan (2013))
Leroy Clark (VI) (Actor, Our Secrets (2012))
Gary Clark Jr. (Soundtrack, Deepwater Horizon (2016))
Roy Clary (II) (Actor, The Marriage Bed (2017))
Roy Clary (I) (Sound Department, Nashville (2007))
Larry Clarke (Actor, Sense8 (2015))
Coy Clark (Actor, Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012))
Jeremy Clark (V) (Producer, Harvest Moon )
Judy Clark (I) (Actress, Bruce Gentry (1949))
Joy Clarke (I) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Joy Clarke (II) (Self, The Cruel Cut (2013))
Joy Clark (IV) (Actress, The Throbbit (2015))
Joy Clark (II)
Joy Clark (I) (Miscellaneous, Hudson & Halls (1976))
Joy Clark (III) (Actress, Shenanigans (2016))
Winny Clarke (Actress, Almost Adults (2016))
Amy Clark (XII) (Actress, Vacation's Over )
Shirley Clarke (I) (Director, The Cool World (1963))
Emily Clarke (II) (Actress, Rise of the Footsoldier (2007))
Andy Clark (XV) (Actor, The Da Vinci Code (2006))
Jerry Clark (VII) (Actor, The Maze Runner (2014))
Brittany Clark (III) (Actress, Doctor Doctor (2016))
Gary Clark (IV) (Music Department, Sing Street (2016))
Tony Clark (XXII) (Producer, The Listener (2014))
Cordy Clark (Actress, The Hills Have Eyes (1977))
aka "Coroy Clark"
Ashby Clark (Actor, For the Lonely (2018))
Charlie May-Clark (Actress, Death Comes to Pemberley (2013))
Tommy Clarke (I) (Stunts, War for the Planet of the Apes (2017))
May Clark (Actress, A Seaside Girl (1907))
Bobby Clark (V) (Actor, Kraft Theatre (1947))
Amy Clark (VIII) (Costume Department, The Mummy (2017))
Tony Clarkin (I) (Actor, Michael Collins (1996))
Royce Clark (Actor, Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam (1986))
Tony Clark (II) (Visual Effects, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Daffany McGaray Clark (Actress, The Fosters (2013))
Ajay Clark (Producer, First Look: The Long Road Home (2017))
Gilby Clarke (Soundtrack, The Story of Us (1999))
Gabby Clarke (Actress, Odd Squad (2014))
Amyjoy Clark (Assistant Director, Half Nelson (2006))
Jay Clarke (III) (Art Department, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Roy Clair (II) (Sound Department, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: An Evening of Yes Music Plus (1994))
Roy Clair (I) (Actor, Life's Shadows (1916))
Cindy Clark (II) (Actress, Smother (2008))
Ashley Clark (IV) (Actor, Evolution (2001))
Kappel LeRoy Clark
Leroy & Clarkson (Art Department, After the First 48 (2008))
Leroy Clarkson (Art Department, 24/7 (2007))
Scotroy Clarke (Writer, The Secret Desire (2011))
Guy Clark (III) (Soundtrack, Boyhood (2014))
Jonny Clarke (I) (Actor, Hollyoaks Later (2008))
Kelly Clark (I) (Actress, Calling the Shots (1993))
Gary Clarke (III) (Cinematographer, Barbarians Rising (2016))
Larry Clark (II) (Art Department, Star Trek: Generations (1994))
Larry Clark (V) (Director, Cutting Horse (2002))
Charley Clark (I) (Actress, Dead Ringer (2018))
Stanley Clarke (I) (Composer, Boyz n the Hood (1991))
Tony Clarkson (Location Management, Sense and Sensibility (1995))
Tony Clark (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Great Buck Howard (2008))
Royce G. Clark (Soundtrack, Twice in a Lifetime (1985))
Emily Clark (XIX) (Actress, Hunter (2018))
Andy Clark (I) (Actor, Hit the Deck (1929))
Henry Clarke (III) (Actor, Just Like Her (2011))
Amy Clarke (II) (Miscellaneous, I Am Soldier (2014))
Sally Clarke (I) (Producer, Cargo (2017))
Kimberly Clark (XI) (Self, Zion (2018))
Cindy Clark (I) (Producer, Soulmates (1997))
Harvey Clark (I) (Actor, The Silver Treasure (1926))
Buddy Clark (I) (Actor, Wake Up and Live (1937))
Ashley Clark (I) (Actress, Punch-Drunk Love (2002))
Derry Clark (Self, Glutton for Punishment (2007))
Ty Clark (II)
Ty Clark (I) (Producer, Jumpshot: The Kenny Sailors Story (2018))
Cody Clarke (Sound Department, Ramekin (2017))
Tory Clark (I) (Assistant Director, The Understudy (2008))
Jay Clark (XI) (Actor, Star Trek: Intrepid (2007))
Jerry Clarke (Actor, Behind the Candelabra (2013))
Andy Clarke (VII) (Visual Effects, Lockout (2012))
Bethany Joy Clark (Self, House Hunters (1999))
Brittany Clark (I) (Actress, Apparition (2010))
Randy Clark (III) (Actor, Unknown Soldier (2004))
Tony Clarke (I) (Writer, The Truth (2014))
Bobby Clark (XII) (Actor, Star Trek Continues (2013))
Liddy Clark (Actress, Cop Shop (1977))
Tony Clark (I) (Actor, The Warriors (1979))
Roy A. Clarke (Editor, Angels (1975))
Andy Clarke (IV) (Producer, Saturday Kitchen (2006))
Toby Clark (Actor, Brazil (1985))
Harry Clark (I) (Actor, Project X (1949))
Tory Clark (II) (Actress, City of Angels (2017))
Tony Clarke (VII) (Composer, Terminal (2018))
Clemy Clarke (Director, Hollywood (2016))
Kendra Shay Clark (Casting Department, Mad Men (2007))
Jerry Clark (I) (Production Manager, Desperate Escape (2007))
Andy Clark (IX) (Animation Department, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004))
Terry Clark (VI) (Actress, Canadian Country Music Awards (1998))
Wesley Clark (V) (Writer, The Objective (2008))
Betsy Clark (I) (Actress, Repentance (2013))
Roy Clayborne (Actor, Petrocelli (1974))
Troy Clayton (I) (Actor, The Tragedy of Kim (2016))
Roy Claxton (Stunts, Speak Like a Child (1998))
Troy Clawson (Actor, Le Squatch: Master Criminal (2011))
Troy Clayton (II) (Stunts, A Burrowing Heart )
Toby Clarkson (Editor, Little Tsunamis (2017))
Audrey Clark (III) (Assistant Director, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012))
Rory Clark (I) (Writer, The Native Hue of Resolution (2013))
Christy Clark (VI)
Wesley Clark (I) (Self, Real Time with Bill Maher (2003))
Dorothy Clark (I) (Actress, Love Never Dies (1916))
Joey Clarke Jr. (Writer, Miles (in development))
Daniel Donny-Clark (Self, J-Trip Plan (2016))
Bailey Clark (XI) (Miscellaneous, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018))
Rudy Clark (II) (Soundtrack, Mean Streets (1973))
Abby Clark (I) (Miscellaneous, White Lies (2013))
Billy Clarke (I) (Actor, Hunger (2008))
Andy Clark (XXXII) (Composer, Peephole (2017))
Anthony Clark (II) (Actor, Prom Night (2008))
Rodney Clark (V) (Actor, Mercy Street (2016))
Rory Clarke (Actor, Life Through an Artist (2018))
Ramsey Clark (Self, King (1978))
Emily Clarke (VII) (Actress, Bizarre Murders (2018))
Jody Clark (I) (Actor, Waiting for Ronald (2003))
Kacy Clark (Actor, The Truth About Jane (2000))
Danny Clark (II) (Art Department, Wonder Woman (2017))
Bailey Clark (III) (Camera Department, LifeRaft (2016))
Kenny Clark (I) (Sound Department, Black Mirror (2011))
Andy Clark (XVIII) (Casting Department, One Every Minute (2011))
Courtney Clarke (III) (Actress, The Gift (2015))
Randy Clark (VIII) (Actor, Kingdom Wild (2018))
Guy Clark (II) (Director, Midwest Teen Sex Show (2007))
Sandy Clark (I) (Writer, American Scary (2006))
Guy Clark (VIII) (Self, We Were Here (2011))
Andy Clark (XII) (Miscellaneous, Past Perfect (2002))
Cary Clark (II)
Tony Clark (VIII) (Actor, Epic Rap Battles of History (2010))
Andy Clarke (XX) (Camera Department, The Coronation (2018))
Larry Clark (XII) (Actor, Send in the Clown (2006))
Gary Clark (III) (Sound Department, The Quiet Earth (1985))
Andy Clarke (XI) (Producer, Deepest Dive: The Story of the Trieste (2011))
Mandy Clark (I) (Actress, Chrono Crusade (2003))
Andy Clark (XI)
Andy Clark (XXIX) (Self, Coming Back with Wes Moore (2014))
Joey Clark (II) (Actor, Dead De La Créme (2018))
Cory Clark (Soundtrack, Book Club (2018))
Shy Clark (Make Up Department, BloodLust (2017))
Randy Clark (XII)
Abby Clark (III)
Andy Clark (XX) (Camera Department, Mother Nature (2013))
Andy Clarke (VI) (Self, Time Team (1994))
Randy Clark (IV)
Gary Clark (XVI) (Music Department, Mr. Wrong (1984))
Andy Clark (XXVII) (Camera Department, Box Walk (2014))
Andy Clark (XXXV) (Actor, Undercover Boss Canada (2012))
Andy Clarke (XII) (Sound Department, Splintered (2010))
Mandy Clark (III) (Camera Department, Jim: The James Foley Story (2016))

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