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Clifford Rose (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011))
Carrie Clifford (I) (Actress, Fun Size (2012))
Clare Clifford (I) (Actress, Miss Potter (2006))
Zane Clifford (Actor, The Stakelander (2016))
Mike Clifford (I) (Actor, Day of the Animals (1977))
Bruce Clifford (I) (Actor, Manzana's Restaurant (2012))
Reese Clifford (Miscellaneous, The Mistress Club (2000))
Kate Clifford (Actress, Behind Bars (2016))
Graeme Clifford (Editor, Don't Look Now (1973))
Joe Clifford (Actor, Regimen of Silence (2017))
Clifford Rosen (Art Department, Masterchef (1990))
Jack Rube Clifford (Actor, Sky Bandits (1940))
Chloe Clifford (Actress, The Last Don (1997))
Nicole Clifford (I) (Actress, Why Don't You Like Me? (2016))
Mike Clifford (VII) (Casting Department, Patriots Day (2016))
June Clifford (Actress, Redheads on Parade (1935))
Anjanée Worm Rose Clifford (Art Department, Nordvest (2013))
Mike Clifford (III) (Sound Department, The Making of a Superhero Musical (2015))
Cole Clifford (Actor, The Vicious Circle (2007))
DeDe Clifford
Jane Clifford (II) (Self, Expressions of Glee: Producing Gilbert & Sullivan in the 21st Century (2017))
Diane Clifford (Director, Incongruities (1996))
Irene Clifford (Actress, Age Is Just a Word (2011))
Mike Clifford (V) (Soundtrack, Those Fantastic Flying Fools (1967))
Blake Clifford (Actor, By Accident (1930))
Bruce Clifford (VIII)
Bruce Clifford (II)
M. Jane Clifford (Miscellaneous, The Ten Commandments (1956))
Bruce Clifford (X)
Anne Clifford (III) (Producer, CNN Election Night in America 2008 (2008))
Luke Clifford (Special Effects, The Troll (2015))
Jolie Clifford (Actress, #Hipsters (2013))
Jake Clifford (II) (Casting Department, The Three Day Nanny (2013))
Bruce Clifford (XII)
Steve Clifford (II) (Composer, A Band Apart (2009))
Bruce Clifford (IX) (Self, Deadliest Catch: The Bait (2013))
Bruce Clifford (XI) (Actor, Urban Trinity: The Story of Catholic Philadelphia (2015))
Steve Clifford (III)
Dave Clifford (Actor, Jail Weddings: Face of Kindness (2016))
Sue Clifford (Producer, Liminality (2014))
Marie Clifford (Actress, Backup (1995))
Alice Clifford
Bruce Clifford (III)
Kyle Clifford (Actor, Deuce of Spades (2011))
Katie Clifford (Miscellaneous, Run, Fatboy, Run (2007))
Anne Clifford (II)
Jamie Clifford (Camera Department, Crossed Lines (2007))
Jake Clifford (I) (Assistant Director, The Vanguard (2008))
Steve Clifford (IV) (Self, Circa Survive: Live at the Shrine (2014))
Steve Clifford (V) (Self, The Journey Home (1997))
Mike Clifford (II) (Producer, Out of the Woods (2006))
Mae Clifford (Animation Department, The Raccoons (1985))
Steve Clifford (I) (Camera Department, Springwatch (2005))
Bruce Clifford (V)
Anne Clifford (I) (Director, Measure for Measure (2016))
Bruce Clifford (VI)
Sadie Clifford (Miscellaneous, The Sex Doll She-Bitch (2009))
Jane Clifford (I) (Producer, Girl Crazy (2011))
Bryce Clifford (Miscellaneous, Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004))
Bruce Clifford (VII)
Bruce Clifford (IV)
Mike Clifford (IV) (Stunts, The Get-Man (1974))
Clare Clifford (II) (Camera Department, Mr. Wrong (1984))
Bruce Clifford (XIII)
Clifford Osen (Actor, The Cremation of Sam McGee: A Poem by Robert W. Service (1982))
Thomas E. Clifford (Actor, The Mysteries of Paris (1920))
Louise Clifford (I) (Actress, Suffer Little Children (1983))
Therese Clifford (Actress, Water Rats (1996))
Louise Clifford (II) (Self, When Louis Met... Max Clifford (2002))
Mary Louise Clifford
Clifford Cross (Art Department, Billy Liar (1963))
Clifford Ross (I) (Producer, Earthday Birthday (1990))
Clifford Gross (Actor, Oh, Susanna! (1936))
Clifford Ross (II) (Director, Harmonium Mountain (2010))
Teneale Clifford (Actress, Next Door to the Velinsky's (2011))
Clifford Cisneros (Miscellaneous, Pretty Dudes: Caught Gay-Handed (2017))
Almarie Clifford (Miscellaneous, Volcano (1997))
Madeleine Clifford (Writer, EastEnders (1985))
Michelle Clifford (Self, Sky News: Sunrise (1989))
Zoe Clifford-Sellam (Actress, The Fast Lane (2017))
Pauline Clifford (I) (Actress, The Saint (1962))
Laurence Clifford (I) (Actor, Heaven's Burning (1997))
Nicole Clifford (II) (Camera Department, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson (2009))
Caroline Clifford (II) (Actress, These Are Your Creams (2003))
Jacqueline Clifford (Self, Being Gender (2014))
Danielle Clifford (Writer, Devia (2017))
Charlotte Clifford (I) (Actress, Molly Crows (2013))
Kristine Clifford (Actress, The Pitch (2016))
Caroline Clifford (III)
Reggie Clifford (Miscellaneous, La Teniente (2012))
Bernie Clifford (Editor, Shed Dwellers (2010))
Bernadette Clifford (Miscellaneous, Grandma's Boy (2006))
Grahame Clifford (Music Department, The Tales of Hoffmann (1951))
Kate Clifford Larson
Caroline Clifford (I) (Animation Department, Lilo & Stitch (2002))
Pauline Clifford (II)
Lisa Marie Clifford (Actress, Fire, Plague, War and Treason (2001))
Sammie Clifford (Camera Department, Bye-Bye Blackbird (2013))
Estelle Clifford (Actress, The Insiders Guide to Happiness (2004))
Elaine Clifford (Actress, West Country Tales (1982))
Valerie Clifford (Actress, Agib and Agab (1953))
Maggie Clifford (Music Department, Elena (2012))
George Clifford (Music Department, Lupus Perditus - Der verlorene Wolf (2015))
Marjorie Clifford (Actress, The Winding Trail (1921))
Charlotte Clifford (II)
Jackie Clifford (Actor, Ice Cream in the Cupboard )
Joanne Clifford
Eugene Clifford (Writer, The Flight Commander (1927))
Janice Clifford (Actress, Future Shock (1994))
Carrie Clifford (II) (Producer, Sugarcaine (2014))
Lucy Lane Clifford
Janelle Clifford
Joe Clifford Faust
Maurice Clifford (Miscellaneous, A Christmas Celebration: Live from Dublin (2007))
Eva Marie Clifford (Actress, There Are No Kangaroos in Austria (in development))
Valorie Clifford (Make Up Department, You're So Cupid! (2010))
Kate Clifford Larson (Self, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2013))
Dane Clifford Wolfe (Actor, The Fighter (2001))
Wayne Clifford Jr. (Miscellaneous, Crazy Horse (1996))
Sarah Marie Clifford (Actress, The Gordian Knot (2016))
Candice Clifford
George Clifford Reid
Rochelle Clifford (Actress, Sky Paradise (2014))
Terrance Clifford (Camera Department, The Seat (2016))
Cathie Clifford (Editor, Raw Materials (2015))
Catherine Clifford (Miscellaneous, The Panel (2003))
Maddie Clifford (Actress, Let's Have an Adventure (2017))
Kerrie Clifford (II) (Actress, Lost Suburbia (2007))
Laurence Clifford (II) (Director, The Melancholy Spirit (2015))
Kerrie Clifford (I) (Sound Department, The Lost Face (2001))
Tina Marie Clifford (Actress, Fast Sofa (2001))
Fred Ikezue-Clifford (Director, Fair Play (2018))
Brooke Clifford (Actress, The House on the Hill (2011))
Clifford de Claro (Miscellaneous, Aswang (2011))
Joseph Clifford (Art Department, Reign of Fire (2002))
Clifford Josey Jr. (Miscellaneous, The Son of No One (2011))
Clifford Rosney (Editorial Department, Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections: Stowaway! (1994))
George Clifford Marivale (Writer, Die Kronzeugin (1937))
Eugene Clifford Thomas (Composer, Tracking United: Documentary (2015))
Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (Producer, The Gary Owen Show (2016))
Rosemary Clifford Mcdaniel (Miscellaneous, African American Lives (2006))
Lancelot Russell de Clifford (Actor, Listen, Even When Your Heart Is Crying (2015))
Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford (Actress, Listen, Even When Your Heart Is Crying (2015))
Mary Rose (I) (Actress, Silent Cry (1977))