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Rory Gallagher (V) (Actor, Peaky Blinders (2013))
Rory Gallagher (I) (Composer, A Sense of Freedom (1979))
Mark Goldring (Actor, Undercover Boss (2009))
aka "Rory Gallagher"
Rory Gallagher (IV) (Self, The Bridge House Film (2009))
Rory Gallagher (III) (Miscellaneous, We Must Remember (2009))
Rory Gallagher (VIII) (Actor, David Proshker (2000))
Rory Gallagher (VI) (Producer, One in Seven: The New Face of Hunger (2011))
Rory Gallagher (IX) (Actor, Curse of the Necronomicon (2013))
Mary Gallagher (III) (Actress, Fameless (2015))
Jay Gallagher (III) (Actor, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014))
Ray Gallagher (I) (Actor, The Prisoner's Story (1912))
Gregory Gallagher (III) (Actor, Trevor's Big Break (2009))
Andy Gallagher (III) (Editorial Department, Bed Trick (2013))
Gregory Gallagher (I) (Actor, The Plankton Chronicles (2011))
Henry Gallagher (III) (Miscellaneous, Night Drop (2010))
Gregory Gallagher (II) (Writer, Finger Guns (2015))
Gregory Gallagher (IV)
Cory Gallagher (Producer, Coyote (2011))
Gregory O'Gallagher (Actor, The Russian Bride (2018))
Henry Gallagher (I) (Art Department, The King's Speech (2010))
Jerry Gallagher (V) (Actor, Curvature (2017))
Zachary Gallagher (Producer, Mrs. Watson's Room (2017))
Amy Gallagher (II) (Actor, Dr. Weird (2016))
Amy Gallagher (I) (Actress, Rise of the Footsoldier (2007))
Andy Gallagher (I) (Visual Effects, French Film (2008))
Andy Gallagher (IV) (Actor, Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers (1990))
Toy Gallagher (Actress, The Sporting Chance (1925))
Andy Gallagher (II) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Andy Gallagher (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Shirt on Your Back (2014))
Jay Gallagher (II) (Sound Department, Traffic (2000))
Amy Gallagher (IV) (Actress, Reigning on You )
Jay Gallagher (I)
Ray Gallagher (IV) (Editorial Department, The Beguiled (2017))
Ray Gallagher (III) (Visual Effects, Runners (2015))
Ray Gallagher (II) (Self, Enola Gay and the Atomic Bombing of Japan (1995))
Fay Gallagher (Self, Albir: The Place to Live & Visit. TV-Documentary (2016))
Amy Gallagher (III) (Actress, Zero Night Stand (2018))
Andy Gallagher (V) (Cinematographer, #goodtimes (2016))
Amy Gallagher (V) (Actress, Reigning on You )
Dorothy Gallagher (I) (Actress, Sam and Max: Situation Comedy (2006))
Peggy Gallagher (II) (Miscellaneous, Behind the Music (1997))
Jerry Gallagher (I) (Actor, The Big C (2010))
Kerry Gallagher (Actress, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Hercules and the Circle of Fire (1994))
Molly Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Doubt (2008))
Terry Gallagher (I)
Terry Gallagher (III)
Barry Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Doorways (2015))
Mary Gallagher (XII) (Actress, Requiem for a Fighter (2018))
Terry Gallagher (II) (Miscellaneous, Boris and Natasha (1992))
Zacchary Gallagher (Actor, O Festival! (2011))
Garry Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Morning Glory (1993))
Mary Gallagher (IV) (Actress, Rapt in Eire (2009))
Mary Gallagher (V) (Costume Department, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Mary Gallagher (IX)
Gary Gallagher (Editor, For Sarah (2013))
Mary Gallagher (VIII) (Writer, Bedtime Story (2008))
Mary Gallagher (II) (Writer, Nobody's Child (1986))
Rosemary Gallagher (I) (Actress, Waiting in the Wings (2016))
Mary Gallagher (VII) (Miscellaneous, Man on the Moon (1999))
Mary Gallagher (VI) (Actress, Mother, Mother (1989))
Mary Gallagher (I) (Producer, Black & White & Red All Over (1997))
Rosemary Gallagher (II)
Jerry Gallagher (IV)
Jerry Gallagher (III) (Miscellaneous, Sweet Little Lies (2011))
Larry Gallagher (III) (Camera Department, The Other (2019))
Jerry Gallagher (II) (Camera Department, Salute to the Newport Jazz Festival (1993))
Terry Gallagher (V) (Producer, Mule (2016))
Mary Gallagher (X)
Harry Gallagher (Production Manager, Hot Property (2016))
Mary Gallagher (XI)
Jerry Gallagher (VI)
Henry Gallagher (II) (Self, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Terry Gallagher (IV) (Actor, Anthropology Anthology 1: Pilgrim (2015))
Terry Gallagher (VI) (Producer, Mr Biffo's Found Footage (2017))
Cary Gallagher (Camera Department, Asthma (2014))
Larry Gallagher (II) (Composer, Like So Many Things... (2009))
Gerry Gallagher (Actor, Cathy's Child (1979))
Derry Gallagher (Camera Department, Steel Dawn (1987))
Jimmy Gallagher (I) (Actor, Priest (1994))
Lucy Gallagher (II) (Actress, Game of Thrones (2011))
Kelly Gallagher (II) (Actress, The Sound Stage (2014))
Kelly Gallagher (VI) (Actress, One Day at a Time (1975))
Sandy Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Lunicidal (2008))
Kelsey Gallagher (I) (Actress, Abducted (2014))
Anthony Gallagher (II) (Actor, Married in New York (2013))
Kelly Gallagher (VIII) (Producer, Pearl Pistols (2014))
Judy Gallagher (Actress, Super Sucker (2002))
Tommy Gallagher (II) (Actor, River of Fundament (2014))
Tracy Gallagher (Actress, Easy Wheels (1989))
Jenny Gallagher (Actress, Henry X (2003))
Barnaby Gallagher (Actor, Enter the Naked Man (2010))
Hayley Gallagher (Actress, Back Against the Wall (2002))
Danny Gallagher (VIII) (Actor, Flatliners (2017))
Kelly Gallagher (I) (Director, My Gossip (2018))
Anthony Gallagher (I) (Art Department, Tracks (2010))
Emily Gallagher (VII) (Actress, Lost Claws (2015))
Corey Gallagher (I) (Actor, In the Grove (2012))
Tony Gallagher (III)
Johnny Gallagher (I) (Actor, The Great White Way (1924))
Cody Gallagher (II) (Camera Department, Musical Theatre Camp (2018))
Emily Gallagher (III) (Actress, Junie's Leverage (2009))
Roddy Gallagher (Actor, Achill (2015))
Emily Gallagher (II) (Editor, Human Cannonball (2016))
Jeremy Gallagher (II)
Kimberley Gallagher (Actress, Evil in Clear River (1988))
Ricky Gallagher (Sound Department, The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (2009))
Mickey Gallagher (I) (Soundtrack, Dazed and Confused (1993))
Timothy Gallagher (III)
Kelly Gallagher (IX) (Actress, Forgiven (2010))
Poppy Gallagher (Actress, Derek (2005))
Tony Gallagher (II) (Miscellaneous, Agnes Browne (1999))
Kelley Gallagher (Actor, Swine (2012))
Emmy Gallagher (Actress, The Haunted Hathaways (2013))
Jimmy Gallagher (II) (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Emily Gallagher (IX) (Producer, Food Coma (2018))
Timothy Gallagher (V)
Danny Gallagher (IV) (Actor, The Perfect Wife (2006))
Katy Gallagher (I) (Actress, Freaky Faron (2006))
Nancy Gallagher Cella
Verity Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Alice (2016))
Casey Gallagher (Actor, Silence's Weight in Gold (2010))
Billy Gallagher (III) (Actor, Budawanny (1987))
Dorothy Gallagher (II)
Tommy Gallagher (III) (Actor, The Last Fight (1983))
Denny Gallagher (I) (Sound Department, I Miss Me (2015))
Kelly Gallagher (XII) (Miscellaneous, God in America (2010))
Emily Gallagher (VI) (Miscellaneous, Belly of the Bulldog (2015))
Billy Gallagher (I) (Sound Department, Battle of the Bogside (2004))
Randy Gallagher (III) (Transportation Department, A Mother's Nightmare (2012))
Tracey Gallagher (III) (Miscellaneous, See No Evil: The Moors Murders (2006))
Peggy Gallagher (I) (Miscellaneous, Ape Escape 3 (2005))
Jeremy Gallagher (III)
Tommy Gallagher (I) (Thanks, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (1997))
Carey Gallagher (Art Department, Une Libération (2014))
Kelly Gallagher (XVIII) (Actress, Wait, What Going on? (2016))
Danny Gallagher (I) (Producer, Driftwood (2003))
Cody Gallagher (I) (Actor, Finding Remo (2016))
Shay Gallagher (Camera Department, Layer Cake (2004))
Danny Gallagher (VI) (Writer, CNET CraveCast (2014))
Patsy Gallagher (Actress, Silicone Valerie (1997))
Benny Gallagher (Soundtrack, Top of the Pops (1964))
Kelly Gallagher (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Atomic Blonde (2017))
Kimberly Gallagher (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Danny Gallagher (VII) (Production Manager, Special Delivery (2015))
Rocky Gallagher (Producer, 51.50 (2004))
Jonny Gallagher (Production Manager, The League of Gentlemen: Live at Drury Lane (2001))
Emily Gallagher (V) (Actress, Guardians of the Holiday (2014))
Jeremy Gallagher (I) (Assistant Director, David (2018))
Naomi Joy Gallagher (Actress, The L Word (2004))
Ruby Gallagher (Actress, Scary Place (2013))
Lily Gallagher
Timothy Gallagher (IV)
Danny Gallagher (X) (Self, H20: Merry F'n Christmas! (2018))
Paddy Gallagher (II) (Actor, Letterkenny People (2014))
Kelly Gallagher (XI) (Art Department, Missing Pieces (2009))
Kelsey Gallagher (II) (Music Department, Randy's Canvas (2018))
Nancy Gallagher
Betty Gallagher (Actress, Apartment Hunting (1929))
Ashley Gallagher (Self, Miss World Canada: Pageant Week 2014 (2014))
Emily Gallagher (IV) (Art Director, Gaiaspora (2013))
Paddy Gallagher (I) (Miscellaneous, All the Ships at Sea (2004))
Danny Gallagher (IX)
Troy Gallagher (Actor, Past Pupil (2005))
Randy Gallagher (II) (Art Department, The Day Job (2012))
Katy Gallagher (II) (Miscellaneous, The Dick & Paula Celebrity Special (1999))
Reilly Gallagher (Actor, Tristen: Glass Jar (Feat. Jenny Lewis) (2017))
Kelly Gallagher (X) (Self, BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2014 (2014))
Vicky Gallagher (Actress, 81 (1997))
Danny Gallagher (V) (Actor, Green (2008))
Colby Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher (III) (Producer, Approaching Heaven (2004))
Kelly Gallagher (XIII) (Cinematographer, The Herstory of the Female Filmmaker (2011))
Timothy Gallagher (II)
Marty Gallagher (Production Manager, Mr. Wizard (1951))
Mary Kay Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher (XVI)
Riley Gallagher (Actor, The Night Sitter (2018))
Cully Gallagher (Sound Department, Factotum (2005))
Corey Gallagher (IV) (Set Decorator, The Day That Broke )
Becky Gallagher (Art Department, Loose Women (1999))
Kelly Gallagher (XIV) (Director, Searching for Sally Mae )
Mandy Gallagher (Producer, The Wagner Series (2012))
Joey Gallagher (Director, Stay Away (2014))
Timothy Gallagher (I) (Editor, Greatest Sports Legends (1972))
Kitty Gallagher (Actress, The Wedding Party (1969))
Brittany Gallagher (Self, Weird Travels (2003))
Jeffrey Gallagher (Music Department, Untold Stories (2017))
Kelly Gallagher (IV) (Actress, Dogs in Space (1986))
Patty Gallagher (Self, The BlueBelles (2008))
Tommy Gallagher (VI)
Mickey Gallagher (II) (Camera Department, BeetleBorgs (1996))
Sally Gallagher (Miscellaneous, Queen Rocks (1998))
Kelly Gallagher (VII) (Actress, Etowah Ridge (2020))
Holly Gallagher (II) (Self, Mysteries at the Museum (2010))
Jimmy Gallagher (III) (Self, Doo Wop 50 (1999))
Jamey Gallagher (Producer, Startin' Simple: Easy Stretch (1995))
Molly Gallagher II (Art Director, Getting Out (2002))
Kathy Gallagher (I)
Chally Gallagher (Self, Bieber Generation (2018))
Kathy Gallagher (II)

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