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Tariq Trotter (Soundtrack, Zoolander 2 (2016))
aka "The Roots"
Ahmir-Khalib Thompson (Soundtrack, Detroit (2017))
aka "Roots"
The Roots (Music Department, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014))
Opetaia Babakobau (Actor, Hit Em Hard, the Story of Zaina Juliette (2014))
nickname "Roots"
Roots Manuva (Soundtrack, Children of Men (2006))
Denis Girisken (Writer, The Dead King (2015))
nickname "Rootspark"
Roots Energy (Camera Department, Had Better Days (2016))
Rootstein Display Mannequins
Stephen Root (I) (Actor, Office Space (1999))
Imogen Poots (Actress, Green Room (2015))
Rebecca Root (Actress, Colette (2018))
Amanda Root (I) (Actress, The Iron Lady (2011))
Boots Riley (Director, Sorry to Bother You (2018))
Francesca Root-Dodson (Actress, Free Spirit )
Bonnie Root (I) (Actress, Coming Soon (1999))
Jarid Root (Actor, Trauma (2013))
Caleb Foote (Actor, American Horror Story (2011))
Tom Root (I) (Writer, Robot Chicken (2001))
Jon Root (II) (Actor, Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013))
Luis Van Rooten (Actor, Cinderella (1950))
Levi Roots (Actor, Anuvahood (2011))
Paul Root (II) (Actor, Grimm (2011))
Georgia May Foote (Actress, Coronation Street (1960))
Peter Hooten (Actor, Dr. Strange (1978))
Amarr M. Wooten (Actor, Step Up 2: The Streets (2008))
James Root (II) (Soundtrack, See No Evil (2006))
Shooter Jennings (Actor, Walk the Line (2005))
Robert Coote (Actor, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947))
Rusted Root (Soundtrack, Twister (1996))
Cooper van Grootel (Actor, Go Karts )
Joe Coots (Actor, Inside Man (2006))
Anna Coote (III) (Actress, Retribution (2016))
Stephen J. Root (Miscellaneous, Wheels (2014))
Jason Croot (Actor, Roberto (2013))
The Grassroots (Soundtrack, Jackie Brown (1997))
Suzanne Coote (Writer, The Open House (2018))
Nappy Roots (Soundtrack, Daredevil (2003))
Melina Root (Costume Designer, That '70s Show (1998))
Charles Root (I) (Actor, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004))
John Grooters (Director, That the World May Know Vol 16: Cultures In Conflict (2018))
Wells Root (Writer, The Bold Caballero (1936))
Noot Seear (Actress, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009))
Horton Foote (Writer, To Kill a Mockingbird (1962))
Steven Roots (Actor, Incursion (in development))
Kim van Kooten (Actress, Zusje (1995))
Justin Root (Miscellaneous, Scare Tactics (2003))
Scooter Braun (Producer, The Giver (2014))
Liv Rooth (Actress, The Good Wife (2009))
Root (Actress, Masuyama Chounouryokushi jimusho (2017))
Root! (Self, Spicks and Specks (2005))
Tatsujiro Oto (Actor, London Spy (2015))
Stephen Root (V) (Cinematographer, Unconscious (2012))
Hallie Foote (Actress, Paranormal Activity 3 (2011))
Rooter (I) (Actor, Hide in Plain Sight (1980))
Rooter (II) (Self, Rooster: Debut Live in Japan at Budokan (2005))
Rooter Wareing (Producer, Perfect (2018))
Nancy Root (Actress, The Private Lives of Adam and Eve (1960))
Alethea Root (I) (Director, Part Time Fabulous (2011))
Rob de Groot (Stunts, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Bootsy Collins (Soundtrack, Undercover Brother (2002))
Antony Root (Producer, Tales of the City (1993))
Dan Root (Art Department, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (2002))
Stephen Root (II) (Music Department, Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (1996))
Boots Mallory (Actress, The Big Race (1934))
Amy Foote (Editor, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt (2011))
Alan Root (Cinematographer, Survival (1961))
Shelby Foote (Writer, Memphis (1992))
Jane Root (I) (Producer, How We Got to Now (2014))
N. Rootes
Nilo Otero (Assistant Director, Dunkirk (2017))
Lynn Root (Writer, Cabin in the Sky (1943))
Rudy Sooter (Actor, The Roaming Cowboy (1937))
Mieke De Groote (Actress, The Vanishing (1988))
Norihiro Otani (Self, Kanagawa jounetsu asurîto (2014))
Leslie Root (Actress, Three Corners of Deception (2019))
Peter W. Root (Location Management, X: First Class (2011))
Clayton Root (I) (Producer, Piñata Man (2018))
Anthony 'Scooter' Teague (Actor, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967))
Picco von Groote (Actress, Was bleibt (2012))
Tamayo Otsuki (Actress, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996))
Boots Southerland (Actor, No Country for Old Men (2007))
Shooter (II) (Actor, Bailey's Billion$ (2005))
Scooter Stevens (Actor, Better Off Dead... (1985))
Chris Root (II) (Visual Effects, Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013))
Kara Wooten (Stunts, Killjoys (2015))
Angela Root (Producer, The Dead Files (2011))
Holly Rooth (Actress, Cold Room )
Diego Otero (II) (Actor, Por amar sin ley (2018))
Chris Root (I) (Camera Department, Something to Look Forward to (1976))
Jamie Root (Actress, Abnormal Attraction (2018))
Toots Shor (Actor, All Star Revue (1950))
Dominique Rémy Root (Actress, The Upside (2009))
Julie Root (II) (Actor, In Debt (2014))
Jed Root (Producer, Welcome the Stranger (2018))
Jonathan Root (V) (Actor, Chasing Sunshine (2018))
Katy DeGroot (Self, E! Live from the Red Carpet (1995))
Brandon Roots (I) (Sound Department, Respiración (2010))
Scooter (III) (Actor, Groundhog Day (1993))
Joe Root (Self, BT Sport Cricket (2016))
Tinarie van Wyk Loots (Actress, Jimmy in Pienk (2013))
Cathleen Rootsaert (Writer, Anthem (2019))
Michael Root (I) (Visual Effects, The Day After Tomorrow (2004))
Eric Root (I) (Make Up Department, Bittersweet Love (1976))
Sam Roots (Miscellaneous, Run (2013))
Paul Roots (Camera Department, We're OK, Aren't We (2008))
André Groote (Self, Musik-Show (1970))
Alex Roots (Miscellaneous, Strongboy (2016))
Bob Rootes (Editor, Sugar in Your Kitchen (1984))
L. Degroote (Actor, Monsieur Fantômas (1937))
Jah Roots (Self, American Music: Off the Record (2008))
Ben Groote (Self, Musik-Show (1970))
Kaliroots (Composer, Cadavre exquis première édition (2006))
Joe Rootes (Actor, Backyard Cult (2010))
Dave Roots (Special Effects, Game 6 (2005))
Ulf Groote (Camera Department, A Dangerous Method (2011))
Dan Roots (Sound Department, The Red Hood (2011))
Brandon Root (Actor, Boreas Village (2015))
Henry Root (I) (Producer, Return to 'Sin City': A Tribute to Gram Parsons (2004))
John Root (I) (Art Department, L.A. Confidential (1997))
Scooter Corkle (Director, Hollow in the Land (2017))
Maurice Rootes (Editor, Spaceways (1953))
Jeff Root (II) (Actor, Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll (2006))
Terry Root (Self, Chasing Ice (2012))
Heiki Roots (Assistant Director, Verekivi (1973))
Matthew Rootes (Actor, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (2015))
Karin Root (Actress, Trauma (2013))
Jerome Root (Actor, The Cariboo Trail (1950))
Nina Rootes (Writer, The Frog Prince (1985))
Ty Root (Producer, IGN Daily Fix (2009))
Scooter Telford (Self, Hotel Hell (2012))
Patrick Moote (Actor, How I Met Your Mother (2005))
Neil DeGroot (Director, 72 Hours (2013))
Lisa Grootenboer (Editor, Iron Maiden: Flight 666 (2009))
Tamara Root (I)
John Root (IV)
Tamara Root (II)
Helen Root (II) (Writer, Matinee Theatre (1955))
Ashton Root (II) (Actor, Stingray (1985))
Aaron Root (II) (Actor, Playing with Softballs (2012))
Jonathan Root (I) (Actor, Juggler.com/Video (2003))
Ben Root (II) (Actor, 15-Love (2017))
Jeff Root (III) (Sound Department, A Saint in My Garden (2010))
Stephen Root (VI) (Editorial Department, Good Fences (2016))
Stephen Root (IX)
Tracy Root (II) (Producer, Grey Lady (2017))
Tracy Root (I) (Actress, Fist of the Vampire (2007))
Alex Root (I) (Composer, Sad Eyes (2005))
Eric Root (II) (Miscellaneous, Home (2018))
Chris Root (IV) (Actor, New Beginnings (2013))
Becky Root (Visual Effects, Flightplan (2005))
Robert Root (I) (Actor, Prism (1971))
Abigail Roots (II) (Actor, Bloody Money (2015))
John Root (VII) (Miscellaneous, Dinner Party (2018))
Stephen Root (III) (Miscellaneous, Factotum (2005))
Roots Collective (I)
Bryan Root (I) (Director, Laura Sobers (1994))
Brian Rootes (II) (Self, Look at Life: A Car Is Born (1959))
Chantal Root (Sound Department, Shut Up and Kiss Me! (2004))
Robert Root (II) (Sound Department, Live from the Artists Den (2008))
Alex Root (III) (Sound Department, Starstruck (2016))
Michael Root (II) (Actor, The Horror Seasons (2005))
John Root (III) (Visual Effects, A Christmas Carol (2009))
David Root (I) (Actor, Forever Strong (2008))
James Root (I) (Miscellaneous, The New Age (1994))
David Root (VI) (Miscellaneous, Citizen Gangster (2011))
Michael Root (V) (Self, 95 Theses (2018))
Bryan Root (II) (Art Department, Brother (2000))
Daniel Root (II) (Animation Department, Fracture (2013))
Jeff Root (I) (Camera Department, Landlocked (2009))
Juan Root (Actor, Encounter (1952))
John Root (V) (Art Department, Steel Harbinger (1996))
Greg Root (II) (Writer, Health Beauty Life with Patrick Dockry (2012))
Megan Root (II) (Actress, Star Trek Wars (2015))
Brian Rootes (I) (Art Department, The Prince of Hearts (1997))
David Root (II) (Producer, The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (2013))
Jonathan Root (IV)
Jeff Root (V)
Clayton Root (IV) (Sound Department, One Week (2012))
Justin Roote (I) (Composer, Pitchfork (2014))
Ben Root (VIII) (Camera Department, Lola: Girl Got a Gun (2017))
Amanda Root (IV) (Art Director, Last Summer (2018))
Christina Root (II) (Producer, Sanctuary; Quite a Conundrum (2012))
Paul Root (I) (Writer, Cherry Crush (2007))
Alex Root (II) (Sound Department, Starstruck (2016))
Dylan Root (II) (Camera Department, Oddball (2015))
Chris Root (III) (Art Department, Diablo II (2000))
Matt Root (III) (Cinematographer, The Track (2016))
Ron Root (Miscellaneous, Vanity (2013))
Matt Root (I) (Sound Department, Azaleas (2012))
Elihu Root (Self, President Roosevelt at the Army-Navy Game (1901))
Mark Root (IV) (Self, A Labor of Love (1976))
John Root (VI) (Miscellaneous, Phantasm II (1988))
Stephen Root (VIII) (Sound Department, One Night (2015))
Stephen Root (VII)
David Root (IV) (Camera Department, Sorta Late (2016))
Michael Root (III) (Actor, War and Cease (2013))
Ben Root (VII) (Camera Department, Bad Things (2017))
Megan Root (I) (Make Up Department, Little Blue Pill (2010))
Amanda Root (II) (Producer, The After Party (2016))
Charles Root (II) (Actor, Infiltrators (2018))

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