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The Roots (Music Department, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014))
Alejandro Otero (Writer, DescENDING (2006))
Levi Roots (Actor, Anuvahood (2011))
Luis Van Rooten (Actor, Cinderella (1950))
The Grassroots (Soundtrack, Jackie Brown (1997))
John Grooters (Director, That the World May Know Vol 16: Cultures In Conflict (2018))
Brandon Roots (Cinematographer, King Jack (2015))
Cathleen Rootsaert (Writer, Anthem (2019))
Cooper van Grootel (Actor, Go Karts )
Rooter (II) (Self, Rooster: Debut Live in Japan at Budokan (2005))
Rooter (I) (Actor, Hide in Plain Sight (1980))
N. Rootes
Roots Manuva (Soundtrack, Children of Men (2006))
Mieke De Groote (Actress, The Vanishing (1988))
Steven Roots (Actor, Incursion (in development))
Alex Roots (Miscellaneous, Strongboy (2016))
Joe Rootes (Actor, Backyard Cult (2010))
Ben Groote (Self, Musik-Show (1970))
Ulf Groote (Camera Department, A Dangerous Method (2011))
André Groote (Self, Musik-Show (1970))
Dave Roots (Special Effects, Game 6 (2005))
Jah Roots (Self, American Music: Off the Record (2008))
Dan Roots (Sound Department, The Red Hood (2011))
Bob Rootes (Editor, Sugar in Your Kitchen (1984))
L. Degroote (Actor, Monsieur Fantômas (1937))
Sam Roots (Miscellaneous, Run (2013))
Kaliroots (Composer, Cadavre exquis première édition (2006))
Paul Roots (Camera Department, We're OK, Aren't We (2008))
Lisa Grootenboer (Editor, The Borgias (2011))
Rooter Wareing (Producer, Perfect (2018))
Picco von Groote (Actress, Was bleibt (2012))
Nappy Roots (Soundtrack, Daredevil (2003))
Walter De Groote (Actor, Spoed (2000))
Jedidiah Grooters (Actor, The Frontier Boys (2012))
Lisa Groots (Self, Fox and Friends First (2012))
Tom Schrooten (Director, Baart (2012))
Pedro Otero (IV) (Assistant Director, Dementia (2015))
Basil Rootes (Sound Department, Armchair Thriller (1978))
Jenny Roote (Costume Department, Why Does God Hate Me? (2011))
Ab Grooters (Sound Department, 'n Beetje Verliefd (2006))
Roots Energy (Camera Department, Had Better Days (2016))
Henk Groote (Self, Musik-Show (1970))
Hiroo Tsukada (Producer, Saigo no Chûshingura (2010))
Judy Grooters (Producer, The Frontier Boys (2012))
Pedro Otero (I) (Camera Department, Chile 672 (2006))
Leandro Otero (Editorial Department, A Place Called Hope (2014))
Jaap de Groote (Art Department, Medisch Centrum West (1988))
Cynthia Roots (Costume Department, The Promise (2012))
Matthew Rootes (Actor, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (2015))
Alex Perroots (Actor, Impasto (2015))
Sven Grooten (Producer, Resonating Surfaces (2005))
Alice Roots (Miscellaneous, The Cut (2009))
Chris Roots (Editor, Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History (2014))
Kenny Roots (Actor, Vinden blåser vart den vill (2017))
Pascal Roots (Actor, Onderweg naar morgen (1994))
Lisa Grooters (Miscellaneous, These Dirty Words (2014))
Zach Grooten (Director, Subletting (2017))
Twisted Roots (Actor, A History Lesson Part 1 (2010))
Nina Rootes (Writer, The Frog Prince (1985))
Jan de Groote (Actor, Gosse (2016))
Sojiro Otsubo (Director, Luna Sea 3D in Los Angeles (2011))
Gerwin Groote (Actor, Ruben (2012))
Digging Roots (Composer, Skyworld (2014))
Darren Broots (Camera Department, Forget the Pact (2013))
Koen Degroote (Art Director, Waternimf (2002))
Valley Roots (Self, Exposed (2013))
Jeff Grooters (Visual Effects, The Frontier Boys (2012))
Samuel Roots (Writer, Token (2015))
Brian Rootes (II) (Self, Look at Life: A Car Is Born (1959))
Yasuhiro Oote (Camera Department, The Forest (2016))
Bill DeGroote (Actor, The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox (2009))
Showing Roots (Costume Department, Showing Roots (2016))
Myrthe Groote (Writer, De Binnenband (2017))
John Rootes (Sound Department, Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow Live (2004))
Souli Roots (Self, The X Factor (2004))
David Rootes (Miscellaneous, Living in the Age of Airplanes (2015))
Alvaro Otero (Producer, Billabong Odyssey (2003))
Morgan Roots (Editorial Department, Sidetracked (2015))
Justin Roote (I) (Composer, Pitchfork (2014))
Carl Maroote (Actor, Thanks for the Ride (1983))
Mark Degroote (Actor, Copacabana (2010))
The Black Roots (Composer, Night Jobs for Men (2005))
Amanda Rootes (Writer, Necromance (2009))
Martin Rootes (Art Department, Ex Machina (2014))
Jay Grooten (Producer, Subletting (2017))
Mike DeGroote
The Grass Roots (Self, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (1971))
Abigail Roots (II) (Actor, Bloody Money (2016))
Heiki Roots (Assistant Director, Verekivi (1973))
Josh DeGroote (Actor, Open Mike Night (2007))
Pedro Otero (III) (Director, La mirada de la yegua (2009))
J.A. Otero Oti (Actor, Contar Conmigo (2011))
Jesse Grooten (Composer, You Go Girl! (2018))
Classic Roots
Hiroo Terada (Self, Manga wo hamidashita otoko: Akatsuka Fujio (2016))
Genaro Otero (Self, Charivari: A Fashion Uproar (2020))
Ervin Roots (Actor, Pilvede all (2010))
Álvaro Otero (Assistant Director, Santiago de sangre (2008))
Gabby Roots (Miscellaneous, Rock of Ages (2012))
Susan Roots (Casting Department, Paul Merton's Palladium Story (1994))
Merit Roots (Actress, Out of the Sky (2009))
Root System (Composer, Swirl (2014))
André de Groote (Self, Le cercle de minuit (1992))
Joseph A. Roots (Actor, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing (2012))
Caro Otersen
London Roots (Self, Yolo UK (2015))
Nele Degroote (Self, Expeditie Robinson (2000))
Rudi De Groote (Music Department, Outlaw King (2018))
Ben Barootes (Actor, Incredible Story Studio (1997))
Hiro Otsuka (Cinematographer, Over Tokyo (2014))
Sarah Roots (Self, Hot Spots 2012 (2012))
Angela Roote (Producer, Salvage Dawgs (2012))
Anna Rootes (Art Department, Sofia's Diary UK (2008))
Kentaro Ootsu (Animation Department, I Dream of Mimi (1997))
Nicole Roots
Brian Rootes (I) (Art Department, The Prince of Hearts (1997))
Dee Grooters (Actress, Sandpaper (2018))
Piper Roote (Actress, Ice Bridge: The impossible Journey (2018))
Joan Groote
Jamaul Roots (Actor, Barriers (1998))
Abigail Roots (I) (Actor, The Haunted Doll (2007))
Maya Grooters (Camera Department, Kids on Film (2010))
Tina De Groote (Actress, Beste papa (1991))
Karo Otsuji (Actor, Gurentai junjyôha (1963))
Justin Roote (II) (Actor, Believe It Anyway! (2013))
Pedro Otero (II) (Actor, Mr. Woodcock (2007))
Minor Rootes (Actor, Graveyard Shift (1990))
Trinity Roots
Train to Roots (Music Department, Bellas mariposas (2012))
Jack Degroote (Miscellaneous, The Grimm Tale (2013))
Nuno Degroote (Actor, Entelekheia (2017))
Michael Grootenboer (Editor, The Detectives Club: New Orleans (2017))
Jacob Degroote
Kaspar von Groote (Actor, Gewalt (1971))
Sarah Grooters (Producer, Survivor (2000))
Hilda de Groote (Actress, Ariadne auf Naxos (1978))
Rory Rootenberg (Actor, After the Rain (1999))
Bernadette Brooten (Self, Before Homosexuals (2017))
Henry Lee Roots (Actor, Timanttikoirien vuosi 1984 (2010))
Tenille-Ebony Roots (Actress, Enter the Hamster (2011))
Isabelle Groote (Miscellaneous, The Amateur (1981))
Thibaut De Groote (Cinematographer, Cincuenta y Cinco (2017))
Leonard Perroots (Actor, SR-71 Blackbird: The Secret Vigil (1989))
Roel Grootenbroer (Miscellaneous, Heraut (2011))
David Schrooten (Self, De wereld draait door (2005))
Mary Grootegoed (Actress, The Method (1996))
Patricia Roots (Actress, David Copperfield (1956))
Geert De Groote (Actor, Zaak: De Zutter (2016))
Bryan Grooters (II) (Actor, When Murder Calls (2018))
Guillaume DeGroote (Sound Department, Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2008))
Russ Grootegoed (Producer, The Drop (2006))
Agents of Good Roots (Soundtrack, Finder's Fee (2001))
Paul Schrooten (Writer, Muziekkasteel (1970))
Louise De Groote (Actress, Mizta Decoder Feat. Byjo: Find The Way (2017))
Tamara Regueiro Otero (Make Up Department, B (2015))
Elliott Rootsey
Rintaro Otsuki (Miscellaneous, Doruâga no tô: The Aegis of Uruk (2008))
Stephanie DeGroote (Producer, ABC 2002 (2001))
Jonathon Roote (Actor, Ice Bridge: The impossible Journey (2018))
Maurice Rootes (Editor, Spaceways (1953))
Strange Froots (Composer, Mahalia Melts in the Rain (2018))
Noelia Castro Otero (Self, Elite Model Look Spain (2014))
Isabel de Groote (Actress, Gabriela (1983))
Steven De Groote (Self, The Cliburn: 50 Years of Gold (2012))
Soichiro Otsuka (Actor, StarChild )
Hendrikus Rootering (Actor, Die Schelminnen (1961))
Fumihiro Otsuki (Miscellaneous, Final Fantasy VII (1997))
Harry de Groote (Actor, Die Satansfratze (1921))
Helen Root Schieffer (Self, Flight to Freedom (1995))
Heleen Grootendorst (Producer, Strike! (2001))
Charles De Groote (Art Director, Fête de quartier (1955))
Howard Rootenberg (Miscellaneous, Sweet Justice (1992))
Phillip de Groote (Music Department, The Golden Bowl (2000))
Peter De Groote (II) (Writer, Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996))
Mickey Grooters (Actress, The Car of Great Price (2012))
Vincent De Groote (Cinematographer, Asking for Death (2015))
Stephen de Groote (Director, Remake (2019))
Kelsey Rootenberg (Actress, ParaNorman (2012))
Robin De Groote (Composer, Brutus (2004))
John Grootegoed (Self, Pauw & Witteman (2006))
Kenneth Brooten (Writer, Simon & Simon (1981))
Lerrie Grooten (Actor, Goede tijden, slechte tijden (1990))
Robert Grootenhuijs (Self, Pauw & Witteman (2006))
Roots Collective (II) (Miscellaneous, When Borders Move (2017))
Benno Grootelaar
Najme Mashrooteh (Actress, Barahoot (1988))
Roots Woodruff
Shiroo Tsuchimochi (Composer, Mû ichizoku (1978))
Court van Rooten (Miscellaneous, McCanick (2013))
Nobuhiro Otsuka (Animation Department, Akira (1988))
Arie van Grootel (Actor, Teeth (2013))
Peter De Groote (I) (Actor, Daar is een mens verdronken (1983))
Hadewich De Groote (Costume Department, Twist (2016))
Hiroo Tengenji (Sound Department, EVO (1992))
Annie Degroote (Actress, Le joli coeur (1984))
De Groote Thibaut
Jennifer Roote (Miscellaneous, Vanity Insanity 2 (2007))
Alejandro Otegui (Actor, Mi blanca Varsovia (1978))
Andrus 'InBoil' Rootsmäe (Actor, Klass - Elu pärast (2010))
Lammert Grooten

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