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Ron Hale (I) (Actor, All the President's Men (1976))
Ron Hale (III) (Self, The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter (2009))
Ron Hale (II)
Ron Halevi (Self, Machar Shabat (2017))
Ron Hales (Camera Department, Have You Been to Lowly, Mr Rann? (2008))
Ron Haley (Transportation Department, Brothers (2009))
Ron Hall (VI) (Writer, Same Kind of Different as Me (2017))
Aaron Hale (I) (Actor, Miss Sloane (2016))
Tamron Hall (Actress, Temple Talk (2014))
Alan Hale Jr. (I) (Actor, Gilligan's Island (1964))
Jon Hall (I) (Actor, Invisible Agent (1942))
Simon Halls (Miscellaneous, Entropy (1999))
Alan Hale (I) (Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938))
Ron Hall (II) (Actor, Vampire Assassin (2005))
Don Hall (VI) (Director, Big Hero 6 (2014))
Devon Hales (Actress, Storage (2011))
Jason Hall (I) (Actor, American Sniper (2014))
Grayson Hall (Actress, The Night of the Iguana (1964))
Ron Halder (Actor, Antitrust (2001))
Ron Hayes (I) (Actor, Everglades (1961))
Jefferson Hall (Actor, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015))
Ron Harper (I) (Actor, Pearl Harbor (2001))
Myron Healey (Actor, Hell's Crossroads (1957))
Cameron Hall (II) (Actor, South of Sunset (1993))
Brian Haley (I) (Actor, Gran Torino (2008))
Jean Hale (I) (Actress, In Like Flint (1967))
Jaclyn Hales (Actress, Legion (2017))
Caitlin Hale (Actress, School of Rock (2003))
Landon Hall (Actress, Stolen Hearts (1998))
Sharon Hall (IV) (Producer, The Expanse (2015))
Cameron Hall (I) (Actor, Yes, Madam? (1939))
Haley Reinhart (Soundtrack, Step Up Revolution (2012))
Aaron Haye (Production Designer, Bohemian Rhapsody (2018))
Thurston Hall (Actor, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939))
Ron Hall (IX) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Aaron Hall (I) (Actor, New Jack City (1991))
Aaron Hale (II) (Special Effects, The Control Group (2014))
Aaron Hale (VI)
Aaron Hale (VII) (Actor, Maybe Shower (2018))
Aaron Hale (V) (Actor, Adopt a Sailor (2008))
Aaron Hale (IV)
Aaron Hann (Director, Circle (2015))
Ron Hallis (Cinematographer, Rainy Day Woman (1970))
Byron Haskin (Director, The War of the Worlds (1953))
Madison Haley (I) (Actress, Out of the Shadows (2017))
Aaron Hart (II) (Actor, Mad Men (2007))
Van Halen (Soundtrack, Spaceballs (1987))
Jon Hall (VI) (Actor, Wapakman (2009))
Aaron Hamill (I) (Actor, Ed (2000))
Edward Van Halen (Soundtrack, Twister (1996))
Jan Haley (I) (Actress, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003))
Ron Hanks (Producer, Broken (2018))
Jason Hale (I) (Actor, Dogs: The Rise and Fall of an All-Girl Bookie Joint (1996))
Ron Hagerthy (Actor, The Lineup (1954))
Aaron Harvey (III) (Producer, The Neighbor (2018))
Creighton Hale (Actor, The Cat and the Canary (1927))
Jonathan Hale (I) (Actor, The Saint Strikes Back (1939))
Ron Halpern (III) (Producer, Paddington (2014))
Ron Hall (XII) (Producer, Truth (2011))
Sharon Halley (I) (Miscellaneous, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Tyson Hall (Actor, American Gangster (2007))
Ron Hajak (Actor, V (1983))
Jennifer Caron Hall (Actress, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror (1997))
Ron Hall (III) (Art Department, Continental Divide (1981))
Ron Hall (XVII) (Actor, Golden Arms Returns (2016))
Ron Hall (IV) (Actor, In Tempo (2013))
Ron Hall (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Bless the Beasts & Children (1971))
Ron Hall (I) (Miscellaneous, Iceman (1984))
Ron Hall (XIII)
Ron Hall (XI) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Ron Hall (VII) (Actor, American Gladiators (1989))
Ron Hall (XV) (Sound Department, Philadelphia Visitors Channel (1991))
Ron Hall (X) (Producer, Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' (2011))
Ron Hall (VIII) (Transportation Department, Heaven and Hell: Live from Radio City Music Hall (2007))
Ron Hall (XVI) (Camera Department, Chloe's Mountain )
Ron Hall (V) (Music Department, 39 Stripes (1979))
Kieron Hawkes (Director, Fortitude (2015))
Ron Hays (I) (Visual Effects, Grease (1978))
Don Hall (I) (Sound Department, Firestarter (1984))
Martyn Hale (Actor, Coldwater (2013))
Chanin Hale (Actress, Synanon (1965))
Alan Halsall (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Sharon Hardy (I) (Miscellaneous, Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993))
Aaron Hall (XI) (Camera Department, Intrepid )
Logan Preston Hale (Actor, The Rider )
Allison Hale (I) (Actress, My American Cousin (1985))
Don Hale (I) (Camera Department, The Man in the Iron Cage (1983))
Don Hale (II) (Sound Department, Sugar Mountain (2016))
Jon Hale (Composer, Poor Sense of Direction (2008))
Don Hale (IV) (Self, Big, Bigger, Biggest (2008))
Don Hale (III) (Actor, Shooters (1989))
Don Hale (V) (Producer, 96 Souls (2016))
Clayton Halsey (I) (Editor, Bikini Squad (1993))
Cameron Hales (I) (Editor, Three Kings (2015))
Cameron Hale (Actor, Playground Town (2017))
Aaron Hales (Actor, Zeros (2012))
Cameron Hales (II) (Writer, Harence (2016))
Sharon Hales (Miscellaneous, Elevator (2011))
Aaron Haley
Cameron Haley (Actor, Art and Media in the Adventist World (2013))
Sharon Haley (Miscellaneous, Ernest Saves Christmas (1988))
Alan Noronha (Animation Department, Trolls (2016))
Kelvin Hale (Actor, Orange Is the New Black (2013))
Celia Rowlson-Hall (Miscellaneous, Ma (2015))
Ron Hauge (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
Aaron Hall (XXX) (Camera Department, Discarnate (2018))
Won-ha Lee (Actor, Yanuseu: Yongmangui du eolgul (2014))
Don Hale Jr. (Actor, Sister Code (2015))
Ron Harris (V) (Director, Aerobicise (1982))
Jon Haller (I) (Miscellaneous, 30 Rock (2006))
Hollin Haley (Actress, Into the Valli (2018))
Cameron Hayes (I) (Actor, Binge (2018))
Aron Hall (Set Decorator, Shhh (2012))
Ron Halper (Director, Judge Hatchett (2000))
Aaron Hall (IX) (Camera Department, Blood Money (2013))
Aaron Hall (XXXV) (Writer, AntiSocial (2016))
Aaron Hall (VIII) (Camera Department, Ryan & Ally (2011))
Aaron Hall (IV) (Assistant Director, Naked Beneath the Water (2006))
Aaron Hall (VI) (Production Designer, Dine and Slash (2010))
Kyron Hall (Actor, Swimming in a Lake of Fire (2010))
Aaron Hall (II) (Art Department, The House Next Door (2002))
Aaron Hall (V) (Producer, Exodus? (2009))
Aaron Hall (XXXI) (Assistant Director, This Neighbourhood (2016))
Byron Hall (II) (Actor, Better Off Single (2016))
Byron Hall (III)
Aaron Hall (XXV) (Miscellaneous, Pontypool (2008))
Aaron Hall (XV) (Camera Department, Shaken (2012))
Aaron Hall (XXII) (Camera Department, Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Challenge (2013))
Aaron Hall (XVI) (Production Designer, Otherwise (2012))
Aaron Hall (III) (Art Director, W.: The Lost Years! (2005))
Aaron Hall (XXIII) (Actor, Enameled (2013))
Aaron Hall (XVII) (Director, Beverley (2012))
Aaron Hall (XXXII) (Sound Department, Roy Drive (in development))
Byron Hall (I) (Actor, The Gunman (2004))
Daron Hall (Self, The Investigators (2000))
Aaron Hall (XVIII) (Writer, Pay No Mind (2012))
Aaron Hall (XXXIII) (Actor, Forever Faithful (2014))
Aaron Hall (XXIV) (Cinematographer, Angel of Death (2014))
Aaron Hall (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Ball Two (2017))
Aaron Hall (XXIX)
Aaron Hall (XXXVII) (Cinematographer, Rose Colored Glasses (2018))
Aaron Hall (XXVI) (Actor, Art & Libby (2015))
Aaron Hall (XXXIV) (Editorial Department, The Adventures of Napkin Man! (2013))
Jaron Hall (Miscellaneous, To Love & Support: The American Military Spouse (2015))
Aaron Hall (XXI) (Camera Department, Panic Button USA (2013))
Hyron Hall (Actor, Deceitful Storm (2008))
Aaron Hall (XIX) (Art Department, Game of Homes (2015))
Aaron Hall (XII) (Camera Department, Daddy Warblocks (2011))
Aaron Hall (XX) (Animation Department, Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004))
Aaron Hall (VII) (Camera Department, The Inner Shelf (2008))
Aaron Hall (X) (Cinematographer, UnStitched (2011))
Aaron Hall (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, The Paris Syndrome (2016))
Aaron Hall (XXXVI) (Editorial Department, Between Time (2018))
Aaron Hall (XIV) (Director, Anaheim Comic Con Highlights (2011))
Deron Hall (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Aaron Hall (XXVIII) (Camera Department, The Education Channel (2012))
Ron Halley (Transportation Department, My One and Only (2009))
Shannon Hale (II) (Writer, Austenland (2013))
Damarion Hall (Actor, Anger Management (2012))
Ron Haddrick (Actor, Quigley Down Under (1990))
Sharon Harel (I) (Producer, Lucky Number Slevin (2006))
Ron Haynes (IX)
London Hall (Actress, Bleed for This (2016))
Alex Van Halen (Soundtrack, Twister (1996))
Megan Haley (I) (Actress, Younger (2015))
Simeon Halligan (Director, Habit (2017))
Simon Hale (Music Department, L.A. Noire (2011))
Leon Halen (Editor, Finders Keepers (1928))
Don Hales (Self, Razing the Bar: A Documentary About the Funhouse (2014))
Joon-Ha Lee (Actress, Simya-ui FM (2010))
Joon-ha Lee (II) (Production Manager, In Her Place (2014))
Jason Hale (III) (Camera Department, Jessica Jones (2015))
Jason Hale (II) (Composer, One Night Stand (2015))
Joon-ha Lee (III) (Actor, Keopi peurinseu 1-hojeom (2007))
Joonha Lee (Producer, A Moment (2010))
Seon Ha Lee (Visual Effects, The Nut Job (2014))
G. von Halem (Actor, Die Maßnahme (1970))
Jon Haley (Actor, Last Call Food Brawl (2013))
Don Hale II (Camera Department, ABC's Wide World of Sports (1961))
Anton Hale (Actor, Door to Door (2017))
Jason Hale (IV) (Miscellaneous, Kendrick Lamar: These Walls (2015))
Leon Hales
Woon-ha Lee (Actor, Danjongaesa (1963))
Allison Hall (II) (Casting Department, A Quiet Place (2018))
Karen Hale (I) (Actress, The Inspector General (1949))
Aaron Hawley (Stunts, Pandemic (2016))
Dan Halsted (I) (Producer, Garden State (2004))
Ron Hayden (II) (Actor, Lear's Nonsense (2017))
Ron Hart (I) (Producer, According to Jim (2001))
Ron Hansen (I) (Writer, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007))
Aaron Hammond (I) (Actor, False Witness (2009))
Ron Hallstrom (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Sharon Hall (II) (Director, The Lot (1999))
Jason Halley (I) (Assistant Director, Ant-Man (2015))
Madison Hall (III) (Actress, Jane and Emma (2018))
Aaron Hawkins (I) (Director, Bad Guys (2016))
Ron Haydock (I) (Actor, Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966))
Sharon Harvey (I) (Actress, Airport (1970))
Ron Harner (Writer, Shady Glen (2017))
Simon Hall (III) (Actor, Skithouse (2003))

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