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Sam Rolfe (I) (Writer, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964))
Paul Rolfes (Actor, Being Mary Jane (2013))
Andy Rolfes (Actor, Chance (2016))
Rolfe Sedan (Actor, Ninotchka (1939))
Rolfes (Miscellaneous, The First Christmas (1998))
Sam Rolfe (II) (Sound Department, The Tint (2013))
Sammy Rolfes (Art Department, Aloha (2017))
Joe Wolfe Sams (II) (Art Department, Absolute Threshold (2015))
Joe Wolfe Sams (I) (Miscellaneous, The Guest List (2015))
Tom Rolfes (Self, Day of the Shark (2008))
Uwe Rolfes (Producer, Live Life Dearest (2014))
Chris Rolfes (Actress, What Women Want (2000))
Markus Rolfes (Composer, Eine Reise durch den Landkreis Vechta in 45 Minuten (2011))
Justin Rolfes (Stunts, Between Us (2012))
Jordan Rolfes (Writer, Dark of Day (2011))
Simon Rolfes (Self, Football on Five (1997))
Rolf Espenes (Self, Frimerket og fyret (2002))
Bart Rolfes (Actor, The Good Book (1997))
Andrea Rolfes (Actress, De schaduwlopers (1995))
Anne Rolfes
Winny Rolfes (Actress, Pauwen en reigers (2008))
Timmy Rolfes (Self, Day of the Shark (2008))
Conny Rolfes (Production Manager, Alice und der Aurifactor (1995))
Jude Rolfes (Producer, The Crack Down (2008))
Travis Rolfes (Actor, Venom (2012))
Belén Molfesa (Actress, Un elefante en banda (1990))
Sandro Molfesa (Actor, La educación prohibida (2012))
Hanli Rolfes-Opperman (Actress, Getroud met rugby (2009))
Anthony Rolfes (Director, The Sinners (2010))
Rolfe Schneider (Visual Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Cornelia Rolfes (Production Manager, Hear on to Howling, Hermann (1989))
Rolf E. Schenker (Actor, Das Vermächtnis des Inka (1974))
Timothy Rolfes (Actor, The Misteak (2010))
Charlotte Rolfes (Art Department, Only Lovers Left Alive (2013))
Stephan Rolfes (Director, 10 Jahre jünger (2009))
Rolf Esterhammer (Art Department, Money Train (1995))
Rolf Eschenbach (Writer, Pariser Journal (1961))
Camillo Rolfes (Art Department, Aloha (2017))
Hannah J. Rolfes (Actress, Happy Yummy Chicken (2016))
Chelsea Rolfes (Actress, Match Made in Radio (2014))
Soledad Molfesa (Actress, Un elefante en banda (1990))
Agustina Molfesa (Actress, Cuero Cabelludo (2017))
Henriette Becker Rolfes (Actress, Regel nr. 1 (2003))

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