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Dallas Roberts (I) (Actor, 3:10 to Yuma (2007))
Doris Roberts (I) (Actress, Everybody Loves Raymond (1996))
Roy Roberts (I) (Actor, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963))
Chris Roberts (II) (Producer, The Jacket (2005))
Davis Roberts (Actor, Westworld (1973))
Teroy Roberts (Actor, The Forgiven (2016))
Johannes Roberts (Director, 47 Meters Down (2017))
Lois Roberts (Actress, Broadside (1964))
Duke Davis Roberts (Actor, Justified (2010))
James Robertson Justice (Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968))
Wes Robertson (II) (Actor, Gone Are the Days (2018))
Robert S. Rose (II) (Self, The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power (1992))
Kurt S. Roberts (Producer, Petrified (2006))
Robert S. Rose (I) (Camera Department, High Art, Low Life (2004))
Robert S. Ross (Writer, What's a Carry On? (1998))
Douglas Roberts (I) (Actor, Patch Adams (1998))
David Jones-Roberts (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Zanna Roberts Rassi (Self, Under the Gunn (2014))
Sarah Jakes Roberts (Self, Hollywood Today Live (2015))
Thomas Roberts (II) (Actor, The Avengers (2012))
Tyler Roy Roberts (Actor, Prodigy (2018))
John Forbes-Robertson (Actor, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974))
Miles Roberts (III) (Production Designer, The Ghost (2018))
Chris Roberts (XXX) (Writer, Orphan Black (2013))
Paris Roberts (Actress, African Mystique (2019))
Dennis Robertson (I) (Actor, Combat! (1962))
Jules Robertson (Actor, Endeavour (2012))
Chris Roberts (VIII) (Sound Department, Fortitude (2015))
Iris Roberts (III) (Actress, Doctor Faustus (2012))
James Roberts (XIX) (Visual Effects, Everest (2015))
Chris Roberts (I) (Actor, Wenn die tollen Tanten kommen (1970))
Miles Roberts (IV) (Production Designer, First Dates (2013))
Luis Roberts (Production Manager, Clash of the Titans (1981))
Les Roberts (I) (Writer, Woo fook (1977))
Troy Roberts (II) (Producer, Unhinged (in development))
Mats Robert
John S. Robertson (I) (Director, The Girl of Today (1918))
Matthew James Roberts (Actor, Pups United (2015))
Chris Roberts (XXVIII) (Editor, Enemy Within (2014))
Doris Roberts (II) (Actress, Jealousy (1934))
Robert Srsen (Sound Department, Panika (2013))
Robert S. Ryan (Self, Het Kogelgat van Château St. Gerlach (2015))
Robert Sörling (Sound Department, Sound of Noise (2010))
Robert S. Riggi (Transportation Department, Blood Drive: The Short Film (2016))
Robert S. Reed (Actor, Streamers (1983))
Robert S. Rubin (Producer, Bam150 (2012))
Robert S. Robinson (Miscellaneous, The St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959))
Marits Roberts
Robert S. Rosenthal (Actor, Multiple (2008))
Miss Roberts (Actress, Vengeance Is Mine! (1916))
Travis Robertson (I) (Actor, Little Giants (1994))
James Roberts (XXIII) (Actor, Under the Cherry Tree (2013))
Chris Roberts (XVIII) (Actor, The Swordsman (1974))
Kris Roberts (Actor, Arbitrium (2019))
Lukas Roberts (Actor, In Your Face (2002))
Giles Roberts (I) (Actor, Road to F.A. Cup (2012))
James Roberts (XLIX) (Actor, Shadows Within (2003))
Rhys Roberts (I) (Actor, Being a Boy (2011))
Chess Roberts (Actress, Not for Me (2010))
John S. Roberts (Actor, The Perils of Pauline (1947))
Chris Roberts (LII) (Art Department, Rugrats Adventure Game (1998))
Miles Roberts (VIII) (Art Department, Wallis: The Queen That Never Was (2017))
Chris Roberts (V) (Self, Genesis: Together and Apart (2014))
Chris Roberts (XIII) (Camera Department, Gimme a Break! (1981))
Chris Roberts (XLII) (Actor, Torch (2010))
Chris Roberts (LXXXIII) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Chris Roberts (XL) (Self, Sky News: Sunrise (1989))
Chris Roberts (LXXVIII) (Actor, Bull (2016))
James Roberts (XLVII)
James Roberts (V) (Production Manager, Antonia's Line (1995))
James Roberts (XIII) (Camera Department, Voltage (2014))
James Roberts (LX) (Actor, El Gallo de Oro (2016))
James Roberts (XVIII) (Actor, The Scenic Route (2010))
Rhys Roberts (II) (Director, Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen (2017))
Chris Roberts (IV) (Music Department, Island (2011))
Chris Roberts (XX) (Producer, The Isle Nevis (2005))
Chris Roberts (LXIII) (Actor, The Babadook (2014))
Chris Roberts (LVII) (Art Director, American Grit (2016))
James Roberts (XLIII) (Writer, Tenants (2016))
James Roberts (XLVI) (Assistant Director, Infinite (2016))
James Roberts (LIII) (Producer, Mission Mudder (2017))
Nyles Roberts (Actor, Uncle Old School (2012))
Chris Roberts (LV) (Producer, Sting: Live in Berlin (2010))
James Roberts (XXXIV) (Producer, The 99 (2011))
James Roberts (XXXI) (Camera Department, Far from the Madding Crowd (2015))
James Roberts (XV) (Art Department, Grim Pickings (1989))
Chris Roberts (III) (Miscellaneous, U2: Rattle and Hum (1988))
Chris Roberts (IX) (Assistant Director, Bad Seed (2000))
Miles Roberts (II) (Director, Screenplay (2009))
Lucas Roberts (I) (Director, The Funyon (2013))
Miles Roberts (VII) (Actor, We Beefin' (2017))
Ines Roberts (Camera Department, Women in the Dirt: Landscape Architects Shaping Our World (2011))
Chris Roberts (LXXIII) (Camera Department, Red Bean Monday (2013))
Chris Roberts (XXII) (Editor, Crush (2005))
Chris Roberts (LIV) (Transportation Department, The Frankenstein Theory (2013))
Giles Roberts (II) (Sound Department, Nick & Seaton's Palace of Sexy Secrets (2012))
Chris Roberts (XLV) (Self, Only Connect (2008))
Denys Roberts (Writer, Law and Disorder (1958))
James Roberts (LII) (Miscellaneous, Cassandra French's Finishing School (2017))
James Roberts (LVIII) (Actor, El Gallo de Oro (2016))
Rhys Roberts (IV) (Director, Ugly Faces (2015))
Criss Roberts (Location Management, Collapse (2011))
James Roberts (L) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
James Roberts (XLIV) (Actor, Island Vibes (2015))
Les Roberts (VI) (Transportation Department, Boar (2017))
Ellis Roberts (II) (Miscellaneous, Countryfile (1988))
James Roberts (LXVI)
Emrys Roberts (Camera Department, Death Everlasting )
James Roberts (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Miami Vice (1984))
Miles Roberts (I) (Costume Designer, Repeaters (2010))
Chris Roberts (XLVIII) (Camera Department, The Lookalike (2014))
James Roberts (XLII) (Camera Department, Dead Air (2015))
James Roberts (XXIX) (Cinematographer, The Legend of the 5ive (2012))
Chris Roberts (XLIX) (Actor, Biebel's World (2011))
James Roberts (I)
James Roberts (XXXIII) (Actor, The Forbidden Dimensions (2013))
Carys Roberts (Assistant Director, Y Pris (2007))
Iris Roberts (II) (Costume Department, Gat Crazy (1998))
Wes Roberts (IV) (Camera Department, Uphill Both Ways (2009))
James Roberts (XL) (Art Director, My Christmas Wish (2014))
Lee S. Roberts (Soundtrack, Another Woman (1988))
Chris Roberts (XXIX) (Actor, Martin (1992))
Chris Roberts (L) (Producer, Echoes of the Past (2010))
James Roberts (XXVIII) (Actor, Magniloquent (2013))
James Roberts (III) (Location Management, Staggered (1994))
James Roberts (XXXII) (Miscellaneous, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012))
Chris Roberts (LXVIII) (Production Designer, A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo (2013))
Moss Roberts (Actor, Howl (2010))
Chris Roberts (XIV) (Producer, It's Only Temporary (1995))
Tavis Roberts (Visual Effects, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015))
Chris Roberts (XXIV) (Producer, Tranche de vie (2005))
James Roberts (VII) (Cinematographer, Darkstar: The Interactive Movie (2010))
James Roberts (LVI) (Producer, George Michael: Freedom (2017))
Wells Roberts (Actor, The Belle of Kenosha (1923))
Rus Roberts (Actor, Crowbar (2010))
Idris Roberts (Self, Britain's Closest Encounters (2008))
James Roberts (LVII) (Actor, Always on My Mind (2017))
James Roberts (XLV) (Actor, Perfect Piece (2016))
Chris Roberts (LXXVII) (Actor, Sweet Tooth (2015))
Chris Roberts (LXIX) (Music Department, Gintberg på kanten (2011))
Chris Roberts (XLI) (Actor, The Rusty Bucket Kids: Lincoln, Journey to 16 (2010))
James Roberts (XXX) (Camera Department, Synchronicity (2013))
Piers Roberts
Wes Roberts (V)
James Roberts (XXV) (Actor, Destined (2012))
Chad S. Roberts (Camera Department, RED (2010))
Chris Roberts (LI) (Miscellaneous, Kinect Sports: Season Two (2011))
James Roberts (XXXIX) (Casting Director, My Christmas Wish (2014))
Chris Roberts (LXVII) (Producer, Jordan's Story (2016))
Jas Robertson (Actor, You Tell Me (2006))
Les Roberts (II) (Miscellaneous, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Wes Robertson (I) (Location Management, Deadwood Park (2007))
Chris Roberts (XLVII) (Actor, The Unspeakable Act (2012))
Lewis Roberts (Actor, Perfect Sense (2011))
Chris Roberts (LXV) (Cinematographer, Oneirataxia )
Les Roberts (IV)
Chris Roberts (LXI) (Miscellaneous, Chasing Coral (2017))
Chris Roberts (X) (Art Department, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993))
James Roberts (II) (Costume Department, Last Action Hero (1993))
Jess Roberts (Actress, Vanishing Point (2013))
Chris Roberts (VII) (Production Manager, Milk & Money (1996))
Chris Roberts (XXVI)
Chris Roberts (LXII) (Actor, Rhythm & Blues (2000))
James Roberts (X) (Miscellaneous, True Love & Mimosa Tea (2005))
Miles Roberts (VI) (Actor, The Real Star of the Voice (2017))
Cris Roberts (Actor, Suspicion (1957))
Chris Roberts (XV) (Actor, Peak Practice (1993))
Chris Roberts (XXXIII) (Editorial Department, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005))
James Roberts (XXII) (Art Director, Big Man (2011))
Chris Roberts (XII) (Miscellaneous, Zigzag (1997))
Jas Roberts (Actor, Nightstand (2002))
Miles Roberts (IX) (Sound Department, Defining Moments (2018))
Lewes Roberts (Actor, Stella (2012))
James Roberts (LIV)
Iris Roberts (I) (Actress, Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge (1924))
Chris Roberts (XLIV) (Self, Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer (2010))
Chris Roberts (LVIII) (Editor, One Day in Smethwick (2013))
James Roberts (LXV) (Camera Department, BBC Inside Out (South) (2002))
Chris Roberts (XXV) (Actor, Pretty Sweet (2012))
James Roberts (XI) (Visual Effects, Paul (2011))
Chris Roberts (XXXIX) (Cinematographer, Street Paper (2012))
James Roberts (XLI) (Actor, Troubles and Strife (1985))
Chris Roberts (LXXII) (Actor, Shutter (2015))
Chris Roberts (LXX) (Actor, The Center (2015))
Chris Roberts (LXVI)
Chris Roberts (XVII) (Cinematographer, Noirland (2014))
Chris Roberts (LVI)
Yves Roberts (Actor, Clubfeet: Everything You Wanted (2012))
Lisa S. Roberts (Self, My Design Life (2011))
Chris Roberts (XXXVIII)
Chris Roberts (XXIII) (Art Department, Kinect Disneyland Adventures (2011))
Chris Roberts (XXXIV) (Transportation Department, Big Eyes (2014))
Luke S. Roberts (Self, Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire (2004))
Louis Roberts (I) (Production Manager, The House on Garibaldi Street (1979))
Chris Roberts (LXXXV)
Les Robertson (Actor, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969))
Chris Roberts (XXI) (Editorial Department, The Quest for Nutrition (2004))
James Roberts (XXVI) (Make Up Department, Summer Sunshine (2006))
James Roberts (XXVII) (Composer, Moving in Love (2012))
Chris Roberts (LXIV)

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