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Rick Barry (I) (Actor, Uncle Drew (2018))
Rick Barry (VI)
Rick Barry (III) (Self, Tattletales (1974))
Rick Barry (VII) (Actor, Prescient (2015))
Rick Barry (VIII) (Self, Fire and Water (2016))
Rick Barry (II)
Rick Barry (IX) (Camera Department, Lead Paint (2014))
Rick Barry (V) (Actor, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959))
Derrick Barry (Actor, Eminem: We Made You (2009))
Patrick Barr (I) (Actor, Octopussy (1983))
Jack Barry (V) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Rick Barry (IV) (Miscellaneous, Burn Down (2009))
Jack Barry (I) (Actor, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972))
Patrick Barry (X) (Editorial Department, Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018))
Nick Barry (I) (Actor, Kerion (2014))
Jack Barry (XVII) (Actor, Cuckoo (2012))
Mick Barry
Dick Barry (III) (Writer, The Aunty Jack Show (1972))
Dick Barry (II) (Writer, Evans Abode (1956))
Dick Barry (I) (Editor, The Zone (1995))
Nick Barry (II) (Miscellaneous, Impractical Jokers (2011))
Dick Barry (IV) (Production Manager, Handicapped: A Documentary About Bad Golf (2009))
Dick Barry (V) (Actor, Up a Creek (2011))
Patrick Barry (VII) (Editorial Department, Tracker (2001))
Patrick Barry (IX) (Writer, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills (1994))
Patrick Barry (IV) (Actor, Children First! (1996))
Patrick Barry (II) (Camera Department, Timeline (2003))
Patrick Barry (III) (Art Department, Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra (2002))
Patrick Barry (VI) (Director, The Morning Run (2008))
Patrick Barry (V) (Actor, Streets of Darkness (1995))
Patrick Barry (XI)
Patrick Barry (I) (Writer, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Patrick Barry (VIII) (Editor, Four in a Bed (2010))
Frederick Barry (Actor, Burke's Law (1963))
John Patrick Barry (Actor, Captain Phillips (2013))
Rick Barr
Nick Barrotta (Actor, Divorce Court (1999))
Rick Barker (I) (Stunts, Armageddon (1998))
Jack Barry (XV) (Actor, Catastrophe (2015))
Frederick Bartman (Actor, Six Shades of Black (1965))
Rick Barrett (III) (Actor, The Brain with Dr. David Eagleman (2015))
Patrick Barlow (Actor, Bridget Jones's Diary (2001))
Rick Barnett (Miscellaneous, Mom (2016))
Jack Barry (XII) (Miscellaneous, Secret History of Comics (2017))
Jack Barry (X) (Self, Hearst-Pathé News, No. 4 (1917))
Jack Barry (XI) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Jack Barry (XIII) (Actor, Gunman's Walk (1958))
Jack Barry (VI) (Actor, Ooops, teka lang... Diskarte ko 'to! (2001))
Jack Barry (IX) (Actor, Chubby Funny (2016))
Jack Barry (II) (Miscellaneous, Arthur the King (1985))
Jack Barry (III) (Assistant Director, Logan's Run (1977))
Jack Barry (IV) (Producer, Buffalo Gals (1942))
Jack Barry (VIII) (Sound Department, Mission Mars (1968))
Jack Barry (VII) (Casting Director, G.I. Blues (1960))
Jack Barry (XVI) (Cinematographer, Today's the Day (My Wedding Day) (2018))
Patrick Barra (I) (Producer, Afrik'aïoli (2013))
Patrick Barr (II) (Self, World's Most Daring Rescues (1997))
Erick Barroso (Actor, Thanksmas (2011))
Rick Barrett (I) (Art Department, Open Range (2003))
Rick Barrett (II) (Self, CNN Presents: The Bitter Pill (1994))
Rick Barrios (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Rick Barrio (Self, Revolt Live (2013))
Rick Barriga (Miscellaneous, Tomcat: Dangerous Desires (1993))
Patrick Barr (III) (Cinematographer, What Goes Around... (2010))
Patrick Barra (II) (Sound Department, The Cleanliness of Dirt (2018))
Rick Barrett (IV) (Miscellaneous, Ryse Victrix )
Krick Barraud (Costume Department, The Chosen (1998))
Rick Barreras
Rick Barram (Actor, The Killing of Mary Surratt (2009))
Rick Barreca
Nick Barr (VII) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Nick Barr (V) (Visual Effects, Hollywood Misconceptions (2013))
Nick Barra (Actor, Carmen (2002))
Nick Barre (Producer, Avalon Live in Concert: Testify to Love (2003))
Mick Barr (I) (Actor, River of Fundament (2014))
Nick Barr (II) (Camera Department, Lord of War (2005))
Nick Barr (I) (Music Department, The Hole (2001))
Nick Barr (IV) (Assistant Director, The Power of Our Presence (2014))
Nick Barr (III) (Director, The Carvers (2013))
Dick Barr (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Nick Barr (VI) (Soundtrack, Mifune: The Last Samurai (2015))
Mick Barr (II) (Composer, Parallel Planes (2017))
Brick Bard (Actor, Road to Saddle River (1994))
Rick Bartz (Actor, Body Parts (1992))
Rick Baron (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Rick Barns (Cinematographer, A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! (2011))
Rick Barela (Self, Cops (1989))
Nick Baric (Stunts, Skyscraper (2018))
Rick Barba (Writer, Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. (1991))
Nick Barron (I) (Producer, The Ring Cycle (2014))
Patrick Barnitt (I) (Miscellaneous, Se7en (1995))
Rick Barbarette (Actor, The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1992))
Rick Barnes (XIV) (Actor, Friday Night Lights (2006))
Roderick Barry (Writer, BBC Sunday-Night Play (1960))
Jonpatrick Barry (Set Decorator, Daiquiri (2018))
Rick Barnes (XVII) (Director, David Lynch: The Art Life (2016))
Chuck Barry (Actor, Interface (1985))
Rick Barker (II) (Editorial Department, Time Commanders (2003))
Barry Strickland (I) (Cinematographer, The Bay House (2019))
Nick Barratt (I) (Miscellaneous, Britain's Best Buildings (2002))
Barry Kibrick (Producer, Sci-Fi Trader (1994))
Dick Barrymore (Director, The Last of the Ski Bums (1969))
Rick Barone (Actor, The Dog Walker (2018))
Patrick Barraza (Cinematographer, Black Eyed Susan (2018))
Dick Balharry (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Nick Barrucci (Producer, The Boys (2019))
Rick Barlowe (Producer, All Eyez on Me (2017))
Patrick Bareis (Visual Effects, Thor (2011))
Rick Bartram (Producer, The Death of Ian Hall (2018))
Nick Barragan (Miscellaneous, Blood Father (2016))
Nick Barrett (III) (Director, Devil Town (2016))
Nick Barron (II) (Camera Department, The Things We've Seen (2017))
Nick Barrows (Miscellaneous, Demonoid 1971 (2015))
Dick Barris (Music Department, Second Sight: A Love Story (1984))
Chick Barratt (Actor, The Gamekeeper (1980))
Nick Barratt (II) (Producer, Turnout (2011))
Nick Barrios (Producer, Kenny Chesney: Unstaged (2012))
Mick Barrett (Animation Department, Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections: Stowaway! (1994))
Dick Barrett (I) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Nick Barrett (II) (Actor, Last Goodbye (2014))
Nick Barrett (IV) (Actor, The Heist (or the Calamitous Tale of How Donnie Lost His Dancing Abilities) (2015))
Nick Barrett (I) (Actor, Prodigal (2011))
Nick Barros (II) (Self, Weekends with Yankee (2017))
Dick Barrett (II)
Nick Barratt (III)
Dick Barrow (II) (Self, Great Canal Journeys (2014))
Nick Barbarro (Producer, SXSW Presents (2004))
Dick Barrow (I) (Self, Burlesque in Harlem (1954))
Nick Barrera (Music Department, Patton 2015 )
Nick Barrile (Camera Department, No Place to Fall (2014))
Nick Barruci
Dick Barron (II) (Thanks, Lost Heroes of World War One (2011))
Nick Barret (Camera Department, Yellow (1998))
Nick Barros (I) (Camera Department, Transformers (2007))
Dick Barron (I) (Actor, Islander (2006))
Nick Barrow (Editorial Department, All Star Squares (1999))
Nick Barranco (Actor, Tempted (2015))
Rick Barnes (IV) (Sound Department, April's Fool (2001))
Rick Barefoot (Special Effects, The Road to Wellville (1994))
Rick Barnes (V) (Miscellaneous, Joey (1982))
Rick Barnes (XIX) (Self, Still KD: Through the Noise (2017))
Rick Barnes (XII) (Miscellaneous, The Stone Boy (1984))
Rick Bartow (II) (Miscellaneous, Herb & Dorothy (2008))
Rick Barlow
Rick Bartel (Self, Raising Matty Christian (2014))
Patrick Baroz (Sound Department, Clando (1996))
Rick Barino (Actor, Kekohi (2008))
Patrick Bark (Producer, The IT Factory: The 2016 Elite 11 Story (2016))
Rick Baraff (IV) (Sound Department, Betrayed (2012))
Rick Barney (Cinematographer, Uncle Smiley's Comin' Home (2006))
Rick Barnes (IX) (Miscellaneous, Player 5150 (2008))
Rick Barnes (XV)
Rick Barker (III)
Rick Barnes (XI) (Actor, Transformation of Gerald Baumgartner (2009))
Erick Barbie (Actor, Buddies (2012))
Rick Bartle (Self, Frontline (1983))
Rick Barnes (I) (Director, The Enquirers (1992))
Rick Barnum (Special Effects, Rockula (1990))
Erick Baruti (Actor, Bongoland (2003))
Rick Barnes (X) (Composer, Out & Proud in Chicago (2008))
Rick Barnes (VI)
Patrick Barss (Art Department, Monkey Up (2016))
Rick Barnhart (Self, The F.B.I. Files (1998))
Patrick Baril (Composer, Shirley Ave. (2012))
Rick Barclay (Composer, The Conversation (2012))
Érick Barbier (Actor, Audition (2005))
Adrick Barnes (Sound Department, Benjamin (2007))
Erick Barba (I)
Rick Barnes Sr. (Producer, Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (2009))
Rick Barnes (XIII) (Actor, Date with a Hammer (2016))
Patrick Bard (Camera Department, Star Trek: Insurrection (1998))
Derick Barbaro
Rick Barber (Actor, Joe Killionaire (2004))
Patrick Barth (I) (Producer, Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon (2012))
Erick Barto (Producer, Los últimos (2017))
Rick Barham (Visual Effects, The NeverEnding Story (1984))
Patrick Barbe (Editorial Department, PAN! Our Music Odyssey (2014))
Rick Baraff (V) (Camera Department, Stuck )
Rick Baraff (II) (Assistant Director, Salut (2009))
Rick Barnes (III) (Actor, Romany Love (1931))
Rick Bartow (I) (Actor, Slow Jam King (2004))
Patrick Baran (Self, The Parking Lot Movie (2010))
Rick Barnes (VIII) (Actor, Oedipal Breakfast (1995))
Rick Barnes (XVIII)
Patrick Baron (Actor, Human Resources (1999))
Patrick Barth (II) (Actor, Human Resources (2014))
Rick Barnes (XVI) (Sound Department, Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003))
Rick Barlis (Editorial Department, Satellite (2005))
Darick Barnes (Actor, Theory of Revenge (2003))
Erick Baron (Actor, Sosefina (2019))
Rick Barton (Self, The Vikings Uncovered (2016))
Patrick Bartz (Actor, Mécanomagie (1996))
Patrick Baraf (Self, Zone interdite (1993))
Rick Bartsch (Camera Department, Razorback (1984))
Rick Baraff (III) (Writer, Acharya (2011))
Rick Barnes Jr. (Actor, The Importance of Doubting Tom (2016))
Rick Barahona
Rick Barker (IV) (Actor, Black Luck (2016))
Rick Baraff (I) (Miscellaneous, Trial and Error (1997))
Rick Barnes (II) (Actor, The Dark Side to Love (1984))

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