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Richard Pena (II) (Actor, Cuerpo de élite (2016))
Richard Peña (III) (Miscellaneous, The Purge: Anarchy (2014))
aka "Richard Pena"
Richard Pena (III)
Richard Peña (I) (Self, Acqua e zucchero: Carlo Di Palma, i colori della vita (2016))
Richard Pena (V)
Richard Penaflorida (Miscellaneous, Kinatay (2009))
Richard Pena (VIII) (Art Department, Reckoning (2014))
Richard Pena (VII) (Self, Eu Eu Eu José Lewgoy (2011))
Richard Penn (I) (Actor, Inspector Gadget (1999))
Richard Pryor (Actor, Superman III (1983))
Richard Petty (I) (Actor, Cars (2006))
Richard Perry (III) (Soundtrack, Thelma & Louise (1991))
Richard Pena (IX) (Self, The Poetry of Cinema: Abbas Kiarostami in Conversation with Richard Peña (2014))
Richard Pena (IV) (Camera Department, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story (2017))
Richard Pena (I) (Actor, The Laughing Dead (1990))
Richard Peel (I) (Actor, The Notorious Landlady (1962))
Richard Pepin (Producer, Mindstorm (2001))
Richard Pepple (Actor, Beasts of No Nation (2015))
Richard Pearson (II) (Actor, A Christmas Carol (1951))
Richard Pyros (Actor, Hacksaw Ridge (2016))
Richard Price (I) (Writer, Sea of Love (1989))
Richard Pepper (I) (Actor, The Same Sky (2017))
Richard Paul (I) (Actor, The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996))
Richard Peck (III) (Writer, Gas, Food Lodging (1992))
Richard Poe (Actor, The Peacemaker (1997))
Richard Pearce (I) (Director, Heartland (1979))
Richard Penna (Make Up Department, Sally Jessy Raphael (1983))
Richard Penty (Self, The Stuarts (2014))
Richard Penn (IV) (Miscellaneous, Rendition (2007))
Richard Penk (Actor, Twisted Showcase (2012))
Richard Penny (Actor, Sidetracked (2015))
Richard Peng (Animation Department, The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave (2016))
Richard Penn (III)
Richard Penn (II) (Sound Department, Restless Spirits (1999))
Richard Perry (VIII) (Visual Effects, Sherlock Holmes (2009))
Richard Petrocelli (Actor, We Own the Night (2007))
Richard Pears (I) (Actor, Ladies in Lavender (2004))
Richard Perry (I) (Actor, French Exit (1995))
Richard Pasco (Actor, Mrs Brown (1997))
Richard Pell (Music Department, Splice (2009))
Richard Portnow (Actor, Trumbo (2015))
Richard Price (XIX) (Actor, Arjun & Alison (2014))
Richard Pettyfer (Actor, Bleak House (2005))
Richard Peete (Producer, Blue Ruin (2013))
Richard Perez (XIII) (Actor, Boss (2011))
Richard Perez (II) (Actor, Vegas Vampires (2007))
Richard Pendrey (Actor, Yellow Dog (1973))
Richard Perez-Pena (Self, Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011))
Richard Pearson (I) (Editor, United 93 (2006))
Richard Pearsey (Writer, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017))
Richard Peterson (I) (Actor, Road Trip (2000))
Richard Pengelley (Director, Brink (in development))
Richard Press (I) (Director, 2÷3 (2000))
Richard Piper (I) (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017))
Richard Perello (Producer, Club Dread (2004))
Richard Perle (Self, The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004))
Richard Peden (Actor, Couchers (2012))
Richard Peck (V) (Thanks, By Royal Appointment (2012))
Richard Petric (Miscellaneous, Strange Man in Black (2018))
Richard Perry (XXIX)
Richard Pevo (Actor, Blood Is Thicker (2010))
Richard Perry (XXVII) (Cinematographer, Jesus Saves (2011))
Richard Perry (II) (Actor, Stormy Petrel (1960))
Richard Perry (XXX) (Camera Department, Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild (2013))
Richard Pearl (II) (Soundtrack, Ferdinand (2017))
Richard Percy (II) (Cinematographer, The Kenton Lead Blob* (2016))
Richard Perry (XXXIII) (Actor, The Forewarning (2011))
Richard Perry (XIII) (Transportation Department, Rabbit Fall (2007))
Richard Perry (XXVI) (Transportation Department, Singularity Principle (2013))
Richard Perry (XVII) (Camera Department, Ashes (2011))
Richard Petit (Producer, Les Jaunes (2014))
Richard Perl (Actor, Lux Video Theatre (1950))
Richard Perna (Actor, Sunshine Has Rain (2004))
Richard Perez (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Wang Fam (2015))
Richard Perry (V) (Transportation Department, Peacemaker (1990))
Richard Perez (XIV) (Cinematographer, After Ten Years: The Court and the Schools (1964))
Richard Perez (IX) (Actor, Rag Doll (2011))
Richard Peto (II) (Stunts, The Eagle (2011))
Richard Perry (XXV) (Miscellaneous, Only Seventeen (2012))
Richard Perow
Richard Peña (II) (Actor, Colapso Total )
Richard Perry (XVIII) (Art Department, The Impossible Elephant (2001))
Richard Perez (VII) (Actor, Electric Dreams (2017))
Richard Perez (XII) (Camera Department, Paper Dragons (1996))
Richard Perez (XVII) (Camera Department, Rumpelstiltskin (1995))
Richard Perez (V) (Composer, Fruit (2007))
Richard Pepe (II) (Actor, Boatman (1985))
Richard Perez (I) (Self, Life, Well Run (2012))
Richard Perez (XI) (Self, My Big Fat Fetish (2012))
Richard Perry (IV)
Richard Perry (XXI) (Writer, Falling... (2012))
Richard Peau (Actor, Bombastus Ballmann (1978))
Richard Perez (XV) (Actor, Landslide (2000))
Richard Peine (Actor, The Salena Incident (2007))
Richard Perez (VI) (Camera Department, SEXDOTCOM (2017))
Richard Perry (XXXIV) (Camera Department, About a Dog (2014))
Richard Perry (XXXVII) (Producer, Side Effects (2016))
Richard Pezet (Producer, Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (2008))
Richard Perry (XXIII) (Writer, Boketto-san in Love )
Richard Perry (XV) (Producer, Idiots Guide to Britain (2010))
Richard Pearl (I) (Producer, Alchemy (1995))
Richard Peak
Richard Perez (XVI) (Actor, Our Secrets (2012))
Richard Perry (XXXII) (Art Department, The Host (2013))
Richard Perri (Actor, Get a Date (2007))
Richard Perry (XXIV)
Richard Perin (Producer, The Coral Jungle (1976))
Richard Perry (XX)
Richard Perry (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Miss You Already (2015))
Richard Perez (III) (Camera Department, As Virgins Fall (2003))
Richard Petty (III)
Richard Perry (X) (Camera Department, Dirt Old Superstition (2016))
Richard Perry (XXXI) (Camera Department, My Brother the Devil (2012))
Richard Pehle (Actor, Broadcast News (1987))
Richard Peto (I) (Self, Horizon (1964))
Richard Perry (XII) (Cinematographer, The Beheld (2011))
Richard Perry (VI) (Sound Department, 1st Annual Directors Guild of Great Britain DGGB Awards (2004))
Richard Peck (I) (Actor, Brothers (1977))
Richard Perry (IX) (Actor, Calle 54 (2000))
Richard Pegg (Art Department, Finlay Rogers and the Toxic Megacolon (2015))
Richard Peer (Actor, The Ploughshare (1915))
Richard Perry (XI) (Camera Department, Silly Girl (2016))
Richard Perry (XXII) (Cinematographer, The Adventures of Dancin' Phil (2013))
Richard Pepe (I) (Actor, Holby City (1999))
Richard Pecha (I) (Actor, Beauty School (1993))
Richard Pears (II) (Producer, Him Indoors (2012))
Richard Percy (I) (Actor, Jengo Hooper (2013))
Richard Pecha (II) (Producer, The Adventure of a Worm: A Short Tribute to Mr. Aleister Crowley, the Magus (2008))
Richard Pett (Writer, Pathfinder Adventures (2017))
Richard Perry (XXVIII) (Director, The Pointer Sisters: Jump (For My Love) (1984))
Richard Perez (IV) (Actor, Marion Jourdan (2002))
Richard Peter (Self, Kiddy Contest (1995))
Richard Perks (Actor, Flamingo Close: Cass (2012))
Richard Pere
Richard Peach (Actor, Against the Innocent (1989))
Richard Perry (XIX) (Camera Department, The Smoke (2014))
Richard Perez (VIII) (Actor, Loverboy (2012))
Richard Perry (VII) (Camera Department, Swag (2015))
Richard Pedee
Richard Peck (IV)
Richard Peeke (Self, The Sanatorium (2012))
Richard Perry (XXXV) (Camera Department, Human Beings (2012))
Richard Peel (II) (Composer, Looking Backward (2014))
Richard Petty (II) (Art Department, D.O.A. (1988))
Richard Peck (II) (Music Department, Koyaanisqatsi (1982))
Richard Pekar (Actor, Neue Adresse Paradies (2013))
Richard Pace (I) (Actor, I Spit on Your Grave (1978))
Richard Parry (II) (Director, South West 9 (2001))
Richard Pearce (II) (Actor, Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992))
Richard Par (Producer, The Sandra West Diaries (2016))
Richard Prior (I)
Richard Partlow (Actor, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008))
Richard Pengelly (I) (Camera Department, The Sentinel (2006))
Richard Pryke (Sound Department, Slumdog Millionaire (2008))
Richard Pendleton (III) (Actor, Through Dark Glass (2016))
Richard Pennington (I) (Writer, The Firefighters (1975))
Richard Pendry-King (Actor, Perfect Life (2010))
Richard Pendelton
Richard Pencott (Miscellaneous, Bear Grylls: Mission Survive (2015))
Richard Penner (II)
Richard Penn-Sawers (Self, Horn (2014))
Richard Pennington (III) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Richard Penfold (Writer, Leaving (2008))
Richard Pennicuik (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Richard Penrose
Richard Pendleton (I)
Richard Penner (I) (Actor, Grave Reality (2015))
Richard Penrod (Art Department, The World's Fastest Indian (2005))
Richard Pendry (II) (Miscellaneous, The War Reporter (2010))
Richard Pennifold (Actor, Straight Out (2011))
Richard Pentney (Actor, Tunde's Film (1974))
Richard Pennington (II) (Actor, You're Under Arrest! (1996))
Richard Penhaligon (Actor, Soldier Soldier (1991))
Richard Pendry (I) (Producer, Ross Kemp on Gangs (2006))
Richard Pennington (IV) (Writer, Attack of the Killer Chihuahua (2009))
Richard Pennington (V) (Self, I Survived a Serial Killer (2013))
Richard Pengelly (II) (Visual Effects, Skinwalkers (2006))
Richard Pendersen
Richard Pengelly (III) (Actor, The Missing Link (2017))
Richard Carpenter (I) (Writer, Stanley's Dragon (1994))
Richard Carpenter (III) (Soundtrack, Better Off Dead... (1985))
John Richard Petersen (Actor, #1 Cheerleader Camp (2010))
Richard Panebianco (Actor, Born on the Fourth of July (1989))
Richard Spencer (X) (Miscellaneous, 4chan Smear Campaign Against Antifa (2017))
Richard Pryor Jr. (Miscellaneous, The Color Purple (1985))
Richard Perry Loving
Richard Pines (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Richard Pessagno (Actor, Those Lips, Those Eyes (1980))
Richard Pate (Producer, Out of the Fight (in development))
Richard Pates (Actor, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003))
Richard Pelzman (Actor, Unstoppable (2010))
Richard Platt (I) (Director, The Balfour Declaration (2017))
Richard Pinto (I) (Writer, Citizen Khan (2012))
Richard Pelmar (Editorial Department, Sr. Ávila (2013))
Richard P. Rubinstein (Producer, Pet Sematary (1989))
Richard Platt (IV) (Miscellaneous, Gods of Egypt (2016))
Richard Patrick (II) (Soundtrack, 2012 (2009))
Richard Poole (IV) (Actor, Coldwell Spring (2019))
Richard P. Penafiel (Miscellaneous, Third Eye (2012))
aka "Richard Penafiel"
Richard Page (V) (Soundtrack, MacGruber (2010))

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