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Richard Todd (I) (Actor, The Hasty Heart (1949))
Roy Lionheart (Thanks, 209 (2013))
aka "Richard Todd"
Richard Todd (XI) (Cinematographer, Frackman (2015))
Richard Handley (Actor, Finding Fortune (2016))
aka "Richard Todd Handley"
Richard Todd Sullivan (Actor, Outsider's Inn (2008))
Richard Todd (XXIII) (Director, Zanzibar (2015))
Richard Todd Adams (Actor, High Maintenance (2016))
Richard Todd (IV) (Special Effects, John Carter (2012))
Richard Tyson (I) (Actor, There's Something About Mary (1998))
Richard Topol (Actor, Lincoln (2012))
Richard Todd (XXV)
Richard Todd (XII) (Actor, Phil and Shaun: Filmmakers (2007))
Richard Todd (XVII)
Richard Todd (X) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Richard Todd (XIV)
Richard Todd (XXIV) (Art Department, Dark Places (2015))
Richard Todd (III) (Editor, Paperland: The Bureaucrat Observed (1979))
Richard Todd (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Victor Frankenstein (2015))
Richard Todd (II) (Costume Department, Shattered Spirits (1986))
Richard Todd (IX) (Miscellaneous, My Brother's Keeper (2004))
Richard Todd (V) (Actor, Busted Up (1986))
Richard Todd (VI) (Stunts, Enduring Love (2004))
Richard Todd (XV) (Miscellaneous, Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (2010))
Richard Todd (XVI)
Richard Todd (VII) (Assistant Director, Milk and Honey (1988))
Richard Todd (VIII) (Music Department, John Carter (2012))
Richard Todd (XXVI)
Richard Todd (XVIII) (Director, Journey to Fuerte Valley (2012))
Richard Todd (XIX)
Richard Todd (XXVII) (Writer, Spatula Head (2013))
Richard Todd (XXI) (Camera Department, Night Moves (2013))
Richard Thomas (I) (Actor, The Waltons (1971))
Todd Richards (I) (Actor, Out Cold (2001))
Richard T. Jones (I) (Actor, Event Horizon (1997))
Richard Toyon (Production Designer, Silicon Valley (2014))
Richard Toth (Actor, House of Cards (2013))
Richard Thorp (I) (Actor, The Avengers (1961))
Richard Todd Karroll (Self, Ace of Cakes (2006))
Richard Todd Rusano (Camera Department, Starf*cker (2019))
Richard Todd Aguayo (Writer, The Bridge (2006))
Richard Tolan (Actor, A Kind of Loving (1982))
Richard To
Richard Tyler (I) (Actor, It's in the Bag! (1945))
Richard Tyler (IX) (Producer, The Power of Words: Making a Difference One Person at a Time (2017))
Richard Todman (Sound Department, Chaos (2005))
Richard Thomson (V) (Actor, Lovesick (2014))
Richard Tanne (Writer, Southside with You (2016))
Richard Towers (II) (Actor, The Last House on the Left (1972))
Richard Toews (Actor, Patterson's Wager (2015))
Richard Tomlin (I) (Miscellaneous, Moment by Moment (1978))
Richard Tobin (I)
Richard Tatum (Actor, Fallout 4 (2015))
Richard Tatro (Actor, Pandora and the Magic Box (1965))
Richard Topping (I) (Director, Acting Up (2007))
Richard Terry (II) (Cinematographer, Cut from a Different Cloth (2017))
Richard Taylor (III) (Special Effects, King Kong (2005))
Richard Stoddard (I) (Cinematographer, Hinterland (2013))
Richard Thorpe (I) (Director, Knights of the Round Table (1953))
Richard Towns (Producer, Rulers of Darkness (2013))
Richard Touch (Art Department, Ready Player One (2018))
Richard Travis (I) (Actor, The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942))
Richard Touil (Producer, Doo Wop (2004))
Richard Tobin (II) (Producer, Erasing Family )
Richard Tovar (II) (Miscellaneous, Good Work (2015))
Richard Tokar
Richard Toye (Self, Mind Zone: Therapists Behind the Front Lines (2014))
Richard Tong (Producer, Old Man Flying Machine (2009))
Richard Towne
Richard Tofel (Miscellaneous, Frontline (1983))
Richard Toh (I) (Transportation Department, A Gurls Wurld (2010))
Richard Toone (II) (Actor, Hatton Garden the Heist (2016))
Richard Toler
Richard Toh (II) (Actor, Mister John (2013))
Richard Tock (Producer, Snow Blind (2006))
Richard Tow (Actor, Grave Mistake (2008))
Richard Tone (Self, Music for a Spring Night (1959))
Richard Toelk (Actor, All Aboard the Dreamland Choo-Choo (1964))
Richard Tovar (I) (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
Richard Tobbe (Actor, A leányasszony (1919))
Richard Toone (I) (Miscellaneous, The World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed (1998))
Richard Tollo (Self, History (2000))
Richard Tonge (II)
Richard Touma (Editor, Lady of the Palace (2004))
Richard Totah (Actor, Four 1 Liberation Front (2008))
Richard Tosaw (Self, 20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes (2007))
Richard Tonge (I) (Art Department, School for Seduction (2004))
Richard Tongo (Art Department, La florentine (1991))
Richard Torné (Self, Nostromo: El sueño imposible de David Lean (2017))
Richard Torry (Composer, The Legend of Leigh Bowery (2002))
Richard Tobar (Actor, Quicksand (2012))
Richard Tol (Thanks, Cool It (2010))
Richard Towes (Actor, I Was a Teenage WereTransvestite (2010))
Richard Tooro (Assistant Director, The Last King of Scotland (2006))
Richard Tom (Actor, Red Dead Redemption (2010))
Richard Tomán (Art Department, Swoon (2019))
Richard Tomás (Actor, Quero Morrer (2017))
Richard Tomar (Director, Hold All Mail (1995))
Richard Tuggle (I) (Writer, Escape from Alcatraz (1979))
Richard Tobin Jr. (Actor, Kill Everyone (2009))
Richard Trank (Producer, Against the Tide (2009))
Richard Te Are (Actor, Danger Close (2019))
Richard Trinder (Actor, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007))
Richard Trask (I) (Actor, Martin (1992))
Richard T.Odoom
Richard Todorov (Miscellaneous, Xun Long Jue (2015))
Richard Todaro
Richard Todoroff (Self, True Story (2015))
Richard Tognetti (Composer, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003))
Todd Richards (VIII) (Actor, The Gateway Experiment (2016))
Richard Tanner (I) (Actor, The Addams Family (1991))
Todd Richards (VII) (Self, Australian Story (1996))
Richard S. Todd (Writer, Clive (in development))
Todd Richards (IV) (Composer, The Bottom Line (2010))
Todd Richard (Camera Department, Hidden Heroes (2015))
Richard J. Todd (Miscellaneous, The Name of the Game Is Kill! (1968))
Todd Richards (VI) (Self, Iron Chef America: The Series (2005))
Todd Richards (V) (Self, MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge (2009))
Todd Richards (III)
Richard Trapp (I) (Actor, Cradle 2 the Grave (2003))
Richard True (Director, A View from the Top: KXOK in the Sixties (2003))
Sina Richardt (Actress, De tweeling (2002))
Richard Townsley (Actor, Tommy (2016))
Richard T. Olson (Art Department, Independence Day: Resurgence (2016))
Richard T. Heffron (Director, Futureworld (1976))
Richard Teverson (Actor, Spies of Warsaw (2013))
Richard Tse (Actor, Between (2015))
Richard Turner (XXXI) (Self, Dealt (2017))
Richard Tillman (I) (Actor, Superhero Movie (2008))
Richard Tucker (I) (Actor, The Squall (1929))
Richard Tretter (Actor, Combat! (1962))
Richard Th (Actor, Hentai kazoku: Aoi umi ni idakarete (2018))
Richard Turke (Producer, Watch This (2016))
Richard Tauber (I) (Actor, April Blossoms (1934))
Todd Richard Lewis (Director, Juiced (2006))
Richard T. Bear (Actor, Miami Vice (1984))
Richard Trethewey (I) (Self, Ask This Old House (2002))
Richard Taber (Writer, Two Fisted (1935))
Richard Boddington (Producer, Against the Wild (2013))
Richard Thompson (VII) (Soundtrack, Looper (2012))
Richard Tate (I) (Actor, Nowhere Boy (2009))
Richard Tomson (Make Up Department, Cannibal Fog (2014))
Richard Talmadge (Stunts, Jeep-Herders (1945))
Richard Tur (Director, Ajay (2013))
Richard Tavernaro (I) (Actor, 42 (2013))
Richard Thies (Actor, The Talisman (1966))
Todd Whichard
Richard Truett (Actor, The Odyssey (1997))
Richard Tate (II) (Actor, The Wild Scene (1970))
Richard Tomlinson (I) (Actor, Week in Week Out (1964))
Richard Taxy (Actor, Adam et Ève (1984))
Richard Townsend (II) (Actor, Light House (2009))
Richard Tyson (III) (Camera Department, Among the Shadows (2019))
Richard Topping (III) (Director, Attention Please (2018))
Richard Thaler (I) (Actor, The Big Short (2015))
Richard Townsend (VII) (Actor, The Way We Are (2017))
Richard Boddy (II) (Actor, To Know Him (2018))
Richard Tolibas (Actor, Eskandalo (2008))
Richard Torrez (Actor, Pizza and Whine )
Richard Topper (Camera Department, The Incorporated (2000))
Richard Tolman (II) (Actor, Love Realistically Speaking (2015))
Richard Torres (V) (Actor, Young Gods of the New City (in development))
Richard Tornheden (Camera Department, Två man om en änka (1991))
Richard Toaster (Special Effects, Showreel (2013))
Richard Torpey (I) (Actor, Crack House (1989))
Richard Torres (XI) (Actor, Down for the Barrio (1997))
Richard Tournois (Actor, La fleur de l'âge (2012))
Richard Townsend (VI) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Richard Torres (XIV) (Editor, Tiny Talent Time (2014))
Richard Tollkuhn (Art Department, King of the Hill (1993))
Richard Tonogai (Music Department, Canada: A People's History (2000))
Richard Torsney (Self, Unforgotten: The Story of Paul Pender (2016))
Richard Townsend (III) (Producer, World War One at Home (2014))
Richard Touillaux (Actor, Une chanson pour ma mère (2013))
Richard Tonini (Miscellaneous, The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy (1967))
Richard Toftness (Self, The 84th Annual Academy Awards (2012))
Richard Tomaselli (Actor, The Man Who is Talked About (1937))
Richard Tomlin (III) (Writer, Close Equivalent (2016))
Richard Tompsett (Miscellaneous, The Last Seduction: The Art of Seduction (2006))
Richard Tompson (Stunts, Wake of Death (2004))
Richard Tomlin (II)
Richard Tolcher (Self, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003))
Richard Toutounji (Self, The Amazing Race Australia (2011))
Richard Tomasson (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Richard Toscani (Self, 003064.XZ (2012))
Richard Toonen (Miscellaneous, De Zaak Menten (2016))
Richard Tomlinson (II) (Self, Arena (1975))
Richard Torigi (Actor, NBC Television Opera Theatre (1950))
Richard Torres (X) (Producer, Five @ 305 (2018))
Richard Topping (IV) (Editor, Size Matters (2018))
Richard Torres (IV)
Richard Torres (VII) (Sound Department, The Good Life (2017))
Diego Richard Torbay (Actor, La perrera (2006))
Richard Townrow (Actor, Thoroughbred (1936))
Richard Torres (IX) (Director, Jynxie (2016))
Richard Towers (I) (Camera Department, The Killing (1956))
Richard Townsend (IV) (Self, The Dales (2011))
Richard Tomkins (Producer, Silent Snow, Secret Snow (1964))
Richard Tokiyeda (Transportation Department, 20th Century Women (2016))
Richard Torres (VI) (Production Manager, Resolution Song (2018))
Richard Tonner

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