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Rene Simard (II) (Composer, Once Upon a Time in Ottawa (2003))
Rene Simard (I) (Composer, Get Ready (2004))
René Simard (Actor, J'ai mon voyage! (1973))
Marléne Simard (Actress, Le sens de l'humour (2011))
Liane Simard (Writer, Il était 6 fois (2016))
Martine Simard (II) (Miscellaneous, Sticky Notes (2010))
Hélène Simard (Costume Department, The Words (2012))
Diane Simard (Make Up Department, The Barbarian Invasions (2003))
Mariane Simard (Make Up Department, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (2017))
Océane Simard (Actor, MoonDaze TV (2011))
Mylène Simard (Writer, Dive (2013))
Karine Simard (I) (Camera Department, Timeline (2003))
Karine Simard (II) (Miscellaneous, Woofy (2004))
Martine Simard (I) (Animation Department, Woofy (2004))
Dayne Simard (Actor, La Tinque sacrée )
Geneviève Simard (Writer, The Disappearance (2017))
Suzanne Simard (II) (Producer, Biochar: Putting Carbon Underground (2012))
Stephane Simard
Stéphane Simard (I) (Director, L'appart du 5e (2013))
Caroline Simard (Actress, Kombat Kids: Mortal Kombat Begins (2015))
Suzanne Simard (I) (Special Effects, Punisher: War Zone (2008))
Marie-Anne Simard (Miscellaneous, Les manèges humains (2012))
Catherine Simard (Costume Department, Grande ourse (2003))
Alexiane Simard (Actress, Le trip à trois (2017))
Stéphane Simard (II) (Actor, Fm Youth (2014))
Marjolaine Simard (Actress, Un gars, une fille (1997))
Stéphane Simard (III) (Production Designer, L'appart du 5e (2013))
Andrée-Anne Simard (Actress, À l'aube (2011))
Marie-Geneviève Simard (Writer, Sashinka (2017))
Genevieve Simard (Writer, Les ménés (2004))
Dominic-Étienne Simard (Director, Paula (2011))
Antoine Simard-Legault (II) (Cinematographer, Caleb & Julien (2018))
Nicolas Dionne-Simard (Actor, Béliveau (2017))
Antoine Simard-Legault (I) (Director, 3/4 (2015))
Nicolas Lafontaine-Simard (Actor, Providence (2005))
Delphine Simard Montesinos (Art Department, La Tinque sacrée )