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Jools Holland (Actor, Spice World (1997))
Robert L. Poole (Director, The Exchange (2013))
Jamie L. Poole (Art Department, Vashon (2017))
Edward L. Poole (Actor, Iolanthe (1997))
Derren L. Poole (Composer, A Town Called Norris (1999))
Troy Woollan (Actor, Hot Fuzz (2007))
Adam Woollard (Actor, The Most Savage Wedding Ever (2018))
Rasool Mollagholi Poor (Director, Parvaz dar shab (1987))
Molly Pool (Costume Department, She's Allergic to Cats (2016))
Pool Lopez (Actor, Puro Mula (2011))
Olly Poole (Camera Department, Whitechapel (2009))
Mark Woollard (Special Effects, The Avengers (1998))
Charlotte Woollams (Actress, Mirror, Mirror (1995))
Meika Woollard (Actress, At the Next Roundabout Turn Left (2011))
Tony Woollard (I) (Art Department, The Man in the Iron Mask (1998))
Liverpool Ladies F.C. (Self, The Women's Football Show (2013))
Emma Woollard (Actress, Where the Heart Is (1990))
Holly Poole (Actress, Turnt (2018))
Sampo Ollila (Art Department, Suomen hauskin mies (2018))
Collin Poole (Actor, Playing Your Part 1 Diversity in the Workplace (2012))
William Woollard (Producer, Ghosthunters (1996))
Jean Woollard (Actress, The Borderers (1968))
Rick Woollard (Camera Department, Annihilation (2018))
India Woollard (Actor, At the Next Roundabout Turn Left (2011))
Ali Mollagholi Poor (Director, Dowry's Sugar Bowl (2015))
Janet Woollacott (Actress, Quelques pas dans les nuages (1963))
Holly Woollard (Director, Inferno VR (2017))
Bella Woolley (Actor, Displacement (2010))
Roberto Olla (Miscellaneous, Melancholia (2011))
Sadie Woolland (Actress, Extraordinary Women (2011))
Anne Woollams (Actress, The Maintenance of Silence (1985))
Les Woollam (Sound Department, Juniper Jungle (1992))
Ella Woollgar (Camera Department, The Guest (2013))
Nick Woollard (Camera Department, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014))
Sunfool Lau (Art Department, Trumpet Man (2016))
Polly Woollard (Actress, Lard (2004))
Azim Moollan (Cinematographer, Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan (2015))
Allan Woolley
Alan Woollard (Self, Formula 1: BBC Sport (2009))
Tony Woollard (II) (Editor, Eustace and Hilda (1977))
Pablo Ollaro (Actor, Concierto para piano y padre (o concierto para hijo y orquesta) (2003))
Jade Woollard (Actor, Only Once (2005))
Aamil Moolla (Self, Are We There Yet?: World Adventure (2007))
John Woollard (Location Management, Home Alone (2017))
Phil Woollams (Sound Department, Waka Huia (1992))
Alex Woollatt (Miscellaneous, Lads (2016))
Tony Woollams (II) (Actor, Horizons Crossing (2011))
Rehan Moolla (Self, Are We There Yet?: World Adventure (2007))
Tony Woollams (I) (Sound Department, In the Shadow of King Lear (1996))
Joanne Woollard (Set Decorator, Gravity (2013))
Hollis Liverpool (Actor, Calypso Dreams (2003))
James Collier Pool (Actor, Carrascolendas (1970))
Blackpool Lights
Pooneh Nasrollahnia (Animation Department, Voltron (2016))
Pat Poole-Parrilla (Self, Charivari: A Fashion Uproar (2019))
Paul Lawrence-Poole (Actor, Late Expectations (1987))
Shallamar Poole (Visual Effects, America's Sweethearts (2001))
Lullabella Poole (Actress, Centrum Cerny Most, Prague (2011))
Moonpools & Caterpillars (Self, RockVideo Monthly (1993))
Sebastiano Olla (Producer, Kidney and Apple (2016))
Saleh Abdollahpoor (Art Director, Mr. Abdi's Direct Negotiations (2015))
Nasrollah Zamanpoor (Actor, Rooz-e didani (1994))
Zabihollah Zabihpoor (Actor, Hadaf (1975))
Brendan Woollard (Editor, Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson (2011))
Claypool Lennon Delirium (Self, The Late Late Show with James Corden (2015))
Karl J. Woollaston (Visual Effects, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Stephen Woollard (Miscellaneous, Batman Begins (2005))
Robert Woollard (II) (Actor, The Fall of the House of Usher (1950))
Shaheen Moolla (Self, Carte Blanche (1988))
Peter Woollaston (Actor, When I Was a Girl (1988))
Ben Woollaston (Self, World Championship Snooker (1973))
Matthew Woollard (Director, The Hike (2014))
Terry Woollard (Self, Arena (1975))
Harry Woollacott (II) (Camera Department, The Kitty Kat Killer (2018))
Geoffrey Woollard (Self, Farming Diary (1959))
Harry Woollacott (I) (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Brian Woollard (Actor, Death by Death (2010))
Jessica Woollard
Simon Woollard (Writer, Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon (2012))
Nataleigh Woollams
Robert Woollard (I) (Self, Uranium (1990))
Keith Woollard
Alexander Woollatt
Tatiana Woollaston (Self, Snooker Shoot-Out (2011))
Kenneth Woollam (Miscellaneous, Meeting Venus (1991))
Nicholas Woollard (Camera Department, Sexy Beast (2000))
Martin Woollacott (Self, War Stories (2006))
Jeanine Woollard (Self, Fantasmes! Sexe, fiction et tentations (2013))
James Woollard (Special Effects, The Bourne Supremacy (2004))
Janneke Doollard (Producer, Morro dos Prazeres (2013))
Eric Woollard-White (Producer, The Revenger: An Unromantic Comedy (2018))
Michael Woollard (Camera Department, Death Wish 3 (1985))
Danny Woollard (Self, The End (2008))
Kenneth Woollard (Writer, Operation Disaster (1950))
Nikki Woollaston (Miscellaneous, Gypsy: Live from the Savoy Theatre (2015))
Dean Woollacot (Actor, S.O.S. Galw Gari Tryfan (2008))
Timna Woollard (Make Up Department, Where the Heart Is (1990))
Victoria Woollard (Art Department, Who's Cooking with Florence Henderson (2013))
Natasha Woollard (Self, Majesty & Mortar: Britain's Great Palaces (2014))
Trevor Woollaston (Art Department, The Night Flier (1997))
Ralph Woollaston (Art Department, Cyborg (1989))
Samarroo Llalchan (Transportation Department, A History of Violence (2005))
Simon Woollaston (Actor, Love and Coffee (2017))
Arturo Ollandini (Camera Department, Bill Bailey: Tinselworm (2008))
Chris Woollard (Producer, At Close Range (2011))
Bruno Ollanketo (Actor, Jouluksi kotiin (1975))
Richard Woollatt (Actor, Fragile (2007))
Alison Woollard (Self, The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (2010))
Mohamed Moolla (Editor, Sandow (2018))
Carly Woollard (Miscellaneous, Becky Watts: Killed for Kicks (2017))
Rodrigo Ollarzo (Special Effects, Face of Terror (2004))
Sebastino Olla
Steven Schoolland (Miscellaneous, Frank en Eva (1973))
Harriet Woollard (Costume Department, The Ugly Duckling (2013))
Mickey Woollard
Carolyn Woollard (Miscellaneous, Neighbours (1985))
Ronald Woollam (Visual Effects, Mantecoza (2014))
Amy-Sha Woollard (Self, Granada Reports (1992))
Ariana Vanderpool Wallace (Self, The Black Line (2016))
María José Pool Castellanos (Actress, Murmurante en el Umbral de lo Escénico (2015))
Nasrollah Poor-Aliakbar (Costume Designer, Molke Soleiman (2010))
Maisie Woollard-White (Miscellaneous, Gatecrash (2018))
Jasper Ronconi-Woollard (Actor, Four Hostiles in a Hostel (2018))
Cheryl Gillam Woolley
Ezzatollah Fooladvand (Self, Vaght-e khoob-e masaeb (2006))
Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra (Music Department, Me and Orson Welles (2008))
All American High School & College Basketball Teams (Self, The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (1956))

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