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Edward Platt (I) (Actor, North by Northwest (1959))
Edward Atterton (Actor, The Man in the Iron Mask (1998))
Brett Edwards (Actor, American Sniper (2014))
Matt Edwards (V) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005))
Edward Platt (IV) (Actor, I Was a Male War Bride (1949))
Edward Platt (II) (Actor, Crestfallen (2015))
Edward Platt (III) (Actor, Johnny Shiloh (1963))
Matt Edwards (VI) (Editor, The Indelible )
Edward A. Blatt (Director, Between Two Worlds (1944))
Matt Edwards (XII) (Actor, Last of the Living (2009))
Matt Edwards (XXXI)
Matt Edwards (IX) (Director, Confusion & Ignorance (2006))
Matt Edwards (XXV) (Actor, Tip-Off (2016))
Matt Edwards (XVII) (Editorial Department, Territory Cops (2012))
Matt Edwards (XXII) (Producer, Waiting for Silence (2005))
Matt Edwards (XXIII) (Actor, Night of the Living Dead (2014))
Matt Edwards (XXIX)
Matt Edwards (III) (Actor, Film 101 (2005))
Matt Edwards (XXXIX) (Special Effects, Tip-Off (2016))
Matt Edwards (XLIV) (Writer, Imagination (2018))
Matt Edwards (XXVII) (Producer, Not So Super (2015))
Matt Edwards (I) (Editorial Department, Water Rats (1996))
Matt Edwards (XXXIII) (Camera Department, The Fallout Shelter (2016))
Matt Edwards (XVIII) (Actor, Acid Rain (1998))
Matt Edwards (XXXVI) (Editor, Not Today Bianca (2016))
Matt Edwards (XLI) (Editor, Embers (2018))
Matt Edwards (XXVIII) (Actor, AeroFighters Assault (1997))
Matt Edwards (XXX) (Cinematographer, FBE Sketches (2015))
Matt Edwards (XIV) (Visual Effects, Twelve (2011))
Matt Edwards (XLII) (Visual Effects, Theo & Celeste (2018))
Matt Edward (Producer, Hootie & The Blow Fish: Live in Charleston - The Homegrown Concert Event (2006))
Matt Edwards (XLV) (Art Director, Imagination (2018))
Matt Edwards (XXXVII) (Actor, Event Zero (2017))
Matt Edwards (II) (Producer, Wigs (2014))
Matt Edwards (XL) (Actor, Model Citizen (2018))
Matt Edwards (XXI) (Self, The Indestructibles (2011))
Matt Edwards (XV) (Sound Department, Mark of the Veil (2013))
Matt Edwards (X) (Actor, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (2008))
Matt Edwards (VIII) (Editorial Department, Stone Temple Pilots: Alive in the Windy City (2012))
Matt Edwards (XI) (Editorial Department, Psychoanalysis (2015))
Matt Edwards (XXIV) (Self, The Amazing Race Philippines (2012))
Matt Edwards (VII) (Set Decorator, Pubroom Paranoia (1996))
Matt Edwards (XX) (Self, Funny Business (2013))
Matt Edwards (XIII) (Camera Department, Sweetheart (2010))
Matt Edwards (XIX)
Matt Edwards (XXXVIII) (Self, Lorraine (2001))
Matt Edwards (XXVI) (Visual Effects, Kapara (2018))
Matt Edwards (IV) (Miscellaneous, Cash Cab (2005))
Matt Edwards (XXXIV) (Actor, Jacob (2017))
Matt Edwards (XLIII) (Camera Department, The Runner (2014))
Matt Edwards (XVI) (Camera Department, Snow (2013))
Edward Patten (I) (Self, American Bandstand (1952))
Scott Edwards (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy (2010))
Edward Patten (II) (Producer, Sumi (2013))
Scott Edward Logan (Actor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))
Edward Slattery (II)
Edward Slattery (I) (Cinematographer, Temps (1999))
Scott Edwards (XXXIV) (Director, Master Hoa's Requiem (2015))
Scott Edwards (XXIV) (Visual Effects, Snap Factory (2011))
Scott Edwards (IX) (Transportation Department, The Contractor (2007))
Scott Edwards (IV) (Actor, Case for the Defence (1978))
Scott Edwards (XXVI) (Director, The Fix (2010))
Scott Edwards (XXIX) (Camera Department, The Dangers of Online Dating (2017))
Scott Edward (Actor, Worst Friends (2014))
Scott Edwards (X) (Camera Department, Until Death (2007))
Scott Edwards (XXXVI) (Miscellaneous, Breaking Band (2015))
Scott Edwards (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Lions in Waiting (2017))
Scott Edwards (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Resurrection: Prison Break (2017))
Scott Edwards (III) (Actor, Tokyo Joe (1949))
Scott Edwards (XXXVII) (Art Department, Witch Child (2016))
Scott Edwards (XX) (Actor, Taken Live (2010))
Scott Edwards (V) (Make Up Department, Hallettsville (2009))
Scott Edwards (XIV)
Scott Edwards (I) (Transportation Department, My Cousin Vinny (1992))
Scott Edwards (VIII) (Actor, Mindwarp (1992))
Scott Edwards (XXXV)
Scott Edwards (XVI) (Actor, The Firm (2012))
Scott Edwards (VI)
Jett Edwards (Actor, Love in Tokyo (2015))
Scott Edwards (XL) (Producer, Gotham Stories (2016))
Scott Edwards (XXIII) (Art Department, At the Concert Hall (2008))
Scott Edwards (XXV)
Scott Edwards (XXXI) (Self, This Old House (1979))
Scott Edwards (XV) (Writer, The Profile (2010))
Scott Edwards (XXII) (Camera Department, Scanned (2010))
Scott Edwards (XVIII) (Actor, Dr. Wanker's Short Adventures (2017))
Scott Edwards (XXX)
Scott Edwards (II) (Actor, Teachers (2001))
Scott Edwards (XXXIII) (Writer, Polly Mermaid )
Scott Edwards (XXXIX)
Scott Edwards (XXXII) (Actor, Malaria Hysteria (2017))
Scott Edwards (XIII) (Director, Notes from a Scaresmith (2009))
Scott Edwards (VII) (Actor, Rock Star Vets (2015))
Scott Edwards (XI) (Assistant Director, Silence Living in Houses (1999))
Scott Edwards (XII) (Editorial Department, 1234 (2008))
Scott Edwards (XXVII) (Self, Ghost Bird (2009))
Edward Patterson (Animation Department, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005))
Edward Platero (Cinematographer, Imprint (2011))
Matt Edwards-Davies (Camera Department, Still Life (2005))
Scott Edward Collins (I) (Art Department, Independence Day (1996))
Edward Platenburg (Actor, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015))
Edward Attenborough (VI)
Edward Attenborough (IV) (Director, Black Mau (2017))
Edward Attenborough (III)
Edward Nattenberg (Actor, The Inheritance (2011))
Edward Attenborough (V)
Edward Attenborough (II)
Edward Attenborough (I)
Scott Edward Russell (Actor, Ray Meets Helen (2017))
Scott Edward Lambert (Actor, Burn Notice (2007))
Barrett Edward Gardner
Scott Edward Casey
Jason Scott Edwards (Actor, Edge of Normal (2013))
Jeff Scott Edwards (Producer, The Mooring (2012))
Scott Edward Morris (I) (Actor, Thelma )
Elliott Edwards (Miscellaneous, The One Show (2006))
Emmett Edwards (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
M. Scott Edwards (Producer, Mistaken (2008))
Scott Edward Morris (II) (Art Department, Daddy's Home (2015))
Barrett Edwards (Actor, Over the Wake (2016))
Herbert T. Edwards (Miscellaneous, Park Avenue Logger (1937))
Jarrett Edward (Actor, Brooke Candy: Opulence (2014))
Scott Edward Allen (Actor, The Next Step Beyond (1978))
Scott Edward Hunter (Self, Cleo Bachelor of the Year (2000))
Shea Scott Edwards
Scott Edward Collins (II) (Miscellaneous, Andre (1994))
Julie Scott Edwards (Director, It's Hard (2000))
Luke Scott Edwards (Actor, Cracker (1993))
Mark Edward Patterson (Actor, Boston Common (1996))
Edward Mrbygz Patterson (Cinematographer, Animal (2018))
Oliver Scott Edward Benton (Cinematographer, The Road, The Beach and The Sea (2014))
Michael McConnohie (Actor, The Big O (1999))

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