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Maria Persson (I) (Actress, Pippi in the South Seas (1970))
Persson Marq
Maria Persson (II) (Art Department, Kammaren (2007))
Maria Persson (IV)
Maria Persson (III) (Transportation Department, Operation Ragnarök (2018))
Sissa Persson-Maresch (Make Up Department, Skenbart: En film om tåg (2003))
Marie Persson (Actor, Young & Alone (2018))
Mari Persson (Art Department, Fyra år till (2010))
Maria Andersson (I) (Actress, Haluan rakastaa, Peter (1972))
Ann-Marie Persson (Miscellaneous, Anderssonskans Kalle (1972))
Jerson Maria (Art Department, My Binondo Girl (2011))
Maria Persson Asmark (Actress, Min Bedste og Eneste (2017))
Ewa-Maria Persson (Miscellaneous, Sensoria (2015))
Marianne Persson (II) (Actress, Lyckoruset (2008))
Marianne Persson (I) (Production Manager, Honungsvargar (1990))
Zacharia Persson (Writer, Star Drunk (2013))
Linda Nilsson Mariam (Director, Maria & Magdalena's Lullaby (2009))
Ann-Marie Andersson (Art Department, Jul i Kapernaum (1995))
Marilyn Persson (Actress, Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa (2010))
Marie-Sophie Persson (Actress, La polizia è al servizio del cittadino? (1973))
Marie Länne Persson (Music Department, Tiden är en dröm, del 2 (2014))
Marianne Andersson (Editorial Department, Rancid (2004))
Marianne Pettersson (Actress, Starkare än lagen (1951))
Maria M Andersson
Maria Andersson (V) (Actress, Hagström: Allt I Musik (2003))
Maria Andersson (VII)
Maria Andersson (VIII) (Actress, Charlotte Löwensköld och Anna Svärd (1981))
Maria Pettersson (I) (Animation Department, Robin (1996))
Maria Andersson (IV) (Animation Department, Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll på svindlande äventyr (1991))
Maria Andersson (IX) (Miscellaneous, Bland Tistlar (2005))
Maria Andersson (VI)
Maria Pettersson (II) (Self, A-talk (1990))
Maria E. Pettersson (Actress, Huvudvärk (2016))
Eva Maria Tersson (Actress, L'innocenza ed il piacer (1987))
Maria Petersson (Actress, Bauhaus - Broken Wings (2006))
Maria Andersson (III)
Maria Andersson (II) (Writer, Nattflykt (1999))
Marianne Persson Franck (Actor, Regnbuebyen (1990))
Björklund Jönsson Maria (Actress, Lukas (2011))
Rose Maria Andersson Køhler (Miscellaneous, Dicte (2012))
Maria Kristoffersson (Costume Department, Din jävla idiot!! (2005))
Maria Hopkins Pettersson (Miscellaneous, Svartsjön (2016))

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