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Siw Paulsson (Actress, Désirée (1954))
Carlos Paulsson (Actor, Johan Falk: Kodnamn: Lisa (2012))
Erik Paulsson (I) (Producer, A Mother's Love (2012))
Anna Paulsson (Art Department, Beck (1997))
Mats Paulsson (Actor, En episod under boxarupproret i Kina år 1900 (1969))
Elin Paulsson (Costume Designer, Crap Date (2013))
Anja Paulsson (Actress, Gabriel Klint (2017))
Erik Paulsson (II) (Writer, St: Lars (2011))
Göran Paulsson (Actor, Dom kallar oss rasister (2010))
Rose Paulsson (Actress, The Inclination: Zombie Invasion (2013))
Mac Paulsson (Self, Landträume (2011))
My Paulsson (Actress, Kill Team (2013))
John Paulsson (Art Director, Deathly Kiss (2012))
Clay Paulsson (Actor, Casimir Effect (2011))
Hans Paulsson (Sound Department, Parneviks oscarsparty (1989))
Emry Paulsson (Actress, Studierektorns sista strid (1986))
Magnus Paulsson (Producer, Inbrottet (2015))
Paul Sonesson (Art Department, Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (1982))
Robin Paulsson (Actor, Morgonsoffan (2008))
Thomas Paulsson (Actor, Jag är Maria (1979))
Daniel Paulsson (Visual Effects, Man of Steel (2013))
Fabian Paulsson (II)
Katarina Paulsson (III) (Animation Department, Prick och Fläck Ser stjärnor (2011))
Katarina Paulsson (I) (Animation Department, Prick och Fläck på fläcken (2013))
Katarina Paulsson (II) (Animation Department, Prick och Fläck - Sjön suger (2011))
Mattias Paulsson (Camera Department, Höök (2007))
Diana Paulsson (Actress, Katt-Tricket (2009))
Hanna Paulsson (Art Department, Hallåhallå (2014))
Matilda Paulsson (Actress, PewPewPew (2018))
Steve Paulsson
Fabian Paulsson (I)
Andreas Paulsson (Cinematographer, Leka gömme (2018))
Mari-Louise Paulsson (Miscellaneous, The Three Friends... and Jerry (1999))
Anders Paulsson (Music Department, Gossip (2000))
Rickard Paulsson
Francis Paulsson (Producer, For Some Food (2010))
Christian Paulsson (Director, Cuckoo (2010))
Tobbe Paulsson (Actor, Välkommen till Rågsved (1998))
Niclas Paulsson
Vera Andersson Paulsson (Actress, Sent på jorden (2011))
Kalle Paulsson (Art Department, Wallander (2005))
Mikael Paulsson (Music Department, Lovisa och Carl Michael (2005))
Fanny Paulsson (II) (Actor, Vinterfågel (2017))
Lauritz Paulsson (Actor, Balletten danser (1938))
Johan Paulsson (II) (Actor, Uppvaknandet (2016))
Gene David Paulsson (Actor, Bad Company (1980))
Niklas Paulsson (Producer, Behind Hidden Masks (2013))
Johannes Paulsson (Music Department, Ett öga rött (2007))
Calle Paulsson (Camera Department, IFBB Mr. Olympia XXIII (1987))
Jessica Paulsson (Miscellaneous, The Wilderness (2010))
Cecilia Paulsson (Camera Department, Becker - Kungen av Tingsryd (2017))
Linnea Paulsson (Art Department, Dessa Lund (2010))
Simon Paulsson (Actor, Lithivm (1998))
Johan Paulsson (I) (Sound Department, Buying Genes (2014))
Berno Paulsson (II)
Fredrik Paulsson (I) (Camera Department, Lust (1994))
Louise Paulsson (Actress, Robins (2006))
Kajsa Paulsson (Art Department, Allrams höjdarpaket (2004))
Martin Paulsson (Sound Department, För Maria (2009))
Fanny Paulsson (I) (Actress, Fruits of Our Labour (2015))
Fredrik Paulsson (II) (Actor, Soldaten som log (2014))
Marcus Paulsson (Camera Department, My Friend (2009))
Hannes Paulsson (Visual Effects, Ovärdet (2014))
Berno Paulsson (I) (Sound Department, Vita hästen (2000))
Henrik Paulsson (Music Department, Sweaty Beards (2010))
Malin Appelgren Paulsson (Self, Landträume (2011))
Lars-Christer Paulsson (Sound Department, Den 5:e kvinnan (2002))
Lisa Karinsdotter Paulsson (Actress, Nasty Old People (2009))