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The Isley Brothers (Soundtrack, Okja (2017))
The Markley Brothers (Music Department, Homeless in Hollywood (2011))
The Buckley Brothers (I) (Producer, The Christian Fury (2009))
Ashley Brothers (Actress, Asleep in a Storm (2013))
The Buckley Brothers (II) (Writer, The Christian Fury Vs. the Evil Negro (2010))
The Manley Brothers (Self, NWA/AWS: Bart's Late Birthday Bash (2006))
The Stanley Brothers (Soundtrack, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000))
Barkley Brothers (Composer, My Mother's Shoes (2013))
Pale Pony Brothers (Actor, Tatort (1970))
Lynsey Brothers (Actress, Beneath (2007))
The Honey Brothers (I) (Self, The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950))
The Jeffrey Brothers (Self, Cut N' Dry Talent TV (2014))
The Dubey Brothers
The Honey Brothers (III) (Soundtrack, Adventures of Power (2008))
The Mercey Brothers (Soundtrack, Stranger Things (2016))
The Honey Brothers (II) (Director, Three Cherries (2006))
The Dorsey Brothers (Soundtrack, King of the Hill (1993))
The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (Soundtrack, Pennies from Heaven (1981))
Jonathan Paley (I) (Miscellaneous, Adaptation. (2002))
aka "The Paley Brothers"
Andy Paley (I) (Music Department, Dick Tracy (1990))
aka "The Paley Brothers"

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