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Patrick O'Connell (I) (Actor, The Brothers (1972))
Patrick O'Connell (II) (Actor, Iron Man (2008))
Patrick McConnell (I) (Director, How Not to Work & Claim Benefits... (and Other Useful Information for Wasters) (2016))
Patrick O'Connell (III) (Actor, The Endless Summer 2 (1994))
Patrick O'Connell (IV) (Self, Top Chef (2006))
Patrick O'Connell (VII) (Actor, The Things I've Seen (2010))
Patrick O'Connell (XI) (Self, Let the Record Show (2013))
Patrick O'Connell (VI) (Actor, The Call (2008))
Patrick O'Connell (V) (Actor, Return to Houdek: Live at the Grand (2010))
Patrick O'Connell (X)
Patrick O'Connell (IX)
Patrick O'Donnell (IX) (Actor, The Fading Light (2009))
Kennell Patrick
Patrick McDonnell (III) (Actor, Moone Boy (2012))
Patricia O'Connell (Actress, Passed Away (1992))
Joseph Patrick O'Connell (Actor, For Summer, And )
Patrick J. Donnelly (Cinematographer, Divergence (2007))
Patrick Connelly (II) (Actor, Soft Toilet Seats (1999))
Patrick McConnell (II) (Producer, Wake Up with Al (2009))
Patrick Connell (VI) (Editor, Celebrate Israel Parade (2013))
Patrick G. McConnell (Art Department, The Family Man (2000))
Patrick Connell (III) (Actor, Fade in (2015))
Patrick Connelly (III) (Actor, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012))
Patrick Connell (V)
Patrick Connell (IV) (Producer, Chess (1992))
Patrick Connell (VII) (Assistant Director, Recoil (2015))
Patrick Connell (VIII) (Actor, Rid (2012))
Patrick Connell (II) (Actor, Thugs, the Musical! (2011))
Patrick Connelly (VIII)
Patrick Connell (I) (Actor, Thugs, the Musical! (2011))
Patrick Connelly (IV) (Self, The Gospel According to Berkeley (1992))
Patrick McConnell (III) (Director, The Retiree (2015))
Patrick Connelly (I) (Art Department, Tomorrow by Midnight (2001))
Patrick Connelly (VI) (Producer, Untitled eSports Project (in development))
Patrick Connell (IX) (Composer, The Night I Died (2017))
Cornell Patrick (Actor, Money Back Guarantee (2016))
Chris Patrick O'Connell (Visual Effects, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Patrick Donnelly (I) (Actor, The Cider House Rules (1999))
Patricia B. McConnell
Patrick O'Conner (I) (Miscellaneous, Fast Lane to Vegas (2000))
Patrick O'Conner (V) (Miscellaneous, Bobblehead (2016))
Patrick Read O'Conner (Actor, Intergalactic Combat (2007))
Patrick O'Conner (II) (Actor, Walking in LA (2012))
Patrick O'Conner (VI) (Camera Department, House Hunters and Gatherers (2016))
Patrick O'Conner (IV) (Actor, A Man Walks Into a Bar (2014))
O'Conner Patrick (Producer, Gross Habits (2015))
Patrick Connely (Art Department, The Amityville Horror (2005))
Patricia Connelley (Actress, Mountain Mafia (2012))
Patricia G. McConnell (Actress, Fletch Lives (1989))
Patricia McConnell (Miscellaneous, Johnny Handsome (1989))
Patrick O'Donnell (XII) (Producer, FNMTV Premieres (2008))
Patrick Donnelly (VII)
Patrick O'Donnell (III) (Miscellaneous, Murder in Mind (2001))
Patrick O'Donnell (XXI) (Actor, BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950))
Patrick O'Donnell (VIII) (Sound Department, Extreme Parking (2013))
Patrick Donnelly (V) (Actor, French and Saunders (1987))
Patrick O'Donnell (V) (Art Department, Down to Earth (2000))
Patrick O'Donnell (XIV) (Actor, Spark (2010))
Patrick Donnelly (XI)
Patrick O'Donnell (VII) (Producer, Dark Assassin (2005))
Patrick Donnelly (II) (Camera Department, Into the Wild (2007))
Patrick O'Donnell (XIX) (Actor, One Last Time (2015))
Patrick O'Donnell (VI) (Self, Shootout! (2005))
Patrick O'Donnell (X) (Actor, Because It Is Bitter )
Patrick O'Donnell (II) (Actor, Knocknagow (1918))
Patrick O'Donnell (XX) (Self, The Real Inglorious Bastards (2012))
Patrick McDonnell (XIII) (Miscellaneous, The Stream (2013))
Patrick Donnelly (III) (Actor, Golgotha (2008))
Patrick O'Donnell (XVIII) (Sound Department, Page-Jumper (2018))
Patrick Donnelly (IX) (Self, Disaster Playground (2015))
Patrick O'Donnell (XV) (Self, The Best Government Money Can Buy? (2009))
Patrick O'Donnell (I) (Actor, Good Will Hunting (1997))
Patrick McDonnell (VIII) (Art Department, Up (2009))
Patrick O'Donnell (XVII) (Cinematographer, Extreme Houseboats (2012))
Patrick Donnelly (XII) (Camera Department, Box Office (2017))
Patrick O'Donnell (XXII) (Camera Department, The Killer in the House (2016))
Patrick McDonnell (VI) (Writer, The Savage Eye (2009))
Patrick O'Donnell (XIII) (Actor, Rebel Heart (2001))
Patrick Donnelly (X) (Actor, KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid (2013))
Patrick McDonnell (II)
Patrick Donnelly (VIII)
Patrick McDonnell (VII) (Actor, Second Round (2006))
Patrick O'Donnell (XXIII) (Sound Department, Lewis & Klarq (2016))
Patrick Donnelly (VI) (Editor, Percy Street BBQ (2009))
Patrick McDonnell (I) (Editorial Department, The Secret Adversary (1983))
Patrick McDonnell (X) (Editorial Department, Welcome Home Patrick (2009))
Patrick O'Donnell (XI) (Cinematographer, Led Zeppelin Played Here (2014))
Patrick McDonnell (XII) (Actor, Slacker 2011 (2011))
Patrick O'Donnell (IV) (Art Department, Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994))
Patrick MacDonnell (Actor, Nigger Night (1981))
Patrick O'Donnell (XVI) (Camera Department, Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story (2015))
Patrick McDonnell (XI) (Actor, In the Days of Saint Patrick (1920))
Patrick McDonnell (V) (Actor, Butcher Boys (2012))
Patrick Kelly Donnelly (Music Department, To the Wonder (2012))
Patrick McDonnell (IV) (Transportation Department, The Wild Man of the Navidad (2008))
Patrick Donnelly (IV) (Visual Effects, Take Shelter (2011))
Patrick Ian McConnell (Actor, Sock Monkey Stories (2013))
Michael Patrick Conner (Art Department, John Adams (2008))
Sean Patrick Michael O'Connell
Patricia Dawn McConnell
Shawn Patrick O'Donnell (Actor, Nancy Picks & Chooses (2008))
Ryan Patrick O'Donnell
Ryan Patrick O'Donnell (Actor, Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove (2005))
Patrick Cardinal O'Donnell (Self, Faith of Millions (1927))
Paddy O'Connell (I) (Self, Celebdaq (2003))