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France Nuyen (Actress, Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973))
Lauren Francesca (Actress, #Lucky Number (2015))
Karen Frances (II) (Actress, Alterscape (2018))
Steven France (Actor, Perfect Life (2010))
Lauren Frances (I) (Actress, Bright Day! (2010))
Ken Frances (Actor, Beasties (1991))
Karen Frances (I) (Assistant Director, Delroy Kincaid (2009))
Allen Frances (Self, Cause of Death: Unknown (2017))
Karen Frances (IV)
Ellen Frances (I) (Director, Light Boxes (in development))
Ellen Frances (II)
Madysen Frances (Actress, Empty Space (2016))
Vu Van Franco Nguyen (Director, Broken Wood (2009))
Frances Nguyen (Miscellaneous, Weird, True & Freaky (2008))
Kathleen Frances (II) (Producer, Save the Cat! (2016))
Kathleen France (Actress, Celebrity Deathmatch (1998))
Steven Franceschi
Kathleen Frances (I) (Producer, Save the Cat! (2016))
Lauren Frances (V) (Actress, The Mysterious Artist (2014))
Lauren Frances (III) (Actress, Worlds on Fire (2013))
Lauren Frances (II) (Actress, Tobi (2011))
Helen Francell (Actress, One Touch of Venus (1948))
Kirsten Frances (Actress, The Red Death (2018))
Karen Frances Ng (Self, Miss World 1990 (1990))
Maureen France (Self, Somebody's Gotta Do It (2014))
Darren Frances (Actor, Spud (2010))
Stephen Frances (Actor, The American Success Company (1980))
Damien Frances (Actor, Poursuite (2010))
Lauren Frances (IV) (Actress, Miss Earth (2014))
Karen Frances Smith (Costume Department, The Musketeers (2014))
Eden Frances Scott (Actress, Panopticon (2017))
Francesca Than Van Nguyen (Actress, Immortal Lights (2010))
Kristen Frances Millard (Costume Department, Drift (2013))
Helen Frances Jorgensen (Director, Ultimate Warrior Challenge 21 (2012))
Helen Frances Newcomb
Alfons Reginald Stephen Frances

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