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Niklas Johansson (III) (Camera Department, Let the Right One In (2008))
Niklas Johansson (I) (Actor, Show Me Love (1998))
Niklas Johansson (V) (Cinematographer, Det ordet finns inte (2006))
Niklas Johansson Näslund
Niklas Johansson (VI) (Camera Department, Hoppet (2007))
Niklas Johansson (IV) (Sound Department, Kyrkogårdsön (2004))
Niklas Johansson (II) (Miscellaneous, Bit by Bit (2002))
Niklas Johansson (IX) (Composer, Bravo 6556 (2017))
Niklas Johansson (VII) (Writer, Mannequins (2014))
Niklas Johansson (VIII) (Editorial Department, Jävla pojkar (2012))
Niklas Johannesson (Actor, Paraknas (2015))
Douglas Johansson (Actor, The Impossible (2012))
Klas Johansson (Actor, Crying in the dark (2018))
Tomas Johansson (III) (Actor, Dillon Francis & Nghtmre: Need You (2016))
Niklas Jonsson (Miscellaneous, Huldra: Lady of the Forest (2016))
Niclas Johansson (III) (Actor, Halvdan Viking (2018))
Niclas Johansson (I) (Camera Department, Titta mamma jag dansar (2012))
Niclas Johansson (II) (Actor, Uti bôgda (2016))
Nicholas Johansson (Actor, DU och JAG (2017))
Jan-Niklas Jansson (Cinematographer, Presidentintekijät (2014))
Nicklas Johansson-Näslund (Miscellaneous, Vuxna människor (1999))
Per 'Texas' Johansson (Music Department, Monica Z (2013))
Tobias Johansson (I) (Transportation Department, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))
Jonas Johansson (III) (Actor, Bread and Circus (2003))
Thomas Johansson (XV) (Self, Här är ditt kylskåp (1992))
Thomas Johansson (XVIII) (Actor, Tornado Alley (2014))
Lars-Jonas Johansson (Actor, Blodgruppen (2006))
Thomas Johansson (II) (Art Department, Far til fire - tilbage til naturen (2011))
Tomas Johansson (IV) (Actor, Prime Suspects (2018))
Andreas Johansson (IV) (Actor, De fyra sista (2010))
Tobias Johansson (III) (Sound Department, De Professionella (2014))
Jonas Johansson (VI) (Art Department, Player (2012))
Mattias Johansson (VII)
Thomas Johansson (XVI) (Location Management, Bury Me in the Backyard (2014))
Jonas Johansson (V) (Producer, Zomedy (2011))
Tobias Johansson (IV) (Production Designer, Elkland (2009))
Andreas Johansson (VI)
Mathias Johansson (III) (Actor, Wallander (2005))
Mattias Johansson (I) (Actor, Den svarta filmen (1995))
Jonas Johansson (I) (Actor, Nya tider (1988))
Tobias Johansson (II) (Miscellaneous, Från pärleport till rock'n'roll (2014))
Andreas Johansson (I)
Thomas Johansson (XIII)
Thomas Johansson (IV) (Sound Department, Meningen med alltihopa (2006))
Mattias Johansson (III) (Miscellaneous, Let the Right One In (2008))
Elias Johansson (II) (Actor, Dyke Hard (2014))
Mattias Johansson (V) (Editor, Tjuvarnas jul (2011))
Mathias Johansson (IV) (Stunts, Irene Huss (2007))
Thomas Johansson (X) (Self, Full Bricka (2008))
Thomas Johansson (XIV) (Music Department, I kveld med YLVIS (2011))
Mattias Johansson (II) (Music Department, Bäst före?! (2006))
Thomas Johansson (III) (Sound Department, Augustitango (1996))
Elias Johansson (I) (Actor, Losers (2013))
Jonas Johansson (IV) (Sound Department, Lyckoruset (2008))
Thomas Johansson (XII) (Editor, Leka med elden (2004))
Thomas Johansson (XVII)
Thobias Johansson (Actor, Paradise Hotel (2005))
Mattias Johansson (VI) (Actor, Madison (2013))
Jonas Johansson (II) (Sound Department, Sjätte dagen (1999))
Tomas Johansson (II) (Actor, Songs from the Second Floor (2000))
Thomas Johansson (VIII) (Actor, Amatörer (2018))
Andreas Johansson (V) (Visual Effects, Äkta människor (2012))
John Thomas Johansson (Actor, Robo-Kickboxer - Power of Justice (1992))
Mathias Johansson (I) (Actor, Fallet Paragon (1994))
Thomas Johansson (IX) (Self, Kuutamolla (2001))
Mathias Johansson (VI) (Director, The Journey Down: Over the Edge (2012))
Mattias Johansson (IX) (Visual Effects, The Angel (2018))
Thomas Johansson (XI)
Andreas Johansson (VII) (Self, Sundown: 19 (1997))
Mattias Johansson (VIII) (Actor, Zombienoid (2002))
Tomas Johansson (I) (Actor, Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (1962))
Andreas Johansson (II) (Producer, Jag är alltid Josef (2005))
Elias Johansson (III) (Camera Department, The Cake General (2018))
Andréas Johansson (Producer, Let's Dance (2006))
Mathias Johansson (V) (Special Effects, Flimmer (2012))
Thomas Johansson (V) (Self, BingoLotto (1989))
Thomas Johansson (VII) (Art Department, Göta kanal 3 - Kanalkungens hemlighet (2009))
Thomas Johansson (VI) (Actor, Biography (1987))
Andreas Johansson (III) (Miscellaneous, Arn: Tempelriddaren (2007))
Mattias Johansson (IV) (Art Department, The Inclination: Zombie Invasion (2013))
Thomas Johansson (I) (Actor, Outrage (1980))
Elias Johansson (IV) (Sound Department, Systrar (2018))
Niklas Hansson (Producer, The Slim Unibröw Story (2013))
Klaus Johansson (Actor, Rendez-vous à Kiruna (2012))
Elias Johansson-Miller (Actor, Waiting Without Her (2013))
Bertel Andreas Johansson (Sound Department, Baby Doom (1998))
Andreas Johansson Heinö (Self, Betnér Direkt (2012))
Mattias Johansson Skoglund (Producer, Losers (2013))

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