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Nichelle Nichols (Actress, Star Trek (1966))
Michelle Nicholson (I) (Actress, The Pillow Book (1996))
Rachel S. Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Hydra (2009))
Michelle Nicholas (I) (Actress, Baywatch (1989))
Michelle Nichols (V)
Michelle Nichols (I) (Actress, Den eho dromo na diavo (1968))
Nichole Michelle (II)
Michelle Nichols (II) (Writer, It's All About the Shoes (2008))
Michelle Nicholson (II) (Actress, Bare Knuckle (2007))
Michelle Nichols (III) (Actress, Rocket Man and the Aerial Fortress (2013))
Michelle Nicholson (III)
Michelle Nichols (IV) (Producer, The Last Champion (2018))
Michelle Nichols (VI) (Actress, Detectives Club (2015))
Michelle Nicholson (IV) (Producer, Edge of Darkness: Full Circle (2017))
Nichole Michelle (I) (Actress, The Imperfect Method (2013))
Michelle Nicholson (V) (Transportation Department, The Brothers Statue (2016))
Michelle Nichols (VII) (Self, From Pueblo to Pompeii (2011))
Nichole Mitchell (Miscellaneous, To Write Love on Her Arms (2012))
Shellee Nichols (Actress, Fool in the Headlights (2005))
Nichole Heller (Cinematographer, Batman: A Bat Date (2018))
Michelle Echols (I) (Miscellaneous, Smooth Law (2011))
Michelle Echols (II) (Self, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996))
Michelle Nicholls (Make Up Department, Fish Don't Blink (2002))
Michelle Nichol (Soundtrack, Californication (2007))
Nicholas Schelle (Director, Pantomimus (2003))
Michelle Nichola (Actress, The Two-Wheeled Time Machine (1997))
Michelle McNicholas (Miscellaneous, Starstruck (2009))
Michelle Nicholasen (Producer, Frontline (1983))
Nicholas DiMichelle (Visual Effects, The Hidden (2018))
Michelle Nicholas (II) (Miscellaneous, Casting By (2012))
Michelle Nicholas-Wright
Michelle Nicholas Inoscencio (Actor, Curtains (2008))