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Harold Nicholas (I) (Actor, Kid Millions (1934))
Nicholas Haro
Lee Nicholas Harris (Actor, World War Z (2013))
Nicholas Harrison (II) (Stunts, Pathfinder (2007))
Nicholas Harsin (Actor, Speechless (2016))
Nicholas Hart (II) (Actor, Flying Man (2014))
Nicholas Hart (I)
Nicholas Hart (III)
Nicholas Hart (VII) (Producer, Zero Miles to Empty (2017))
Nicholas Hart (VI) (Editor, Bloke Fears (2016))
Nicholas Hart (V) (Actor, War Horse (2014))
Nicholas Hart (IV)
Harold Nicholas (II) (Set Decorator, Own Your Stupidity (2018))
Nicholas Harrison (I) (Actor, Heaven's a Drag (1994))
Nicholas Marolda
Nicholas Harvell (Actor, This Christmas (2007))
Nicholas Harman (Self, Midweek (1972))
Nicholas Harper (Actor, The Boy Who Never Went Ice Skating (2012))
Nicholas Harding (Producer, Cochochi (2007))
Nicholas Harrison (III) (Actor, The City Beyond Moonrise (2008))
Nicholas Harris (VII) (Self, Air Emergency (2003))
Nicholas Harder (Actor, Spectropia (2006))
Nicholas Harwood (II) (Director, It's Okay to Cry (2017))
Nicholas Harvey (I) (Actor, A Room for Romeo Brass (1999))
Nicholas Harris (VI) (Camera Department, Scamps & Goons (2015))
Nicholas Harwood (I) (Actor, The 13th Day (2009))
Nicholas Harpee (Actor, Selling in the 21st Century (2005))
Nicholas Harms (Director, New Genre (2014))
Nicholas Hardaway (Actor, Seekers of the Statue (2003))
Nicholas Harlash (Actor, Cossacks in Exile (1939))
Nicholas Hargis
Nicholas Harris (IV) (Actor, Focus (2015))
Nicholas Haraszty (Art Director, Divine Enmity (2012))
Nicholas Hartman (II) (Miscellaneous, Hearts Beat Loud (2018))
Nicholas Hargous (Actor, Untitled Crispin Hellion Glover Project )
Nicholas Harrigan
Nicholas Harris (II) (Actor, A Broken Code (2012))
Nicholas Harris (VIII)
Nicholas Harris (III) (Actor, Money Kills (2012))
Nicholas Harmon (Actor, Laguna Beach: A Love Affair (1995))
Nicholas Harvey (VI) (Camera Department, The Contender (2013))
Nicholas Harazin (Actor, Chicago P.D. (2014))
Nicholas Hartzell (Actor, Don't Lose Sight (2013))
Nicholas Harford (Self, Who Is Jacques Johnson (2017))
Nicholas Harvey (II) (Actor, Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001))
Nicholas Harmantzis (Composer, Casual Acquaintances (2008))
Nicholas Harness (Actor, You People (2017))
Nicholas Hardenburg (Sound Department, Shadows (2007))
Nicholas Harvey (VII) (Animation Department, Lefty & Boomer (2016))
Nicholas Hardland (Assistant Director, Rip Tide (2017))
Nicholas Harrison (V)
Nicholas Harrison (IV) (Actor, Iron Soldier (2010))
Nicholas Harsh
Nicholas Harvey (VIII) (Self, Blank Surfaces (2000))
Nicholas Harris (X) (Actor, Fallin' for Lucy (2016))
Nicholas Harvey (IV) (Director, Hell Hath No Fury (2010))
Nicholas Harney
Nicholas Hartman (I) (Director, Giving Up the Ghosts (2011))
Nicholas Harris (IX)
Nicholas Hartley (Actor, The Veil of the Temple (2003))
Nicholas Harvey (III) (Producer, The Day I Met Blake (2009))
Nicholas Hardy (Miscellaneous, Front Row Boston (2014))
Nicholas Harpiee (Actor, Richard III (2007))
Nicholas Harris (I) (Location Management, The Land Girls (1998))
Nicholas Hartford (Actor, Between Waves (2018))
Nicholas Harvey (V)
Nicholas Harris (V) (Sound Department, Ella Bella Bingo (2011))
Sharon Nicholas (II) (Costume Department, Sunset Beach (1997))
Sharon Nicholas (I) (Make Up Department, Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018))
Nickolas Harold Potter (Writer, Overland (in development))
David Nicholas Hartmann (Writer, A Dolphin in Our Lake )
Nicholas Harris-Miner
Nicholas Harley Naismith (Actor, Waterloo Road (2006))

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