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First Aid Kit (Soundtrack, Wild (2014))
Sam Firstenberg (Director, One More Chance (1983))
Aleks Alifirenko Jr. (Actor, João, o Maestro (2017))
The First (II) (Self, Nuorten tanssihetki (1960))
Jiri First (Stunts, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003))
Jordan Firstman (Actor, The Disgustings (2014))
Ninni Fires (Actress, The Rules of Attraction (2002))
Lauri First (Miscellaneous, The 3rd Annual Family Television Awards (2001))
The First (I) (Actor, Enas magas sta salonia (1969))
Kirsten Fi-Fi Imrie (Actress, The Rainbow Thief (1990))
Frenchi Firecracker (I) (Actress, The Last Thing He Wanted (2019))
First Light
Or First (Composer, Savage the Man (2017))
Didi Fire (Actor, Dissolution (2010))
Otomi Fire (Miscellaneous, Shiawase-sô no Okojo-san (2001))
Ali Firend (Camera Department, Fruit Delivery (2012))
Jennifire Fagerholm (Actress, Svunnen kärlek (2003))
Lauri Firstenberg (Producer, are the green fields gone? (2017))
Sergei Firstov (Miscellaneous, The Inner Circle (1991))
Jean First (Visual Effects, Ioa (2013))
Firstryke (Composer, The Last Slumber Party (1988))
First Five (Self, Pilipinas Got Talent (2010))
Sean First (Art Department, House of the Witch (2017))
Leon First (Composer, Dualizem (2018))
Sam First (Art Department, Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001))
KoKo First (Self, Sprockets & Splices (2009))
Don First (Actor, Prison-A-Go-Go! (2003))
Brad First (II) (Actor, Murder Rap (1987))
A. Firstov (Actor, Khleb - imya sushchestvitelnoe (1988))
Ruth First
Guy First (Cinematographer, Different (2017))
Bree First
Brad First (I) (Production Manager, Los Lonely Boys: Texican Style - Live from Austin (2004))
First Unit
Joe First (Composer, Send My Mail to Nashville (2013))
FirstCom (Soundtrack, Under the Sand (2000))
Hugo First (Actor, Absolute Beginners (1986))
Feet First (Sound Department, Five by Five (2017))
Ibi Firestone (Actress, Gebürtig (2002))
Anita First (I) (Producer, Elvira's Movie Macabre (2010))
Joe Firstman (Actor, The Ranch (2016))
Davi Fireman (Self, Deu Match! (2015))
Kenji Firsh (Composer, Stéréotype (2010))
Malki Firer (Camera Department, Hannah Arendt (2012))
Harsha First (Sound Department, Why Him? (2016))
Me First and The Gimme Gimmes (Soundtrack, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013))
First Man on Mars
First Horror
Jennifir Nicolich (Miscellaneous, Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014))
Tamika 'Binkki' Firstley (Self, Deserving Design (2007))
Concetta Pelosi First (Set Decorator, Forget Me Not (2009))
The First Hippy (Self, Animated Conversations (1977))
First Choice (Soundtrack, Milk (2008))
First Academy
Erica First (Miscellaneous, Contraband (2012))
Samuel First (Actor, Netherland (2000))
Matus The First (Casting Department, Toni Erdmann (2016))
Michael First (Self, Horizon (1964))
Vera Firstova (Art Department, Shkola N°1 (2007))
Sonia Firster (Actress, Brows Held High (2011))
First Class (Self, Top of the Pops (1964))
Edmond First (Actor, I bora (1929))
Gary Kurfirst (Producer, Siesta (1987))
Jacob First (Composer, Steam Punk and the Next Generation (2011))
Drazen First (Editor, Melodija lipe (1992))
Jameson First (Actor, Imagine That (2017))
Safety First (Self, You Bet Your Life (1950))
Brandon First (II) (Miscellaneous, Person of Interest (2011))
First Family (Self, Paused in Time (2009))
The First Sea
Kelsey First (Actor, To Each His Own (2010))
Brandon First (I) (Camera Department, The Stranger (2009))
Seti the First (Composer, Natan (2013))
Anita First (II)
Brett First (Actor, Let It Bleed (2016))
Julia First (Actress, Airline (1982))
Denis Firstov (Cinematographer, Kollektor (2016))
First Degree (Soundtrack, Boso (2005))
First Transit
Alice First (Self, John Elliott: Spring/Summer 2019 at NYFW (2018))
Mercz The First (Composer, The Cross (2018))
Matt Firsten (Camera Department, The Fourth Wall (2014))
My First Boss
Allison First
Firstplace (Music Department, After Midnight: Evanescence (2004))
Allen First (Actor, Murder Weapon (1989))
E.J. Safirstein (Writer, Family Law (1999))
Andrés Kurfirst (Location Management, Motivos para no enamorarse (2008))
At First Sight
Fitness First
Giovanni Firpo (Self, Colpo di scena (2014))
Hani Firman Gani (Producer, Mengejar mas-mas (2007))
Jennifir McGillis (Actress, Objects in the Mirror (2018))
Jean Firstenberg (Producer, AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: 10th Anniversary Edition (2007))
Irene Firstein (Actress, Naked Campus (1982))
First Khunchan (Actor, My Lucky Elephant (2013))
The First Edition (Soundtrack, Faster (2010))
Jew Dreamfirstborn (Costume Department, Project Eden: Vol. I (2017))
Sergey Olifirenko (Director, Gora samotsvetov (2005))
Vassili Firsov (Production Manager, To the Night (2018))
Comune di Firenze (Producer, La ragazzina dagli occhi blu (2015))
Robbi Firestone (I) (Actress, If You Only Knew (2000))
Shanti Firenze (Actress, I tre volti del terrore (2004))
Kenbri Firefighting
Robbi Firestone (II) (Self, The Empty Womb (2016))
Midori Firestone (Miscellaneous, Hour Magazine (1980))
Gino Difirelli (Actor, Remington Steele (1982))
Grigori Firsov (Actor, Azbuka lyubvi (1992))
Nikolai Firsov (Visual Effects, Mediki (2002))
Lori Firestone (Costume Department, Story Time (2014))
Wojciech Slifirski (Transportation Department, Wszyscy kochaja Romana (2011))
Frenchi Firecracker (II) (Miscellaneous, Le Flic de Belleville (2018))
Nikola Szlifirska (Actress, Przepis na zycie (2011))
Vicki Firestone (Actress, Christmas at Walt Disney World (1978))
Firstcom Music (Soundtrack, Titanic Explorer (1998))
Samira Tristani-Firouzi (Miscellaneous, Back to the Moon (2018))
The First Candidate (Self, Trials of Life (1971))
Jennifer Hirst (Actress, Cock'd Gunns (2007))
Jennifer Kirsten (Director, Girl Meets Farm (2018))
Jennifer Kirstein (Production Manager, Distanz (2009))
First Choice Animals
First Lady Croom (Actor, A Peace of Life (2016))
Scott Kurfirst (Producer, Wrecker (2004))
Mozes and the Firstborn (Composer, Blue and You (2016))
Last Name First Name (Self, Finals (2000))
First Peter Acoustic (Self, Pilipinas Got Talent (2010))
Amethyst First Rider (Production Manager, Kainayssini Imanistaisiwa: The People Go On (2003))
First Name Michael (Composer, Noble Fir (2014))
Uika First Summer (Actor, Moonquake (2014))
Conner Firstman (Editor, Hero Worship (2013))
First Villager (Self, Landscapes of England (1976))
First Brigade Band (Music Department, Love and Valor: The Intimate Civil War Letters (2009))
Peter Firstbrook (Producer, A Year in Tibet (2008))
Seth Fireburst (Animation Department, The Substitutes )
FamilyFirst Joe
Matthew Firstenberg (Actor, Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day (2005))
The First Person (Composer, Hansel and Gretel (2007))
First Friends Church
Tamika Firstley (Miscellaneous, Black Coffee (2014))
Pope Gregory First (Writer, Fear No Evil (1945))
First Round Down
Maryanna First (Actress, Falling... (2012))
Richard Firstman (Self, Deadly Women (2008))
Steve Firstman (Actor, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950))
First Officer Murphy (Self, For Freedom (1940))
Christian First (Music Department, World Without America (2016))
Julie Firstenberg (Miscellaneous, Trevor (1994))
Ayelet Firstenberg (Actress, Everything OK (2017))
Starlyn J. First (Producer, Little Life Savers (2017))
Abel First-Quao (Visual Effects, Keepsakes (2018))
Steve Firstenberg (Sound Department, Time's Up (2012))
First Earth Group
First Beat Effect (Self, Pilipinas Got Talent (2010))
First Lady Truth
Kenneth McFirstley (Special Effects, The Showdown (2018))
First Name Last Name (Self, Finals (2000))
Rod First Rider
Jared Firstbrook
Glenn Firstenberg
Andreas Pfirstinger (Self, Die Alpen von oben (2012))
Unit Caterers First (Miscellaneous, Jupiter Ascending (2015))
Mercy Me Firstcom (Music Department, Global Warming (2012))
Leandro Kurfirst (Sound Department, Animal luminoso (2006))
Matthew Firsten (Sound Department, The Case of Amber Gram (2013))
First Gulf Bank
Mariano Firsto
Christopher First (Composer, Cl.One (2005))
From First to Last (Soundtrack, Madden NFL 2009 (2008))
Kaitlin Firstbrook (Miscellaneous, London 2012: Games of the XXX Olympiad (2012))
Keenan the First (Music Department, Christmas All Over Again (2016))
Konstantin Firstov (Actor, Burnt by the Sun 2 (2010))
Kimberly First (Actress, Billy Jones (2000))
The First Victim (Music Department, Voice of the Unknown: A Paranormal Investigation (2011))
Briana Desiree Magnifico (Costume Department, Taking Woodstock (2009))
Krzysztof Szlifirski (Composer, Czas przemiany (1968))
The First A.M.E. Church Choir (Self, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992))
Mutiara Firsthana Noya (Miscellaneous, Bubar, Jalan! (2015))
Javier First-Day-Of-Light (Actor, Wolfen (1981))
Lauren Brooke Kurfirst (Miscellaneous, Priest (2011))
First Christian Church
Jonathan Firstenberg (Soundtrack, The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996))
Managemnet First Call
Tip-Ta Lil'Wat First Nation (Actor, Tip's Blues (2011))
Heiltsuk First Nation
Nina Christin Firstad (Art Department, Den som frykter ulven (2004))
Hannah Firstenberger (Actress, Divine Will (2017))
First Breath After Coma (Music Department, Secrets (2007))
First Virginia Regiment
Sharon Martin & First Take (Self, Treme (2010))
Pay Mr. First Publishing (Music Department, A Father's Love (2016))
Cowichan First Nation
Johnatan Vincent First
First Insurance Group
First Harmonic Brass Band (Self, Am laufenden Band (1974))
First Strike Action Team (Miscellaneous, Love Struck (2005))
Jennifer St. Hilaire-Sanchez (Miscellaneous, Kiss Me, Kill Me (2015))
Jennifer Boisclair-Strauss (Miscellaneous, The 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards (1998))
First Friends Church Fred Newkirk

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