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Sandra Nelson (I) (Actress, Life as a House (2001))
Kassandra Nelson (Miscellaneous, The Dukes of Hazzard (2005))
Sandra Nelson (II) (Miscellaneous, Valhalla Rising (2009))
Sandra Nelson (III) (Actress, Legend of Mr. Hollywood (2018))
Sandra Nelson (V) (Actress, Mistaken Identity: A Love Story (2018))
Nelson Santos (III) (Actor, Culebras (2005))
Nelson Sangaré (Self, Deutschland sucht den Superstar (2002))
Nelson Santos (IV)
Nelson Santos (I) (Animation Department, The Odyssey (1987))
Nelson Santos (II) (Miscellaneous, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (2005))
Cassandra Nelson (Actress, Muscle Hawk: Electric Light (2012))
Nelson Drake (I) (Miscellaneous, The Negotiator (1998))
Nelson Andrade (Miscellaneous, Super Pai (2000))
Nelson Drake (II) (Actor, The Restless (2013))
Nelson Drake (III) (Writer, Class N Session (2017))
Nelson Saarni (Camera Department, Venom (2018))
Nelson Salis (Producer, Scott Bartolomei Edmonds (2016))
Nelson Savage (Cinematographer, Ahona (2017))
Nelson Samson (Animation Department, Heavy Metal 2000 (2000))
Nelson Sagado (Actor, Ringwood Forest (2009))
Nelson Samuels (Director, Psalms (2014))
Nelson Santoni (Composer, Upside Down Revolution (2017))
Nelson Saavedra Jr. (Producer, Tip of the Tongue (2016))
Nelson Sanchez (III) (Actor, Al Sur de la Inocencia (2014))
Nelson Sanchez (II) (Actor, Party Police: Wild on the Water (2006))
Nelson Santana (I) (Actor, L'ultima meta (1991))
Nelson Santana (II) (Actor, La espera (2002))
Nelson Santiago (Animation Department, Niko: Journey to Magika (2014))
Nelson Sandoval (Actor, Nightstand (2002))
Nelson Sanchez (I) (Transportation Department, Extortion (2017))
Nelson Salangsang III (Self, Pinoy Big Brother (2005))
Nelson Santovenia (Actor, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Nelson San Jose (Camera Department, Pinoy Big Brother (2005))
Nelson Sanchez Jr. (Actor, After Hours: The Movie (2011))
Andris Nelsons (Actor, Memorial Concert for Claudio Abbado (2015))
Nelson Sardelli (Soundtrack, Kevin of the North (2001))
Belson Sanchez (Actor, Roller Boogie (1979))
Nelson de Andrade (Actor, Vigilante Rodoviário (1959))
Arlene Nelson-Dragon (Self, Denise Austin: Mat Workout Based on the Workout of J.H. Pilates (2001))
Alexandra Nelson (II) (Actress, Psycho Santa: Vol. 1 (2013))
Saundra Nelson (Actress, Mama's Foot (2007))
Alondra Nelson (Self, Datamining the Deceased: Ancestry and the Business of Family (2017))
Nelson Draegon (Director, Dead End Promotion (2009))
Alexandra Nelson (III) (Producer, The Project (2017))
Cassondra Nelson (Animation Department, Danger & Eggs (2015))
Alexandra Nelson (I) (Production Designer, Morning Bells (2010))
Nelson Sargentelli (Actor, Rio à Noite (1962))
Nelson Sabiniano (Camera Department, Dukot (2016))
Greg Nelson Sayson
Nelson Saraiva (Camera Department, Mitt hem är Copacabana (1965))
Nelson Saint-Hilaire (Producer, Teoría de Cuerdas )
Nelson Salinas (Director, Miguel (1983))
Nelson Salgado (Actor, Ringwood Forest (2009))
Nelson Sargento (Actor, Midnight (1998))
Nelson Salguero (Producer, Latiñoles (2004))
Sandra Askelson (Sound Department, Spotlight on Barry Morse (2002))
Sandra Witelson (Self, Nova ScienceNow (2005))
Aleksandr Katsnelson (Actor, Eto my ne prokhodili (1976))
Elielson Santos (Actor, Destino (2012))
Nelson E. Santiago (Actor, Imagination of Young (2015))
Ivano Nelson Salvarani
Nelson Sacha Rodrigues (Actor, O Monge e a Filha do Carrasco (1996))
Sandra Simone Lemos Lima (Actress, O Seqüestro (1981))
Nicholas Antonio Nelson (Actor, Felon (2008))
Nelson Sarmiento Zavaleta
Sandy Nelson (III) (Location Management, Mississippi Burning (1988))

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