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Nelly (III) (Actor, The Longest Yard (2005))
James Francis Kelly III (Actor, Rocky Balboa (2006))
R.J. Kelly III (Casting Department, Heavy (1995))
Rich Dally III (Stunts, Red Dead Redemption II (2018))
John B. Kelly III (Self, Living Famously (2002))
John Nally III (Producer, White Zombie (2009))
Sally Yarnell (Actress, Fashion Model (1945))
John J. Kelly III
John J. Kelly III (I) (Miscellaneous, The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009))
J. Patrick Kelly III (Production Designer, 'Sheba, Baby' (1975))
John J. Kelly III (II) (Music Department, Creepers (2014))
Stanley Kelly III (Actor, The Engineer & The Architect (2012))
Arthus J. Kelly III (Self, The Path to Violence (2013))
Hal Skelly II (Actor, A Beautiful Fix (2004))
John L. Kelly II (Actor, Gambler V: Playing for Keeps (1994))
Roger Connelly II (Actor, Low Steaks (2016))
Everett McNally III (Producer, How to Kill a Zombie (2014))
Hoyt Nunnally III (Actor, Little Brown Boy (2003))
Edmund J. Connolly III (Art Department, Consenting Adults (1992))
Brownie Polly III (Actor, Big Stone Gap (2014))
Henry Jolly III (Actor, Bering Sea Beast (2013))
Van Horn Ely III (Actor, The Job (2012))
Charles John Kelly III (Actor, Shutout (2017))
Nelly Ivanova (Sound Department, Arctic Alchemy (2015))
Nelly Imame (II)
Nelly Imame (I) (Actress, Rise of the Zombies (2012))
Nelly Istomin (Costume Designer, The Midsummer Dance )
Nelly Izman
Thomas H. Kelly II (Actor, The Dahl Dynasty (2012))
Richard Kelly II
Michael F. Connolly III (Art Department, The American Astronaut (2001))
Nelly Yaralova (Producer, T-34 (2018))
Nelly Ifandieva (Miscellaneous, Stonehenge: Decoded (2008))
Nelly Yartzeva
Nelly Yustikarini (Actress, Kisah nyata kereta setan manggarai (2009))
Natasha Shae Donnellyi (Make Up Department, La Clé du Tourment (2011))
Nelly Yang Sao Yia (Actress, Gran Torino (2008))
Connelly Yaggi (Actress, The 3 Fashionistas (2014))
Nelly Isolde Riddarhaage (Actress, Evy (2015))
John Connelly (III) (Self, Cup Fever (1965))
Nelly Pereira (III) (Actress, Vampires on Bikini Beach (1988))
Nelli (III) (Actress, Päätalo (2008))
Nelly Torres (III) (Costume Designer, Entre Revolucionarios (2012))
Nelly Vazquez (III) (Actress, Vergüenza impedida (2013))
Jason Nellis (III)
Nelly Ramos (III) (Actress, Pelo malo (2013))
Nellie Green (III)
Nellie Kozaks (III)
Nellie Thompson (III) (Actress, The Creepy Guy (2012))
Nellie Kim (III) (Make Up Department, Playmate Playback (2015))
Ethan Nelson (III) (Actor, Tomorrow (2015))
Jeff Nelson (III) (Self, 1995 American League Championship Series (1995))
Nelly Grigoriu-Merola (III) (Costume Designer, Directorul nostru (1955))

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