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Owen Nares (Actor, The Faithful Heart (1922))
James Owen (XV) (Writer, Vanguard )
Les Owen (III) (Special Effects, Victory Remembered, Legacy of The Black Devils (2015))
Les Owen (II) (Transportation Department, To Dad (2012))
Les Owen (IV) (Cinematographer, The Hill (2009))
Les Owen (I) (Sound Department, The Silo Effect: The Treehouse Sessions (2011))
James Owen (III) (Actor, I Proud to Be an Indian (2004))
James Owen (IV) (Writer, Straight 8 (2004))
James Owen (IX) (Actor, 3 Days to Kill (2014))
James Owen (XIII) (Sound Department, Terminal (2014))
James Owen (VIII)
James Owen (I) (Miscellaneous, Wager of Love (1993))
Miles Owen (Self, The Dales (2011))
James Owen (XVI) (Actor, Made in Wales (2009))
James Owen (XII) (Producer, How I Got Lost (2009))
James Owen (V) (Director, Can I Get a Witness? (2007))
James Owen (XIV) (Actor, The Money Movie )
James Owen (VII)
James Owen (XI) (Sound Department, Science of Steroids (2008))
James Owen (VI)
Hales Owen
James Owen (XVII) (Actor, A Day to Remember (1979))
James Owen (X)
Ches Owen (Editorial Department, The Assignment (2017))
James Owen (II) (Actor, Life or Something Like It (2002))
James Owens (V) (Visual Effects, The Host (2013))
Frances Owens (I) (Actress, Precinct 757 (2013))
James Owens (XVII) (Camera Department, Hypo-critic (2014))
Cordes Owen (Producer, Starling (2017))
James Owens (XVI) (Self, Quiet Courage (2015))
Charles Owens (X) (Self, At Night I Fly (2011))
James Owens (III) (Art Department, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954))
Frances Owens (II)
Charles Owens (II) (Sound Department, Black Christmas (1974))
James Owens (X) (Camera Department, Moon Europa (2009))
James Owens (XIV) (Self, Top Rank Live (2010))
Charles Owens (VIII) (Actor, Li'l Abner (1959))
James Owens (II) (Camera Department, National Treasure (2004))
James Owens (XI) (Camera Department, The Little Things (2010))
Charles Owens (I) (Actor, State Fair (1945))
Agnes Owens (Writer, The Lighthouse (2006))
Idloes Owen (Music Department, Snowdonia (1945))
James Owens (VI) (Self, The Sweetest Song I Know (1995))
James Owens (VII) (Writer, The Last Great American Road Trip (2019))
Niles Owens (Self, Moments of Impact (2009))
Charles Owens (IX) (Miscellaneous, Lady Gaga Presents: The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden (2011))
James Owens (I) (Actor, Hell's Belles (1969))
Charles Owens (V) (Animation Department, Nova (1974))
Charles Owens (VI) (Self, Timeless: The Composer/Arranger Series (Arthur Verocai) (2010))
Nettles Owens (Music Department, Wisper (2018))
James Owens (XII) (Camera Department, How to Make a Monster (2011))
James Owens (IV) (Actor, Oh Danny Boy (2005))
Charles Owen (II) (Actor, Yes (2004))
James Owens (XV) (Director, Jersey Mama (2012))
Frances Owen (Make Up Department, Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns (2005))
James Owens (VIII) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Charles Owens (XII) (Self, Uneven Fairways (2009))
Charles Owens (III) (Actor, A Star Is Born (1976))
James Owen Lowe (Miscellaneous, Dishonored (2012))
Charles Owens (VII)
Charles Owens (IV) (Composer, Fly Trap (2001))
Charles Owen (I) (Actor, Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003))
D. James Owens
Charles Owen (III) (Actor, The Grim Reaper (1976))
James Owens (IX) (Composer, Night Job (2010))
Ulyses Owens (Composer, Dilemma (2010))
Charles Owens (XI)
James Owens (XIII)
Joe Resowski (Editorial Department, To Live and Die in Dixie (2008))
Jenny Hales Owen (Actress, Unfinished Song (2012))
Charles Owensby (Actor, Outsider's Inn (2008))
Mitchell James Owen (Actor, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012))
James Owens-Jones (Actor, Quintessential: The Movie (2018))
James Owen Marston (Transportation Department, Dirty Grandpa (2016))
James Owen Street
Charles Owen Hobaugh (Self, Space Station 3D (2002))
James Owen Clark (Art Department, Older Than America (2008))
Ulysses Owens Jr. (Actor, What Happens in Vegas (2008))
Wesley Reeves-Owens (Actor, Death and Jane (2010))
Billie Estes Owens (Actor, Street Creatures (2004))
George Beresowsky (Music Department, Swiss Miss (1938))
Jennifer Garces Owens