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Myrna Loy (Actress, The Best Years of Our Lives (1946))
Myrna Lorni (Actress, Sappho '68 (1968))
Myrna Lorrie (Actress, High-Ballin' (1978))
Myrna Leal
Myrna Luna (Actress, Pussy Cat (1969))
Myrna Lim
Myrna Liles (Actress, Devil Ship (1947))
Myrna La Bow (Actress, Your Three Minutes Are Up (1973))
Myrna Lacdao (Actress, TayĆ” (2013))
Myrna Laanen (Actress, Stalked (2018))
Myrna Lustig (Miscellaneous, On Broadway Tonight (1964))
Myrna Langer
Myrna Layton (Miscellaneous, Proper Manors (2012))
Myrna Lieberman (Producer, A.B.S (2012))
Myrna Laughton (Make Up Department, Popcorn (1991))
Myrna-Lisa Boone (Actress, Lineage (1997))
Myrnalyn Castillo (Animation Department, The Best Gift (2013))

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