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Richard Morant (Actor, The Last Place on Earth (1985))
Grant Richards (I) (Actor, Night of Mystery (1937))
Richard Moran (V) (Actor, Noirville (2010))
Richard Moran (II) (Writer, Timelapse (1996))
Richard Moran (I) (Camera Department, Murder by Death (1976))
Richard Moran (VII) (Camera Department, Grim, God, and Todd (2018))
Richard Moran (VI) (Sound Department, Make Poverty History (2013))
Richard Moran (III) (Miscellaneous, Hamlet (2000))
Richard Moran (IV) (Special Effects, Abduction (2011))
Richard van't Riet (Director, The Code (2016))
Richard O'Brien-Moran (Assistant Director, The Fourth Kind (2009))
Grant Richardson (III) (Art Department, Match (2014))
Grant Richards (IV) (Producer, Dana's Dreams (2005))
Grant Richardson (V) (Stunts, Garbage Man (2017))
Grant Richards-Jones (Assistant Director, Veracity: We All Shine On (2009))
Grant Richards (II) (Director, Death Pact (in development))
Grant Richardson (II) (Art Department, Freddy Got Fingered (2001))
Grant Richardson (I) (Actor, Jessica (2004))
Grant Richardson (IV) (Special Effects, Vore King (2016))
Javan T. Richards
Ant Richardson (Sound Department, The Innocence of War (2010))
Bryant Richards (Actor, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Levant Richardson (Self, Trick Bicycle Riding (1896))
Susan T. Richardson
Richard van 't Riet (Editor, Een Tempelman (2002))
Richardo Moran (Actor, Slinging Mud (2009))
Richard Moranville (Producer, The Little Mermaid (1975))
Richard J. Moran (Camera Department, The Sopranos (1999))
Robin Grant Richardson (Special Effects, Flush (2004))
Stanton Grant Richardson (Miscellaneous, Boys Don't Cry (1999))
Richard Doran Ticho (Director, Finalmente (2008))
Beth Ann Bryant-Richards
Sergeant Richard York (Art Department, New Methico (2013))
Benjamin William Grant Richardson (Art Department, Blood Eye Ninja )

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