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Moira Sinise (Actress, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003))
aka "Moira Harris"
Laura Harris (II) (Actress, The Faculty (1998))
Barbara Harris (I) (Actress, Freaky Friday (1976))
Lara Harris (Actress, The Fisher King (1991))
Barbara Harris (V) (Self, Cary Grant, de l'autre côté du miroir (2017))
Cassandra Harris (I) (Actress, For Your Eyes Only (1981))
Sura Harris (Actress, Baby Daddy (2012))
Barbara Harris (II) (Casting Department, Inception (2010))
Moira Hart (Miscellaneous, Kitty's Fortune (2016))
Moira Harron (Miscellaneous, Christmas Cookies (2016))
Alexandra Harris (III) (Actress, Hellraiser: Judgment (2018))
Tiara Harris (I) (Actress, Bad Boys II (2003))
Debra Harrison-Lowe (Actress, House of the Rising Sun (2011))
Moira Harvey (II)
Moira Harvey (I) (Actress, Chop Chicks (2011))
Barbara Harris (XIII) (Actress, Sing (2016))
Alcira Harris (Actress, The Weapon, the Hour & the Motive (1972))
Tahira Harris (Actress, Eternity (2017))
Eira Harrison (Self, Treasure Hunt (1982))
Samara Harris (Actress, Julie Johnson (2001))
Ora Harris (Music Department, For the Love of Jazz (2013))
Yra Harris (Producer, Happy Christmas (2014))
Debra Harris (I) (Actress, Prototype (1992))
Phaedra Harris (I) (Casting Department, Cool Runnings (1993))
Sandra Harrison (I) (Actress, Blood of Dracula (1957))
Moyna Harris (Self, The Burgess Variations (1999))
Kiera Harris (Actress, Framing Frankie (2005))
Sanura Harris (Actress, Incomplete: A Story of Love, Desire and Deception (2012))
Bobra Harris (Actress, Kraft Theatre (1947))
Clara Harris (I) (Actress, Roman Citizen (2015))
Tiara Harris (II) (Self, Funeral Boss (2013))
Sa'Myra Harris (Actress, Hart of Dixie (2011))
Sara Harrison (III) (Actress, A Few Less Men (2017))
Laura Harris (V) (Actress, Merseybeat (2001))
Tamara Harris (Make Up Department, Missive (2007))
Cara Harris (Actress, Making the Connection: The Service Learning Revolution (2014))
Debbra Harris (Self, Skyway Down (2011))
Jara Harris (II)
Graham Harris (I) (Sound Department, King Solomon's Mines (1985))
Barbara Harris (IV) (Actress, The Pamela Principle (1992))
Cora Harrison (Actress, Finding Neverland (2004))
Sara Harrison (I) (Producer, The 1993 US Open Tennis Championships (1993))
Cora Harris (Actress, Harlem Hotshots (1945))
Graham Harris (IV) (Actor, Ghosts (2006))
Jara Harris (I) (Cinematographer, Tupac: Aftermath (2009))
Amber A. Harris (II) (Casting Director, Letters (2017))
Clara Harris (II) (Actor, Mama Harris: Portrait of a Grandmother (2014))
Barbara Harris (XI) (Special Effects, Ten (2013))
Debra Harris (II)
Tara Harris (V)
Tara Harris (III) (Actress, Single & Dating in Vancouver (2013))
Laura Harris (I) (Casting Department, Red Dog: True Blue (2016))
Sandra Harris (II) (Camera Department, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Sandra Harris (VI) (Actress, Flesh Eaters from Outer Space (1989))
Sandra Harris (VII)
Sara Harris (IV)
Kara Harrison (Actress, Girl Talk (2007))
Sandra Harris (IX) (Actress, It's Only an Affair (2001))
Barbara Harris (VIII) (Actress, It's a Bikini World (1967))
Laura Harris (XV)
Lanora Harris (Actress, In the Name of the Brotherhood (1996))
Mora Harris
Laura Harris (XVI) (Sound Department, Titanica (1992))
Kimora Harris (Actress, What Jamal Saw (2017))
Barbara Harris (VI) (Self, Unsung (2008))
Laura Harris (VI) (Costume Designer, Huxley Pig (1989))
Amber A. Harris (I) (Writer, Boarding House (2017))
Sara Harris (VI) (Costume Designer, It's My Shout: Short Films from Wales (2016))
Sandra Harris (III)
Nedra Harris (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Cierra Harris (Casting Department, Selma (2014))
Barbara Harris (VII) (Actress, Soulmate (Dot) Wed (2009))
Sandra Harris (IV) (Actress, Country Strong (2010))
Sara Harris (II)
Ardara Harris (Actor, The Crooked )
Tara Harrison (Actress, Battle for Salem Hill (2018))
Laura Harris (IV) (Miscellaneous, Delgo (2008))
Laura Harris (XIII) (Make Up Department, Eve (2014))
Vondra Harris (Actress, I Am Alone (2015))
Barbara Harris (IX) (Actress, The Symphony of Leif (2010))
Laura Harris (IX) (Miscellaneous, The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements (2015))
Aurora Harris (III) (Sound Department, Love Machine (2017))
Kara Harris (Actress, Dance With Me (2018))
Graham Harris (V) (Self, Ancient Apocalypse (2001))
Laura Harris (X) (Miscellaneous, How Do They Do It? (2006))
Sandra Harris (V) (Producer, Out of Europe Into Africa (1986))
Graham Harris (VII) (Cinematographer, Role Play (2016))
Corra Harris (Writer, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951))
Tara Harris (I) (Miscellaneous, A Capitol Fourth (2001))
Zara Harris (II) (Actress, The Letdown (2017))
Kiarra Harris
Laura Harris (III) (Stunts, The Falcon and the Snowman (1985))
Aurora Harris (IV) (Miscellaneous, Bingo (2018))
Sara Harris (III) (Actress, Animorphs (2007))
Barbara Harris (XIV) (Self, Be a C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) (2013))
Aurora Harris (II) (Cinematographer, Waterveil )
Laura Harris (XIV) (Actress, Written in Blood (2014))
Kendra Harris (Actress, Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012))
Laura Harris (XI) (Self, Lowcountry Live (2009))
Laura Harris (VIII)
Clara Harris (VI) (Self, Primetime (1989))
Kyra Harris (Make Up Department, Moveless (2017))
Tara Harris (IV) (Self, No Way Out: The King Keraun Documentary (2016))
Laura Harris (XII) (Sound Department, His Hands (2018))
Debra Harris (III)
Graham Harris (VI) (Camera Department, The Last Intimate Thing (2017))
Laura Harris (VII) (Actress, The Zombie Diaries (2006))
Myra Harris (Casting Department, Rescue from Gilligan's Island (1978))
Kiara Harris (Actress, Brotherly Love (2003))
Graham Harris (III) (Art Department, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
Sierra Harris (Actress, The Inside of Out (2017))
Zara Harris (I) (Production Manager, Smile, Baby, Smile (2013))
Sandra Harris (VIII) (Actress, The Dead Half (2017))
Debra Harris (IV)
Sandra Harris (I) (Actress, Orgy Girls '69 (1968))
Tara Harris (II)
Debora Harris
Graham Harris (II) (Stunts, One More Kiss (1999))
Barbara Harris (X)
Sara Harris (V) (Costume Department, Scott and Sid (2018))
Aurora Harris (I) (Actress, Televising a Revolution of Spoken Word from Detroit (2010))
Sara Harris (I) (Transportation Department, Maniacts (2001))
Shandra Harris (Actress, Resculpting Venus (1999))
Barbara Harris (III) (Actress, Everybody's All-American (1988))
Miranda Harris (Actress, Rice (2018))
Alexandra Harris (IV) (Actress, Fedz (2013))
Shira Harrison (Miscellaneous, Postman Pat: The Movie (2014))
Barbara Harrison (V) (Actress, Taking Earth (2017))
Barbara Harrison (III) (Actress, NBC 4 WRC-TV News Today (1953))
Barbara Harrison (I) (Actress, Salt (2010))
Roger A. Harrison (Actor, 3 Days Till Darkness (2017))
Keira Harrington (Actor, Butterfly Kisses (2017))
Yadira Harrions (Miscellaneous, Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (2013))
Miranda Harrison (Self, The 2014 Miss America Pageant (2013))
Sara Harris-Davies (Actress, Rain: An Original Musical (2012))
Harrish Ingraham (Actor, Lena Rivers (1914))
Phaedra Harris (II) (Writer, The Preacher's Family (2011))
Lazara Harrison (Miscellaneous, Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission (2016))
Laura Harrison (VI) (Director, Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm (2010))
Laura Harrison (VII) (Actor, Tears for Narcissus (2013))
Tamara Harrison (I) (Actress, Junior High School (1978))
Laura Harris Smith (Writer, The Three (2018))
Tara Harris-Brown (Editor, Beauty's Ruin (2006))
Alexandra Harris (I) (Miscellaneous, Cold Lazarus (1996))
Tamara Harrison (II) (Actress, Bodyspray (2012))
Shalondra Harrison (Actress, Over the Line )
Cassandra Harris (V) (Production Manager, Beast No More )
Laura Harrison (I) (Miscellaneous, Faceless (1987))
Antara Harris-Casey
Dora Harris Glasco (Actress, The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords (1999))
Barbara Harrison (VI) (Self, A Football Life (2011))
Laura Harrison (IV) (Actress, Guardians (2011))
Alexandra Harris (II) (Actress, Veronica Mars (2004))
Graham Harrison (I) (Transportation Department, The Magdalene Sisters (2002))
Graham Harrison (III) (Camera Department, Ain't That a Bitch (2015))
Alexandra Harrison (I) (Miscellaneous, Anchor Me (2000))
Barbara Harrison (IV) (Miscellaneous, Throw Out the Anchor! (1974))
Laura Harrison (VIII) (Writer, No Such Luck (2011))
Allegra Harris (Make Up Department, Fixing Paco: Looking Ahead (2017))
Graham Stuart-Harris (Thanks, Comic Roots (1982))
Tamyra Harrison (Self, Courting Des Moines (2016))
Laura Harrison (XII) (Actress, Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation (1989))
Graham Krispi Harris (Cinematographer, Sisters Out of the Box (2016))
Alexandra Harris (VI) (Self, Timeshift (2002))
DeNeidra Harris (Production Manager, Quintessential: The Movie (2018))
Andrea Lara Harris (Thanks, Frey: Part I - The Architectural Envoy (2018))
Grahame Harris (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Sandra Harrison (II) (Actress, Here the Vulture Waits (2014))
Laura Harrison (XI) (Actor, After Hours (2016))
Graham Harrison (II) (Camera Department, From the Veil (2016))
Laura Harrison (IX) (Director, Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was (2017))
Te'iara Harrison (Actress, Microchip Jones (2014))
Cynara Harrison (Actress, Cupcake (2012))
Cassandra Harris (II) (Set Decorator, Magic Julius (2006))
Cassandra Harris (IV)
Sarah Anne Harris (Actor, Cop's Enemy (2017))
Harrison Braha (Actor, Pledge (2018))
Laura Harrison (III) (Actress, Guardians (2011))
Barbara Harrison (II) (Actress, Blast-Off Girls (1967))
Alendra Harris (Actress, How to Kill a Zombie (2014))
Kashaundra Harris (Actress, Way Out (2018))
Elektra Harris (Actor, Mistress Superior (2010))
Cassandra Harris (III) (Writer, Stand Up Sarah (2014))
Laura Harrison (X) (Director, The Lingerie Show (2015))
Christopher A. Harris (Actor, Turkles (2011))
Ray Harrison Graham (Actor, Rush (2002))
Kassandra Harris (Actress, Hellbound: Adirondack Apocalypse (2015))
Alexandra Harrison (II) (Actress, Together (2004))
Flora Harrison (Make Up Department, Misandrist (2017))
Laura Harrison (V) (Producer, Texas Majority Minority (2004))
Audra Harrison (Actress, Color of Sound (2010))
Sarah Ainsley Harrison (Actress, Haven (2010))
Laura Harris Atkinson (Sound Department, Vanilla Sky (2001))
Ezra Harrison Schwartz (Actor, Monster Hunters USA and Day Care Center (2015))
Courtney Sierra Harris (Actress, Bubble Girl )
Deaundra Harris-Metzger (Make Up Department, Allegiant (2016))
Deborah Ashmore Harris (Miscellaneous, 30 Second Star (2012))
Tara Harrison-Calliste (Producer, The Red Effect (2016))
Cara Harrison Daniels (Producer, Samaria (2016))
Jiraiya Harris-Solomona

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