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Millie Perkins (Actress, The Diary of Anne Frank (1959))
Billie Perkins (Actress, Taxi Driver (1976))
Allie Perkins (I) (Actress, Pretty Perfect (2014))
Ellie Perkins (Make Up Department, How to Skin a Fox (2014))
Allie Perkins (II) (Miscellaneous, Speech & Debate (2017))
Julie Perkins (I) (Actress, All the World's a Cage (2016))
Julie Perkins (VI) (Director, Extreme Homes (2012))
Julie Perkins (IV) (Actress, Herbeast Comes to Life (2009))
Julie Perkins (III) (Camera Department, Life's Journey (2004))
Julie Perkins (II) (Location Management, The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks (2001))

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