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Michael Stanley (II) (Director, Attack of the Beast Creatures (1985))
Michael Stanley (IV) (Soundtrack, My Friend Dahmer (2017))
Michael Stanley (I) (Writer, The Swiss Conspiracy (1976))
Michael Dukakis (I) (Actor, Cheers (1982))
Michael Bishop (X) (Actor, Last of the Long-haired Boys (1968))
Mike Myers (II) (Self, 2004 American League Championship Series (2004))
Michael Stanley-Evans (Producer, Gandhi (1982))
Michael Stanley (V) (Actor, Softly Softly (1966))
Michael Stanley (X) (Actor, Armstrong Circle Theatre (1950))
Michael Stanley (XII) (Composer, Clasp (2013))
Michael Stanley (XV) (Actor, Dr Statham (2014))
Michael Stanley (IX)
Michael Stanley (VI) (Actor, Passing the Bar (2006))
Michael Stanley (XVII) (Actor, Doable (2008))
Michael Stanley (XIV) (Self, Homosexual (2013))
Michael Stanley Jr.
Michael Stanley (III) (Actor, A Killer in the Family (1983))
Michael Stanley (XI) (Self, Mock and Roll (2017))
Michael Stanley (VIII)
Michael Stanley (XIII) (Actor, The Reverend (2011))
Michael Stanley (VII) (Actor, Dockweiler (2008))
Michael L. Stanley (Miscellaneous, Doing Agatha (2008))
Michael Staniforth (Actor, No Strings (1974))
Michael Standing (I) (Actor, The Italian Job (1969))
Michael St. Angel (Actor, Bride by Mistake (1944))
Michael Stang (Writer, Quarks & Co. (1993))
Michael Stano (Art Department, Skills Like This (2007))
Michael Stan (Sound Department, Killpoint (1984))
Michael Stanley Kirby (Actor, Six Degrees of Separation (1993))
Michael Stanley Junior
Michael Stanley Weiss (Miscellaneous, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993))
Rachael Stanley (Costume Designer, Sisters (1991))
Michael Standish (I) (Set Decorator, The Danish Girl (2015))
Michael Stanwood (Actor, Mannix (1967))
Michael Stanlake (Composer, Perfume (2017))
Michael Winstanley (I) (Actor, Doki Adventures (2014))
Michael J. Winstanley (II) (Composer, Repetition Rhapsody (2018))
Michael G. Stanley (Miscellaneous, A Place in Hell (2018))
Michael J. Winstanley (I) (Composer, Simple Bonds (2011))
Michael John Stanley (Composer, Lamb of God (2009))
Michael J. Stanley (Self, Nova (1974))
Michael Winstanley (II) (Self, Shopgirls: The True Story of Life Behind the Counter (2014))
Michael Stailey (Actor, The Cliffhanger (2003))
Michael Stanton (I) (Actor, The Treasure of Painted Forest (2006))
Michael Stanton Kennedy (Actor, Patch Adams (1998))
Michael Stanford (V) (Producer, Blind Perception (in development))
Michael Standing (II) (Self, Band Waggon (1940))
Michael Steinlein (Assistant Director, Zwischen den Zeiten (1985))
Michael Standifer (Actor, Yes, We're Open (2016))
Michael Stange (Actor, Matthäuspassion (2006))
The Michael Stanley Super Session (Self, Rock Concert (1973))
Michael Stanford (III) (Producer, Epidemic Chronicles No One Is Exempt (2010))
Michael Stancliff (Actor, Wizards of Waverly Place (2007))
Michael St. Angelo (Producer, The Dancer & the Boy (2014))
Michael Stanosky (Actor, Tender Embers (2018))
Michael Stanton (V) (Actor, Brontosaurus (2017))
Michael Stancyk (Sound Department, Pandorum (2009))
Michael Standford (II) (Miscellaneous, Game On, America (2014))
Michael Stanosz (Thanks, The 414s (2015))
Michael Standish (II) (Actor, Forward Slash/Jobs )
Michael Stanziale (Producer, Cronus (2017))
Michael Stanbury (Visual Effects, Daybreakers (2009))
Michael Stanford (VII) (Miscellaneous, Deadly Devotion (2013))
Michael Standen (Miscellaneous, The Commander: The Devil You Know (2007))
Michael Stanford (I) (Actor, Contagion (1987))
Michael Stanier (Sound Department, Unforgettable (2017))
Michael Stansfield (Self, The Comedy Map of Britain (2007))
Michael Stankevich (Producer, Calling Dr. Pol (2014))
Michael Stango (I) (Actor, Little Brown Dog (2017))
Michael Stango (II) (Composer, Give and Take (2017))
Michael Stanfield (Actor, The Ghost of Ethan White (2012))
Michael Stanton (VI) (Music Department, Blood, Friends and Money (1997))
Michael Stanford (VI) (Camera Department, The Godmother (2018))
Michael Stangel (Music Department, Deadly Down Under (2018))
Michael Stanish (Visual Effects, Harry Brown (2009))
Michael Stanmore (Producer, Press Play (2006))
Michael Stankowski (Cinematographer, Båtresan, Sverige: Finland Tur Och Retur (1994))
Michael Stanton (III) (Sound Department, Animal Crackers (2006))
Michael Stanton (IV) (Camera Department, Royal Thieves (2014))
Michael Stanzione
Michael Stanford (VIII) (Self, Thank You, Del: The Story of the Del Close Marathon (2016))
Michael Stanford (IV) (Director, Black Champagne (1980))
E. Michael Stankevich (Miscellaneous, xXx (2002))
Michael Standord (Miscellaneous, The Great Christmas Light Fight (2013))
Michael Stanosek (Cinematographer, Reunited (2006))
Michael Stan Deguire (Actor, Going to Kansas City (1998))
Michael Stanton (VII) (Music Department, Lumpkin the Pumpkin (1994))
Michael Stanton (II) (Actor, The Slain (2015))
Michael Stankiewicz (Actor, Blue Scar (1949))
Michael Standford (I) (Art Department, Chores (2006))
Michael Stanger (Producer, Vicky and Sam (2010))
Michael Stanton-Cook (Art Department, Sands of Time (2006))
Michael Stanhope (Actor, Solar Crisis (1990))
Michael Stanford (II) (Self, Zoo Days (2007))
Michael Stancato (Visual Effects, The Year of Getting to Know Us (2008))
Michael Staley (Miscellaneous, Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999))
Michael Stablein Jr. (Actor, Brother's Blood (2009))
Michael Stabile III (Actor, Plainsong (1982))
Michael Stanislavsky (Assistant Director, Dark Shadows (1966))
Daniel-Michael Stanca
Shawn Michael Stanziana (II)
Shawn Michael Stanziana (III)
Michael Stanton Murphy (Actor, The Last Dance (2009))
Shawn Michael Stanziana (I)
Scott Michael Stanton (Director, Devo: Live in the Land of the Rising Sun (2007))
Jochen Michael Stange (Actor, Vorsicht, Falle! - Nepper, Schlepper, Bauernfänger (1964))
Mike Stanley (XII) (Actor, Master Defender II (2010))
aka "Michael Stanley"
Mike Stanley (VIII) (Self, 1999 American League Championship Series (1999))
Mike Stanley (VII) (Editor, Scare Tactics (2003))
Michael Berger (XVIII)
Mark Seaman (II) (Miscellaneous, Wish Me Luck (1987))

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