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Michael Roy Jornales (Actor, Encantadia (2005))
Michael Roy (I) (Camera Department, Midnight Special (2016))
Michael Roy (XVII) (Actor, God Hates a Coward (2017))
Mike Whitney (I) (Self, Gladiators (1995))
Mike Blowers (I) (Self, My Oh My! (1996))
Michael Roy Johnson (Sound Department, The Haunted (2018))
Michael Roy Scott (Miscellaneous, Leatherheads (2008))
Mike Royko (Writer, Boss (1998))
Michael Rady (Actor, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005))
Michael Rooker (I) (Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Michael Rosenbaum (I) (Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017))
Michael Rowe (IX) (Actor, Arrow (2012))
Michael Roark (I) (Actor, Magic Mike (2012))
Eric Michael Roy (Actor, Boardwalk Empire (2010))
Michael Roof (Actor, xXx (2002))
Michael Rapaport (I) (Actor, Deep Blue Sea (1999))
Michael Rouse (II) (Actor, Murder on the Orient Express (2017))
Michael Rose (XXI) (Actor, Steel Country (2018))
Michael Rogers (V) (Actor, Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010))
Michael Ronda (Actor, Bacalar (2011))
Michael Richards (I) (Actor, Seinfeld (1989))
Michael Roiff (I) (Producer, In Your Eyes (2014))
Michael Ross (I) (Actor, D.O.A. (1949))
Michael Rodd (I) (Self, The Adventure Game (1980))
Michael Roddy (I) (Actor, 24 (2001))
Michael Rocks (Actor, Widows (2018))
Michael Rispoli (Actor, The Rum Diary (2011))
Michael Rowe (I) (Producer, Futurama (1999))
Michael Riley (I) (Actor, Cubeº: Cube Zero (2004))
Michael Rowe (VII) (Director, Año bisiesto (2010))
Michael Raymond-James (Actor, The Finest Hours (2016))
Michael Rainey Jr. (Actor, The Butler (2013))
Michael Roll (Actor, M.E.T.R.O. - Ein Team auf Leben und Tod (2006))
Kevin Michael Richardson (I) (Actor, Lilo & Stitch (2002))
Michael Rymer (I) (Director, Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018))
Michael Rossi (I) (Producer, American Experience (1988))
Michael Rosen (XXX) (Actor, Army Wives (2007))
Michael Ryan (VI) (Actor, RocknRolla (2008))
Michael Rosen (VIII) (Writer, Old Jack's Boat (2013))
Michael Ryan (VIII) (Actor, The X-Files (1993))
Michael Robbins (I) (Actor, The Great Muppet Caper (1981))
Michael Rodrick (I) (Actor, Greenleaf (2016))
Michael Royce (III) (Animation Department, Bob the Builder: Mega Machines (2017))
Michael Rennie (I) (Actor, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951))
Michael Royce (I) (Miscellaneous, Solo (1984))
Michael Roy (V) (Editor, L'ordre 13139 (2009))
Michael Royce (II) (Actor, Two-Stroked: A Love Story (2015))
Michael Roiff (II) (Actor, Candy Store Has 160 Drawers of Bulk Candy (2018))
Michael Roy (XIV)
Michael Royle (I) (Actor, Faith, Hope and Charity (2007))
Michael Roy (XVI)
Michael Royet (Camera Department, Spätschicht - Die Comedy Bühne (2010))
Michael Roy (XV) (Self, The Art of Craft (2016))
Michael Royer
Elroi Michael (Self, Big Brother Israel (2008))
Michael Roy (XII) (Actor, Emergency! (1972))
Michael Royth (Sound Department, Double Income Kids (wt) (2019))
Michael Royes (Actor, Interrogation Room 109 (2015))
Michael Roy (XIII) (Camera Department, Nick Vujicic: Something More (2011))
Michael Roy (VII) (Actor, Hardball: All Balls Don't Bounce (2008))
Michael Roik (Producer, Alive (2018))
Michael Royle (II)
Michael Roy (II)
Michael Roy (XI) (Camera Department, Biography (1987))
Michael Roy (IX) (Producer, Like Al (2011))
Michael Royal (II) (Producer, Poor Boy (2016))
Michael Roy (VI) (Visual Effects, Goodbye Lover (1998))
Michael Roy (III) (Actor, The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (1953))
Michael Roy (XIX) (Camera Department, Gabriel (2009))
Michael Royal (III) (Actor, Lawless Code (1949))
Michael Roy (VIII) (Self, When Vacations Attack (2010))
Michael Roy (XVIII) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Michael Roy (X)
Michael Roy (IV) (Camera Department, Blackwoods (2001))
Michael Reilly Burke (Actor, Ted Bundy (2002))
Michael Roman (VII) (Thanks, E! Mysteries & Scandals (1998))
Michael Roberds (Actor, Elf (2003))
Michael McElroy (II) (Actor, Romance & Cigarettes (2005))
Michael Reisz (Writer, Truth or Dare (2018))
Michael Reid MacKay (Actor, X2 (2003))
Michael Redgrave (Actor, The Lady Vanishes (1938))
Michael Rider (I) (Actor, Road House (1989))
Michael Roberts (XLII) (Writer, Olivia Twisted (in development))
Michael Romanoff (Actor, Paris Model (1953))
Michael Rose (III) (Producer, Wild Target (2010))
Michael Roban (Producer, Penelope (2006))
Michael Ross (XI) (Writer, Three's Company (1976))
Michael Rauch (I) (Producer, Royal Pains (2009))
Michael Rolfe (III) (Actor, The Philosophers (2017))
Michael Rothhaar (Actor, The Nutty Professor (1996))
Michael Reed (III) (Actor, The Waltons (1971))
Michael Ralph (I) (Miscellaneous, Midnight Special (2016))
J. Michael Riva (Production Designer, Iron Man (2008))
Michael Riley (II) (Producer, Vampire Diary (2006))
Michael Ritchie (I) (Director, The Golden Child (1986))
Dylan Michael Rowen (Actor, Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (2015))
Michael Roland (I) (Actor, Charlotte's Web (2006))
Michael Rohr (Self, Drunk History (2013))
Michael Radford (I) (Director, Il Postino: The Postman (1994))
Michael Robison (I) (Director, The Collector (2004))
Michael Ross (XLV) (Self, Real World (1992))
Michael Ripper (Actor, Quatermass and the Pit (1958))
Michael Rotenberg (Producer, Silicon Valley (2014))
Michael Reed (XIII) (Actor, The Haunting of Alice D (2014))
Michael Rousselet (I) (Writer, Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015))
Michael Rabe (Actor, Ask for Jane (2018))
Michael Rocha (II) (Actor, Face/Off (1997))
Michael Rodrigues (I) (Actor, 3010 the Righteous Path (2016))
Michael Rolt (Editorial Department, Ghost Stories (2017))
Michael Rogen (Actor, Tribeca (1993))
Michael Rotschopf (Actor, Stralsund (2009))
Michael Ray (XXV) (Actor, Age of the Living Dead (2018))
Michael Ross (LIX) (Producer, The Heretic (2018))
Michael Rocco (VIII) (Self, Iron Resurrection (2016))
Michael Rosen (I) (Producer, Matt Damon Goes on Strike! (2013))
Michael McElroy (I) (Miscellaneous, Double Jeopardy (1999))
Michael Rosen (II) (Camera Department, Acts of Betrayal (1997))
Michael Romig (Actor, The Town (2010))
Michael Rapino (Producer, A Star Is Born (2018))
Robert Michael Ryan (Actor, Dark Revelations (2015))
Matthew Michael Ross (Director, Food for Thought (1999))
Michael Roos (I) (Actor, Super Troopers 2 (2018))
Michael Russo (I) (Stunts, Spider-Man (2002))
Michael Rose (IV) (Art Department, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008))
Michael Robinson (II) (Director, The Shopping Bags (2001))
Michael Rooney (I) (Miscellaneous, (500) Days of Summer (2009))
Michael Ryan (IV) (Writer, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996))
Michael Rye (I) (Actor, Spider-Man (1994))
Michael Roush (II) (Director, Safe House (2010))
Adam Michael Rose (Actor, All My Children (1970))
Michael Roden (Writer, Till (in development))
Michael Rapport (Actor, Black Christmas (1974))
Michael Ross (VII) (Music Department, Uncle Buck (1989))
Michael Rogan (I) (Actor, Bunsen's Return (2013))
Michael Rod (Music Department, Moscow on the Hudson (1984))
Michael Del Rossa (I) (Make Up Department, The Passion of the Christ (2004))
Michael Robdrup (Actor, Lisa (2016))
Michael Rapp (II) (Actor, Tall, Dark and Handsome (1987))
Michael Rianda (Miscellaneous, Gravity Falls (2012))
Michael Rupert (I) (Actor, Legally Blonde: The Musical (2007))
Michael Rossié (Writer, In aller Freundschaft (1998))
Michael Rosen (XXII) (Producer, Opus (2011))
Michael Reventar (Actor, Peppermint (2018))
Michael Rogel (Actor, The Admiral (2014))
Michael Ross (XXV) (Actor, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997))
Michael Rosenberg (III) (Producer, Rogue (2013))
Michael Russo (VI) (Writer, How to Get Away with Murder (2014))
Michael Ruud (Actor, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988))
Michael Rivkin (Actor, Men in Black II (2002))
Paul Michael Robinson (Actor, BASEketball (1998))
Michael Rosander (Actor, Adrenaline (2015))
Michael Roark (II) (Actor, Nightmares from the Mind of Poe (2006))
Michael Rolli (Sound Department, Born Again (2013))
Michael Roescher (Actor, Gordy (1995))
Michael Runer (Camera Department, Z Rock (2008))
Michael Roche (VII) (Producer, Judy Goose (2006))
Michael Roddy (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Blob (1988))
Michael Rowe (XI) (Production Manager, Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam - Live from Las Vegas (2014))
Michael Rosa (I) (Miscellaneous, Cuentas Por Cobrar (2016))
Michael Rolle (Composer, O.J. In His Own Words (2016))
Michael Rollo (I) (Actor, Best Girlfriends (2010))
Michael Rose (XXXIII) (Cinematographer, Welcome to My Cell (2011))
Michael Rode (II) (Actor, Schicht: Fuck you wenn's nicht wichtig ist! (2017))
Michael Roe (VIII)
Michael Ross (II)
Michael Ross (IX) (Actor, Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (1983))
Michael Romeo (I) (Actor, A Star for Rose (2013))
Michael Ross (LVI) (Animation Department, The Croods (2013))
Michael Roney (I) (Miscellaneous, Torrance Rises (1999))
F. Michael Rose (Camera Department, Survivor (2000))
Michael Roland (II) (Writer, Sinister Games (2012))
Michael Ross (LXX)
Michael Ross (XXI) (Make Up Department, Chain Letter (2009))
Michael Rosie (I) (Art Department, It's Complicated (2017))
Michael Ross (LXII) (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: O (2017))
Michael R. Oddo (Camera Department, Reality Bites (1994))
Michael Rose (XV) (Actor, All Saints (1998))
Michael Rosas (Cinematographer, Life's a Trip (with Andrew Anthony) (2007))
Michael Roedl (Miscellaneous, Heron's Story (2008))
Michael Rose (XXXVI) (Director, Jeremiah Robs a Bank (2013))
Michael Rolfe (II) (Actor, Stockade (1971))
Michael Roca (Actor, Le crabe vert (2004))
Michael Roha (Editor, RuPaul's Drag Race (2009))
Michael Roman (IV) (Art Department, The Art Police (2015))
Michael Rout (Art Department, Babe (1995))
Michael Rose (XXVII)
Michael Roach (VII) (Animation Department, Heart of Death_equinox (2013))
Michael Ross (XVI) (Self, The Serial Killers (1995))
Michael Rose (I) (Sound Department, Transatlantic Tunnel (1935))
Michael Roth (VII) (Writer, Bulletfighter (2005))
Michael Roddy (V) (Camera Department, Nightmare Nurse (2016))
Michael Roch (II) (Actor, Raptus (2014))
Michael Root (IV) (Producer, A Night in Jail (2017))
Michael Roth (V) (Miscellaneous, Sexy Urban Legends (2001))
Michael Rodd (II) (Self, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day (2007))
Michael Rowe (V) (Miscellaneous, Hell Bent for Leather (2007))
Michael Rose (XXVIII)
Michael Ross (IV)
Michael Rose (XL) (Self, The Death of Yugoslavia (1995))
Michael Ross (XXXII) (Producer, Neon Arcade (2015))

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